What people really thought about Churchill.

T Stokes – March 5, 2012

“We tend to think of the truth movement as something modern, but an amazing piece of graffiti discovered only days ago, has shocked historians and is expected by memorabilia collectors to fetch a high price at auction.
Although don’t expect the sale to be too widely publicised, if only because the graffiti defies so many modern stereotypes about World War II.
The Bishops palace at Ely cathedral had some floorboards taken up during recent renovations, which were originally laid during 1941-42. This revealed graffiti dating back to WWII and the foreman thankfully realising the importance of the find, took it straight to management for safe keeping.
The find was authenticated by David and Roger Collier and Jeffrey Solomons, as being of the right age and style and the right black pencil for the period, and the fact that the boards had not been up since the 1940s only underlined its authenticity.
The graffiti shows a wartime soldier turning his back on Churchill while muttering:
“hmmm you warmonger Churchill” and underneath the words: ” Drink and Smoke while we die”, while over Churchill’s head are the words: ” You stinkweed churchill you C**t “
“Stinkweed” was the wartime nickname given by Lord Halifax, for Churchill while he was drunk was reputed to shit his pants. His secretary John Colville, who even had a special quick release jump suit made like a babies pair of rompers, is on record as saying: “strange to think a babies jumpsuit may have helped us win the war, by helping our leader not sh*t himself”
A well-drawn Spitfire with RAF markings on the wings is also depicted, and is shown machine-gunning a mother with two small children standing near a German flag. This could be seen as an illustration of events in cities like Dresden or Hamburg, where Allied aircraft were reputedly ordered to target civilians amid the ruins.
This colossal war crime was conveniently overlooked at the Nuremberg trials.
The fact that the wartime graffiti was found in Ely cathedral is also significant because the agricultural area around it, in East Anglia, was home for many poorly paid farm workers who were envious of the high standards of living in Hitler’s Germany. This sentiment even extended to the Queen’s estate workers at nearby Sandringham, where there was an tacit unwillingness to embark on another war against fellow Anglo Saxons.
Churchill was even reported to have sent informers to mix with the locals because the German bombing in the nearby Norwich docks area was so accurate, it was thought that farm hands were signalling to German aircraft with torches; or giving directions using tractor wheel ruts in the ground.
Whether true or not the full hatred of Churchill is illustrated in the graffiti with the star of David emphasising the belief among many that Churchill was in the pay of the bankers evicted from Germany, and this is partly why with his initials W.C he was known as the “shithouse”.
Footnote: The Norfolk landowner Sir Andrew Fountaine stood for parliament after the war on a right wing ticket with a commitment that he would give all his estate workers economic parity with their German counterparts. He won the election but a fraudulent vote count gave the election to the Labour candidate by 5 votes.
The famous Churchill impersonator Norman Shelley who actually used to appear as Churchill when he was too drunk to appear in public used to joke:”
“We will fight them on the beeches
You will I won’t
We shall fight them on the land
You will I won’t
We shall fight them in the air
You will I won’t
And when it’s all over we shall smoke expensive cigars and drink champagne
You won’t I will”

T Stokes London



41 thoughts on “What people really thought about Churchill.

  1. Anonymous

    Dowson loves Churchill like he loves his royal family. Reaping his own ill gotten rewards and maintaining the status quo is the agenda here. Screw the nationalist Goyim while doing so.

  2. Anonymous

    Religious fruit and nut case Dowson will be blaming the Taliban and Al Qaeda for killing the 6 British squaddies in Helmand (there for just one week) yesterday while totally ignoring the Royal and Zionist hidden hands behind it all. That's the sort of cunt that he is.

