BEWARE of the Western Sting operation

Beware the Forums!

By Max Musson:

troll 1“Politics is a notoriously dirty business and the memoirs of famous politicians and the not-so-famous often feature details of grubby, behind the scenes manoeuvring, of betrayals and of all kinds of double dealing.

 When one becomes a conscious nationalist, just as when one becomes a conscious adherent of any political persuasion, one expects because of the nature of politics that one will face criticism and attacks from one’s political enemies, but one of the saddest aspects of activism on the racial right is that just as often as not, the verbal attacks, smears and innuendo one is subject to, come not from Marxists, liberals, the ethnic minorities or from the secret police, but from people who claim to be White nationalists and who claim to believe as we do.

 This is especially so, once one achieves any prominence as a leading or influential figure in nationalist politics and it is a chronic and very ugly feature of the many discussion forums that exist on the Internet. These forums such as; the ‘British Democracy Forum’, that ostensibly cater for all political parties; or for example ‘Stormfront’, that specifically cater for White nationalists, suck people in by appearing to provide a facility in which one can converse and network with other like minded people, but they are in fact dangerous places which serve only to sully and demotivate participants and they are to be avoided at all costs.

If anyone reading this article has been tempted to join one of these forums, but has not done so yet, then my advice in the strongest terms is that you avoid such places like the plague. I promise you that if you let yourselves be sucked in by them, you will emerge at some point in the future, feeling dirty, abused and demotivated.

Firstly, we should realise that people who wish to discuss and/or expound the virtues of the establishment political parties or of left-wing parties have no shortage of places in which they can do this, they do not need to use online discussion forums.

Racial nationalism is the only political trajectory that has been tainted by the liberal/left establishment and the mass media as quasi-illegal and consequently, we racial nationalists often find ourselves excluded or made to feel unwelcome when we publicly discuss our views and this is why nationalists are particularly prone to being suckered in by the online political discussion forums.

Therefore, while the British Democracy Forum for example may appear to cater for all political persuasions, this is in practice not really the case and upwards of 90% of the ‘traffic’ on such forums focuses on the sections designated for nationalist parties, and more specifically any section designated for whichever nationalist party is regarded as the most prominent at any point in time.

In common with the nationalist oriented forums therefore, a primary feature of the ostensibly broader based political forums is that they attract disproportionately high participation from racial nationalists and in this respect they act like ‘fly-paper’.

The experience of participants on either of these types of forum is very similar irrespective of the type encountered and there are many more besides the two that I have cited as generic examples.

When you join a forum, you are invited to adopt a ‘username’ and it is vital, should you be stupid enough to experiment with such forums after all the warnings against doing so that I am giving you in this article, that you adopt a username that is fictitious and do not put anything in your user profile that could help anyone discover your real identity, as anonymity is your only defence and you will become a victim of the most nasty cyber-bullying without it.

At first, such forums seem safe enough places and you will see a wide range of discussion threads on a variety of controversial issues, but as you begin to post comments, and particularly if you are articulate and post lengthy comments that are cogent and persuasive, you will begin to attract the attention of ‘trolls’ who infest all such places. These trolls take several forms, some of them even posing as characters who are opposed to trolling, and whose signatures will incorporate warnings such as ‘Don’t feed the trolls’, but you can recognise them all by the fact that they will all eventually gang up in attacking anyone who is a genuine and effective exponent of nationalist ideology.

The motivation of individual trolls can sometimes be hard to define, but suffice to say that some of them are quite open about their opposition to nationalism and their intent to disrupt, mock and denigrate the efforts of genuine nationalists to hold productive discussions with others.

A second type of troll will pose as a nationalist sympathiser, but will habitually and deliberately lead discussion down ideological ‘blind-alleys’, leading the unwary to waste their time and effort discussing issues and adopting ideological positions that are fundamentally flawed and consideration of which eventually becomes a fruitless waste of time. These are ‘decoy trolls’.

A third type can be designated as a ‘concern troll’, who will like the decoy troll, pose as a genuine nationalist, expressing great concern for any issues of interest to other genuine participants, while all the time declaring very vocally that whatever we attempt to do has been tried before and is ‘sadly’ doomed to failure. Their purpose is to progressively demotivate genuine nationalists.

