Please support our heroes.

“This is a NON-POLITICAL personal plea for your help with something very special…

February 12th is the 21st birthday of a very special young man, and this man deserves your support and attention. His name is Fusilier Tom James, and you can read all about Tom from the web address below.

I am asking everyone that reads this Email to send Tom a 21st birthday card.

This is your chance to let this brave young man know that you care and that you wish him all the best. It’s nothing to do with politics but everything to do with humanity, appreciation and respect.

Please keep any messages of support and well wishes completely non-political.

It is Tom’s birthday in a weeks time and time is not on our side. So please make every effort to send your card as soon as possible to the address below;

Fusilier Tom James
PO Box 5057
CV11 9FP

Many thanks for your support!”

We are more than happy to pass this message on.


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