  3. Anonymous

    During WW2 much was made by the jew-owned British newspapers of the stuttering half-wit jewboy Georgy V1, his fat-arsed bag and jewboy Churchill often visiting the East End, London to comfort and give heart to East Enders – fact is the pseudo-royals and Churchill only visited the outskirts of the East End, and were heavily guarded by armed soldier bodyguards because, given the chance, the heavily bombed East Enders would've torn the jew bastards from limb from limb – that's why fatarse made a song and dance when a small german bomb knocked a few brick off Buckingham Palace during a hit-and-run raid, claiming she "could now face the East Enders." – following is the best joke of WW2 – all the jew-owned British newpapers claimed all the `royal' family ate in the dark under candlelight and their food was both rationed and basic like all ordinary citizens were on – in the whole history of WW2 her Royal Highness fatarse was the only British person who grew fat as a pig on strict war rations – you couldn't make it up.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    My parents told me they hated Churchill's guts like many others of their generation and this so called "hero" is pure Talmudic fantasy.His whole record has been one long disaster which has been conveniently kept out of the Talmudic owned press.As an aside my old man served in the merchant navy during the war and he saw on a number of occasions cargo being dumped mid Atlantic, a good way of keeping prices high !Whiteboar

  5. Anonymous

    Still no real names ladies??CLUCK , CLUCK???? PS. Churhill also served with the Scots Guards, have any you ladies ever took the Queens shilling? Silly question i suppose but i hear the Army do take girlies these days.

  6. Anonymous

    anon @ 10:14 if you are the real Dowson you are a real basket case as well as a fruitcake and religious nut case. Has it escaped your notice that you are posting anonymously? Even if you sign it off with JD or whatever, you could still be anyone out there doing so. All the male of the species in my family saw active service but I would never archaically and stupidly refer to it nowadays as taking the Queen or King's shilling because royalty and their bankster buddies were and still are behind these bloody conflicts to further consolidate their astronomical wealth and power. You suck up to royalty and war criminal Churchill and refer to his military service as if he was your role model and hero. HTF you can call yourself a nationalist and WTF anyone would have anything to do with you is beyond me. Nationalists who do so must be very naive or suffering the onset of senile dementia. I would give you my last shilling if only you would just get back under that stone that you crawled from Gollum/Sméagol like to darken the door of nationalism but a few years ago that now seems like a bloody lifetime.

  7. Anonymous

    It appears Gri££in is desperate for funds to finance the London elections, it's a bit late in the day to start collecting now? There is a report from bully boy Adam Walker, concerning fund raising meetings being held all over the country, the deposits have to be in with the returning officer by Wed 28th, that's in 3 weeks time, how bloody foolish of them."Why Hold GLA regional fundraising meetings?"

  8. Anonymous

    Anon 10.14 So you never have pulled on a uniform or fired a shot!!!! Typical. Grow a set and use your own name when trying to be a tough guy, it might make a man of you or it might get some manners put on you. JD

  9. Anonymous

    This photo spells a thousands words. Baruch personally loaned Churchill money in the early 1930s when he was bankrupt. 'Winston Churchill was a good acquaintance of Bernard Baruch, the man who helped Woodrow Wilson become President and who profited so handsomely by the U.S. entry into World I. In one letter, Churchill wrote to Mr. Baruch: "War is coming very soon. You will be running to show over there, But I will be on the sidelines over here." Bernard Baruch convinced Winston Churchill, who had been relegated to the political backwaters because of his views on Palestine, to change his policy toward support of the Zionist cause.'http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Winston_Churchill_and_Bernard_Baruch_talk_in_car_in_front_of_Baruch%27s_home,_14_April_1961.jpg

  10. Anonymous

    Very interesting early commentary on the Jewish financial hoax in the 1930s, also strongly applies to todayhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha-3xYcu5Yw

  11. Anonymous

    The Churchill worshipping, royal loving skunk and willing royal arse licking deferential subject Dowson can rest assured that his Princes William and Harry masters won't ever be anywhere near the sort of danger or ANY danger that snatched away 6 genuine and real soldier's lives on Tuesday night in a massive landmine or IED explosion that set off the ammunition inside the Warrior armoured vehicle giving the 6 soldiers on board zero chance of survival. At least they are now out of it and at peace if not yet laid to rest providing they can find anything of them left that is, as opposed to a tortured life as blind cripples that my grandfather and some of his friends had to endure after fighting needlessly in their royal and banker engineered war. Fear not my Gollum fiend Dowson, your Wills and the other right royal Henry will be donning their various carnival uniforms whenever it suits them and peacocking around in 100% safety along with their SAS minders while their complicit media buddies and fellow villains call them royal heroes thus demeaning the memory of genuine heroes.

