Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail, UK Preppers Radio Network.

Show Notes
I start this week with the Blizzard Survival Discount Offer, Ribz Discount Offer and the Wilderness121 Discount Offer and Field Leisure Discount Offer, How to Make Char cloth, What Is A Faraday Cage?, Support these Companies, The Neutron Bomb, How To Make A Feather Stick For Fire Lighting, Water for Survival, More companies to support, How To!!!, Making Cordage from Natural Fibres, How to Gain Permission to Use Land for survival training, First Aid Kit and First Aid Training, Lyme Disease, How to Read a Compass, Magnetic or Geographic? Survival Fishing, Basic Wilderness Survival Skills, Types of Campfires, Selection of your Campsite, The Birch Tree, Further Companies to Support, THE ELEVENTH WILDERNESS GATHERING


Please bookmark this blog my friends.


Sean 14



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