The scores on the doors. Hitting the bullseye.

Well there are 4 days left to run on our “Has Griffin sold out” poll.

708 think that he has (68%) so far.

When we set up this blog we knew that it would be a calculated risk, the calls of traitor and the personal smears aimed at G.W. team members have been many and constant by the so-called Griffinite nationalists, IT COMES WITH THE TURF and they are mere droplets of water from the ducks back nowerdays.

With recent and ongoing events, the G.W. blog has been vindicated and it’s position as one of the premier White Nationalist blogs on the planet has been set in stone.

We can’t promise you that things will go our way at the B.N.P. E.G.M., HOWEVER WE WILL PROMISE YOU THIS.

Whatever Griffarages cronies attempt to throw at us, this blog will remain as constant as the Northern Star and Avogadro himself, we won’t cease posting until Griffarage and his nasty little cronies are expunged from the movement forever.

You can take this promise to the bank.

Again thanks to all of our supporters/whistleblowers, without YOU this blog would be nothing and remember, it’s YOUR blog, more so than it’s OURS.

The G.W. Team.

(Hitting the bullseye more often than not)


14 thoughts on “The scores on the doors. Hitting the bullseye.

  1. Anonymous

    Griffin must have known before the Jan 28th court proceedings that the Equality Commission (EHRC) wanted to fundamentally change our constitution, especially clause 3:2:2, concerning the self determination of the Indigenous British, as he wouldn't have had time to write it into the Feb Members' Bulletin, as they were sent out that afternoon. So he must have known for some time that the EHRC wanted not just to change our racial membership criteria but also the core principles of our party. He is now going around telling the gullible that if he doesn't get the constitution changes on Feb 14th the party will be bankrupted by legal costs, will become non-functioning and will be finished. But that isn't the case, the party can still function on a shoestring, it has for donkey's years, most of the incoming donations, subs etc go on paying wages, not for campaigning. He will use this lie at the EGM. He spoke on a video very recently that there were to be two EGMs, two weeks apart, now it appears that there will be just the one and we are expected to vote on the whole lot of the EHRC demands in one go!

  2. Anonymous

    It is unclear from the error filled February Members' Bulletin, exactly on which sections of the constitution we are voting on. Also Griffin talks about getting rid of our 'slim-line Constitution' and upgrading to a far more complex document, we will have to go through this with a fine tooth coomb, he is bound to try and write some skullduggery into it . By the language used in this bulletin he thinks he already has these treacherous changes in the bag! It's very important that as many of us get to Upminster, Essex on the 14th to knock his nose out of joint, metaphorically speaking of course!

  3. Anonymous

    I understand that you can only vote if you go to the EGM. Is that right? What a farce where does that leave all the members who can't travel the long distance, let alone incur travelling expenses and overnight accommodation. Those who do attend will,no doubt, be cajoled into leafleting the next day.

  4. GriffinWatch

    In the interests of freedom of speech, despite our suspicions, I have let the above comment through. I rarely suppress any comment, G.W.s will no doubt want and be allowed their say on this matter.

  5. sleeping satellite

    Good article GW and im with you 100% Before i came onto GW and NWN i had nowhere to run,nowhere to go,no one to speak to,This was the light at the end of the tunnel for me because i was so fed up with the griffinites and the direction the party seemed to be going and found there were more just like me through this site.I seem to be hearing from more and more members of late who are feeling the same and i am pointing them in this direction.A BIG THANKS FROMEX BNP SATELLITE

  6. Anonymous

    Griffin is having the EGM down south because he knows the southern BNP members are more liberal than the northerners.He should be having it in the Midlands, but reckons he couldnt get a venue foor such a large meeting.Large? What like the last EGM when around 200 turned up.It's another lie.

  7. Anonymous

    exbnpexposetheparty is run by reds. You can tell by the way they write their articles and slag everything off. Unlike sites such as these which only attack a small few who have turned the BNP into a private enterprise, the red website attacks everything.It is another devious attempt by the red filth to cause shit where there is none. As if the reds really believe that nationalists are going to fall for their nonsense. I can't wait for the day of reckoning when we can round these red scum up…..

  8. Anonymous

    "I understand that you can only vote if you go to the EGM. Is that right?"Yes that's correct and you must bring a 2010 membership card with you. It's outrageous that the EGM is being held in Essex on the London borders, it should have been held somewhere like Northampton, which is easier for people from all around the country to get to. Griffin knows he has so many lackeys in the South East, but not Yorkshire and the North West, he is utterly crafty and totally unscrupulous. You just watch how he will have his payed stooges on stage speaking up for the motion, no goods like convicted fraudster Forte, incompetent Collette, buffoon Barnbrook, sly Darby & fool Golding etc.

  9. invicta

    This from SF: a look at in the BNP's proposed new constitution. Anyone joining represents to the BNP that he or she "is not and has not been, nor to the best of his or her knowledge, information and belief has any a(sic) member of his or her Immediate Family at any time in the last five years been a member of a Proscribed Organisation"/endquote/I haven't seen the proposed new constit. but how can a polit. party not just bar a 5-years-or-more-recently member but also those those who's *family* were members of proscribed org's too? How can that be legal? What someone's spouse or family member does politically is their own business, and certainly not the business of the BNP – that's why we have *anonymous* voting.

  10. Anonymous

    Ivicta, we will have to look at Griffin's constitutional changes very, very carefully otherwise he will stitch us all up big time, the man is a complete sociopathic criminal. Tendencies of Sociopaths"One of the main tendencies of sociopaths is the whole and sole aim to win. They will do anything to get what they want and cannot afford to loose. They are very clever and convincing with their tricks to manipulate others. The sociopathic tendencies in adults shows that they are not entangled in a web of emotions and dilemmas that any normal person goes through, but they are busy scheming and plotting ways to gain trust and then stab the unsuspecting friends and lovers in the back. They are so sly in their ways that you will never know what struck you. But, sociopaths are shallow and empty from inside and are just playing a game to win. Thus, they get bored when there is nothing stimulating their calculating minds like drama, worry or anything negative enough to keep them active. The tendencies of a sociopath creates a havoc in their family life, professional life and even among their friends. The havoc created does not affect them a bit, but those around the sociopath. They deceive, hurt and wreak the people close to them or in contact with them. They never feel sorry or guilty about their wrong doings. They just want to take what they want, but never give back anything throughout their lives."

  11. Anonymous

    Gri££in to a tee!Parasitic Living:Amongst characteristics of a sociopath, their parasitic nature is very evident. They act like leeches that cling on to everybody. They do so to find an accomplice to their actions. To get their plans done, they get hold of people closest to them, so that they can conveniently slip out the act when desired and then place the blame on others.


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