  12. Anonymous

    Why does anonymous who calls himself JD and may or may not be Jim/James/Jack-off/Jerk-off Dowson keep asking for posters to identify themselves? Does he/she not realise that most out there and on here have real jobs to hold down and would lose them and their homes in an instant by losing anonymity as opposed to a safe Britain First state house fleecing gullible nationalists by way of a campaign group that doesn't even stand in elections? Why does he/she keep asking the same dumb tired question over and over? Now we have him/her asking about military service. Is he/she trying to profile and narrow down nationalist posters? If it is the real JD then pity the dumb fucks who truthfully sign Britain First petitions with their real name and address or even more incredibly give money and/or join into his latest money making venture. If the BNP Life Membership and similar scams doesn't tell people what JD is all about then nothing will.

  13. Anonymous

    that graffiti photo has made my day! I despise Churchill with every bone in my anti-zionist body.As well as being a sodomite and shitting his pants, churchill was also rumoured to be a great lover of "scat games" he would enjoy being crapped on (by men and women) and allegedly kept human crap in his house. There are also rumours that he enjoyed a steady supply of underage boys. As for Dowsons hero worship of this freak, can we really expect anything else from a talmudic,orangeman Israel lover? notice how in the article on abortion he had to get the establishment bogeymen/whipping boys muslims in there? this tooljob actually believes that the twin towers were brought down by aircraft fuel from planes flown by muslims!!! and how about him wishing the Royal Judaic parasites a happy birthday? what a wanker! Smelly shelly Rose was wise to keep her legs shut when onion breath Dowson tried to mount her, who would want to be responsible for bringing another turd like him into this world? ooh shit, i just realised Dowson might come after me with that gun he had in the photo! i have to go into hiding, will Griffin put me up at his farm?Inspector Blakey"i `ate you Griffin!"

  14. Anonymous

    WTF is that JD twat at 13:12 going on about? Anonymous said…Anon 10.14So you never have pulled on a uniform or fired a shot!!!! Typical. Grow a set and use your own name when trying to be a tough guy, it might make a man of you or it might get some manners put on you. JD8 March 2012 13:12 Who is he talking to? Himself or herself by the look of it. My grandfather, father, me and my brothers have over 100 years military service between us. Who is this JD creep to start asking about others wearing uniforms or them ever having fired a shot? What is JD's former military career? A Pte fifth rate (Retd) with a 6 month short service non commission? Cretin.

  15. Anonymous

    so according to Dowson you have to have been/ are in the army to be a man? but why would anyone want to become a brainwashed,grunting, bloodthirsty shabas goy jews puppet, a murderer of women and children? not me Dowson,i can think for myself you usefull idiot for the JEWS!

  16. Anonymous

    Just like the Queen Mother, my grandfather was a frequent visitor to the East End during the dark days of the Blitz, but he was never hailed as a hero by the people of London. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he flew Heinkel bombers for the Luftwaffe!Are you having that FotW?!Fly on Shit!