The forth and possibly the most damaging form of troll is the ‘cynical old hand’ troll who poses as a long serving and highly experienced nationalist activist, who has seen it all and who will have often built up a formidable reputation with the forum moderators. This type of person may initially pose as interested in any newcomers, but they will quickly adopt a position of cynical wariness towards anyone who is as I have said above, articulate and posting lengthy comments that are cogent and persuasive.

The motivation of the ‘cynical old hand’ troll can often be difficult to determine, but they can be identified from two defining characteristics; firstly that their profile will reveal they have posted an enormous number of comments and that they have as a result accumulated a prodigious amount of ‘forum credits’ as signified by the row of usually green bars shown in their profile; and secondly by the fact that they never proffer any ideas or initiatives that might produce positive or constructive results in the real world. Instead, they react to the ideas and suggestions of any genuine nationalists with inexplicable cynicism and suspicion, ignoring any positive ideas and focusing only on elements of the genuine nationalist’s comments that can be deliberately twisted and disingenuously misinterpreted in such a way as to discredit the genuine nationalist.

No one, unless they are exceptionally determined or a sucker for punishment will spend very long on one of these forums without becoming disillusioned or expelled by the moderators and therefore most characters that one encounters on discussion forums who have been there long enough to clock up a large number of posts and a large number of green bars, will be ‘cynical old hand’ trolls in league with the moderators.

The motivation of the moderators and in some cases the proprietors of the forums is simple to deduce. Our political enemies know that nationalists have few outlets in the real world in which we can discuss aspects of racial politics without incurring the opprobrium of the authorities and the forums that exist on the Internet are set as traps used to attract and then stifle, frustrate and confound discussion by genuine nationalists seeking some productive outlet for their energies. These forums are either set up as deliberate traps for genuine nationalists, or their moderation teams have been infiltrated and eventually taken over by our political enemies and their original purpose perverted.

It is well known for example that the Israeli secret service employ agents throughout the Western World called ‘syanim’, one of whose purposes is to act as ‘cyber warriors’, spending hours on Internet forums and discussion boards each day countering and confounding attempts by White nationalists to organise or spread our message.

Typically the genuine nationalist will attract the attention of trolls who will become progressively more hostile and abusive until eventually the nationalist replies in kind, firing abuse back at them. At this point the moderators, displaying blatant double standards, and who will have conveniently ignored all of the foregoing abuse, will step in and serve the genuine nationalist with a formal warning for using abusive language and thereby ‘breaching forum rules’.

As time passes the genuine nationalist will either become disillusioned and drop out of active participation, or else the moderators in conjunction with the ‘cynical old hand’ trolls will eventually contrive some pretext for expelling them.

It is a fact that people tend to conform to the environments in which they find themselves and most genuine nationalists will be horrified to eventually find themselves in what is little more than a political ‘cesspit’, engaging in the most juvenile and vitriolic name calling in response to equally childish and vitriolic attacks from the trolls.

It is not a very edifying experience and as I have indicated, genuine nationalists will invariably emerge at some point, feeling dirty, abused and demotivated by it. It is best not get involved with this kind of online activity in the first place and give the forums a wide birth.

To make a real difference and to advance the cause of nationalism in the real world, where it counts, nationalists should make contact with other genuine nationalist through a website such as this.

We make frequent requests for genuine nationalists to email their contact details to me. This enables me to establish an applicant’s bona fides before they are introduced to others and in this way, anyone joining Western Spring can feel confident that others they encounter as a result have been similarly checked out.

Some of our political enemies and rivals organisations attempt to frighten off enquiries to Western Spring by making suggestions that we are perhaps agents of the state collecting the contact details of the unwary, but this is nonsense. The state monitors everyone’s online activity through GCHC who tap into the main fibre optic arteries of the worldwide web. They already know who you are, where you live and that you visit this and other websites.

By hiding your identity from us you are merely hiding from fellow nationalists, so don’t be afraid, email me today, you have nothing to lose but your feelings of frustration and despair.

email: .

By Max Musson © 2013″


Well, what a wanker Max Musson, aka Larry Nunn, appears to to be, he was recently banned from the very same stormfront forum, that he berates in this very article, for what reason was he banned you may ask?, for breaking the forum rules and naming well regarded nationalists online, one would think that Larry would now bugger off from stormfront, but he’s a tenacious arrogant turd and is now posting under a username Verity.


Beware all nationalists, Larry Nunn of the Western Sting operation, is attempting to collect your details, for nefarious purposes, he is no more a nationalist than David Cameron is, you can’t say that you haven’t been warned.


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