  17. Anonymous

    Fly On Shit, caught your drift and weeping buckets laughing – hope the Old Boy made safely through the war – must've had east-ender jewliar's mum singing the blues like her namesake.Fly On The Wall

  18. Anonymous

    I see the Mail Online wankers have their jew-masters' zionist priorities in news reporting by heading the MOL with an inane story on two shameless parasitical so-called `royals, Lizzy Sax-of-taypayers' money-Coberg and Kikie Kate, while a quarter-page lower the MOL deigned to report the sad news of the six English troopers killed in an illegal proxy war waged in a far-off islamic shithole not worth a single cockroach's life.I wonder how many £zillions Lizzy's Carlyle Group stock shares made today in the industry making landmines that may have blown the six English soldiers into Chum Chunks.Fly On The Wall

  19. Anonymous

    Bible text for today:What shall we conclude then? Are we any better? Not at all! We have already made the charge that Jews and Gentiles alike are all under sin. As it is written: "There is no one righteous, not even one…"—Romans 3:9-10JD

  20. Anonymous

    I wonder how the Zionist Jew overrun establishment are rewarding Judas Dowson to try and turn our engineered mass colonisation into a religious Christian/Judeo-Christian versus Islam civil war on the lines of the NI conflict? It makes perfect sense if you think like a Zionist Jew. Expendable Goy Christians, Muslims and not a few bible believing Jews wanting nothing to do with Zionism or Islam get stuck into one another en masse while those who engineered it all watch from a banker and royal safe distance. Lebensraum for Zionist Jews or just Jews if you prefer, is thus created mainly at the expense of the dead/displaced indigenous so-called Christians (who merely describe themselves that way but rarely if ever go near a church or even believe in God) whose land this is as well as the dead/displaced/deported Muslims who shouldn't have been here anyway. Many if not most mistakenly think of the NI conflict as between Catholics (so-called Republican Nationalists) and Protestants (Loyalists) meaning loyal to the Crown I suppose. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was always reported and made to appear that way by the Jewish occupied media supporting the Zionists behind it all, with opposing clerics often as much in the news as opposing politicians, yet most NI 'Catholics and Protestants' never went anywhere near a church or necessarily believed in God, the same as mainland Britain. A similar phoney (in name) conflict is being pursued here but this time between Christians/Jews and the Muslim colonisers, most of who will rarely go near a church, synagogue or mosque. In reality, such a conflict will really be between the indigenous people whose land this is and the Zionist Jew mass imported colonisers but of course it will never be reported as such. I believe Dowson is there to try and get 'Christians' thinking and fighting along religious lines, which is convenient in keeping those who are mainly responsible for our colonisation like the international bankers and foreign royals et al and their complicit traitors in Westminster out of the spotlight. This is why Dowson vehemently attacks those who dare to repeatedly mention and bring attention to royalty or the Jews, in fact virtually anyone/anything but Moslems/Islam and other mass colonisers like Blacks. It's all about the effect of mass immigration with Dowson and never those ultimately responsible, which is a no-go area as he/they would say in Northern Ireland.

  21. Anonymous

    Are Britain First and BNP before them strutting their stuff and pointless tabletops in Northern Ireland to reinforce the idea of an engineered NI religious type conflict on the mainland? I don't know who if anyone is signing up to them over there or over here for that matter as I certainly don't know anyone who even knows about them, never mind being a member, donor or supporter but they are clearly never going to have any success in Northern Ireland with a name like Britain First especially, or any other name for that matter. The word/term Britain is exclusively mainland Britain consisting of England, Scotland and Wales. Everywhere else including Eire though they may not like to think so is British Isles. Those born in Northern Ireland can choose to have a BRITISH or Eire passport. Notice that the word Britain is never used with reference to Northern Ireland/Ulster in any correct sense. It is not a part of Britain but a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. MPs there sit in the BRITISH Parliament plus they have their own Northern Ireland Assembly. So when Dowson and Co go over there and try and sell Britain First to the people of Northern Ireland, you can immediately rule out any Republican Nationalist interest for starters and for obvious reasons but you can pretty much rule out any Loyalist interest too because the very name Britain First means England, Scotland and Wales First and by definition all others second and beyond. That's the kind of stupid moron that he is and as Griffin Watch correctly once labelled him. Even pissing about in Scotland is futile for Britain First as they will know and their 'leader' up there the last time I checked isn't even a Jock but an Englishman! I think the name Britain First was deliberately chosen to almost guarantee limited if any success. Putting a bible punching, preaching, eccentric in charge was also deliberate to keep most if not all hard line and in-the-know nationalists away from them. Such hard-liners loyal to the 14 words can put dozy and gullible cash cow nationalists off who then end up joining UKIP, English Democrats, British Freedom, etc. Not good at all for the Britain First accounts.

  22. Anonymous

    The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.Zeph 3:17Dowson's handler has assured him of victory and God NEVER lies!!!

  23. Anonymous

    @18:23 What's with all this THY and THEE ffs? It reminds me of Black Adder 2 and the Old Witch saying 'That it be' only to be scolded by Lord Black Adder for speaking archaically/nonsensically and ordered to say 'Yes it is!!!'

  24. Anonymous

    As a matter of interest, my other grandfather perished at Auchwitz….he fell out of the machine gun tower!Fly on Shit!9 March 2012 10:27~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~He must have just been told of the incredible jew fairytale, Halodabolhoax and lost his footing while laughing uncontrollably – you'd love the official photo of one of my uncles, in the uniform of an elite German division, taken during WW2 – I'm pleased to report he survived the war.Fly On The Wall

  25. Anonymous

    Mr Stokes. In the name of my Grandfather and all the other heroes, can I just say with wholehearted conviction that you're a traitorous cunt.Fuck off…..and die…slowly.

  26. Anonymous

    @ 22:03 In the name of your Grandfather and all the other of your so called heroes, can I just say with wholehearted conviction that they gave their all to make this godforsaken country the war torn, mass invaded and occupied shit-hole that it is today. You sad cunt. You must be very proud. Now fuck off…..and die needlessly like them…..but quickly.

  27. Anonymous

    Fly On The Wall at 9 March 2012 03:35Yes I saw the "two shameless parasitical so-called `royals, Lizzy Sax-of-taypayers' money-Coberg and Kikie Kate" image of the two grinning imbeciles, but they were below the six images of the dead soldiers on the front page of the Mirror. It looked so out of place with the two living, grinning nonentity bitches placed below REAL but now dead people that were probably plastered all over the inside of their Warrior armoured vehicle. These are the sorts of worthless royal parasitical role models that the likes of Dowson and Co look up to and swear blind unswerving allegiance to. Sick fuck subjects as are those who blindly endorse and support him like they once did Griffin.

  28. Anonymous

    Anonymous @ 10 March 2012 00:08 – I'm going to send Dow$son a tin of Royal Shit toothpaste – should improve his breath for smooching Gri££in and Patricia Brown-Hatter Harrington.Fly On The Wall

  29. Anonymous

    @22:09They used to have a great way to deal with slime like you:Hanging.You aren't fit to lick the shit off the boots of a real Englishman.You call yourself a Nationalist? You're beneath pond-life. You feckless traiterous cunt.

  30. Zultra

    How do we even know this 'JD' is Jim? Could be anyone you know?I'm in Britain First yet I don't look upto or worship the Royals, I'm no fan of the 'royalty' the Zionist backers control them all.

  31. Anonymous

    Zultra at 13:00 It's almost certainly JD alright. He does exactly the same thing on British Resistance, posting Bible passages and attacking those 99% for posting anonymously whenever things start to get too hot for him. He could be anyone of course but I trust the Mods on there to know it's him, same known IP address and all. For your information, the Zionists don't control the Royals or Illuminati either. The Illuminati (Royal and similar bloodlines) created Zionism like those before them created population controlling religions like Biblical Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Nearly all those we think of as Jews today are non Semite Khazars and nothing to do with the Bible. Believe in God by all means if it makes you feel better but don't believe in any of this man made religious junk. The political stuff like Zionism is real enough but only as a means to an end. If and when they succeed in creating their NWO they will give political Zionism along with Israel and their Abrahamic religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam the NWO elbow, them all having achieved their purpose. If you are a member of Britain First, you have my sympathy. You can have my brain when I'm done with it. Being suckered into joining one fake nationalist org like the BNP (assuming you were once a member) is a misfortune but joining another is plain carelessness.

  32. Anonymous

    @ 21:19 You obviously don't believe in freedom of expression and speech that those you speak highly of mistakenly gave their mostly young lives and all for, only for free thinkers and speakers to now be arrested like a common criminal for calling a spade a spade. The Battle of Britain guys and all would thank those like us true patriots for trying to expose the bastard truth and that all those who died, did so for the wrong fucking side, a lot like they are doing now. Do YOU think that what we have and are enduring now was worth dying for? You want to hang those for merely speaking out honestly and having a differing opinion, you sick sad fuck.

  33. Anonymous

    That post of mine at 16:37 was obviously referring to Zultra's post at 03:00 but I think that was obvious. I think GW's comment at 21:30 the previous evening affected my timing reference.

  34. Anonymous

    The sheer evil and hypocrisy of Zionism and mass murdering Zionist occupied governments beggars belief. 'President Barack Obama telephoned Afghan President Hamid Karzai to promise a speedy investigation into the "shocking" killings, which fanned already smouldering anger among Afghans over the burning of the Korans.' AFP Also http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-17336074 The same phoney African born US president who shouldn't even be in office, has recently been responsible along with other banker sponsored NATO terrorist countries, especially Britain, for thousands of deaths of Libyan women and children as well as male non combatants. So it's fine to kill thousands of women and children et al from an anonymous safe distance with Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from ships and subs and Hellfire missiles fired from unmanned Predator and Reaper Drones piloted by US and British aviators from their armchairs in Nevada, but when an unhinged army sergeant does the same, that's all suddenly very wrong? All these killings are to be utterly condemned but if it helps to expose the Zionist LIE and SHAM that we are living, then ALL the killings in Afghanistan this/last week including the deaths of the 6 British squaddies, will not have been in vain. Apparently, rescuers couldn't even get near the Warrior armoured vehicle (blown up just 500 metres from the camp gates) for some time, even hours, the inferno was so intense with ammo inside going off as well. Gives some idea of the carnage inside. Closed coffins for sure, if there are any coffins at all. Her Majesty's Cameron, Clegg and Co must be immensely proud and doesn't it make you feel so proud to be a British subject? God help us.

  35. Anonymous

    I bet the US army sergeant who did the deed was an Israeli loving Zionist of the same mould as Andres Breivik. Such killings suit the Zionist agenda of intensifying and perpetuating conflict in the Middle East. Operation False Flag: A Modern Primer 22 July, 2011: Oslo, Norway: Anders BreivikEvent: The massacre of civilians via bombing and shooting by a right-wing domestic extremist blue-eyed caucasian Norwegian. Another instance of where a police and military drill went live, this time only twenty-six minutes after the drill had ended.Motives: Continue a “strategy of tension” in the vein of Gladio. Shift narrative from left-wing and Muslim extremist to right-wing domestic populace, essentially broadening the suspect spectrum to now include anyone and everyone. The perfect pretext for the rendition and unwarranted arrest of any individual regardless of evidence or racial profile. Fact: Government military drills gone live. http://www.ggarchive.org/articles/false-flag-primer.html

  36. Anonymous

    @ 10:09 FAKE TERROR – THE ROAD TO WAR AND DICTATORSHIPIt's the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times; creating the enemies you need. http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/ARTICLE5/index.php The killing of the Afghan civilians/children is almost certainly an Israeli/Zionist/Al CIA/Qaeda false flag outrage. Only such inhuman demons could perpetrate such a vicious and cowardly act as happened in Norway. The revenge and suicide attacks from the Taliban will be swift in coming and merciless in effect which is exactly what the Zionists want. No ordinary army sergeant (as is being reported) would have done such a thing. I reckon virtually everyone in the western military today will be dead or horribly maimed/injured within say 5 years unless they adjust their sights and turn their attention on the real enemies of peace, freedom and democracy in Westminster, Washington, Brussels and their $Trillionaire Banker masters. There's no honour in anything they are doing out in the Middle East.


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