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Posted on August 6, 2013

Max Musson of Western Spring is also Papa Luigi of the Democracy Forum. Here are some facts about this man.

Max Musson/Papa Luigi on race matters (2009):

Source: http://www.scribd.com/doc/25905571/Voice-of-Freedom-103

Mr Singh became a BNP member in 2010.

Max Musson/Papa Luigi on Nick Griffin (March 2011).

Max Musson/Papa Luigi quits later in 2011.

Max Musson/Papa Luigi on Nick Griffin (2013).

It was left to Nick Griffin, a clever and able man with considerable ability as a leader to challenge John Tyndall in 1999, and although the BNP initially benefited from Griffin’s relatively youthful dynamism, Griffin has his limitations and in 2009 the BNP had achieved a size such that Griffin was at the limit of his organisational competence. While Griffin is in many respects a good leader, in my opinion he did not have the truly exceptional ability that was required for the BNP to grow further, beyond 2009.

During the period 2005-2009 Griffin often spoke of the probability that he would have to stand down at some future date in favour of a new leader, often referring to what he called his ‘political baggage’ as the rational for this, but in my opinion it was because he knew in his heart that he was at his organisational limit.

Source: http://www.westernspring.co.uk/the-great-white-hope-revisited/

Papa Luigi/Max Musson in the Democracy Forum.

Max Musson/Papa Luigi wants your details………..

Source: http://www.westernspring.co.uk/the-bugle-call/

What about your identity Max Musson/Papa Luigi?

Source: http://www.westernspring.co.uk/beware-the-forums/

Max Musson/Papa Luigi wants your money………..

Source: http://www.westernspring.co.uk/money-power-money-power-and-faith/

The hypocrisy.

The Democracy Forum certainly worked for Papa Luigi/Max Musson – 5659 posts!

Source: http://www.westernspring.co.uk/beware-the-forums/

Papa/Max even started a thread on the subject of “green bars” on the Democracy Forum.

And speaking of Multiple Personalities.

Source: http://www.thebritishresistance.co.uk/guest-writers/2196-looking-forward-to-christmas

Source: http://www.thebritishresistance.co.uk/thenatoctopus/2214-the-national-octopus-and-western-spring


Source: http://www.patria-uk.org/the-ghost-of-christmas-yet-to-come/

Western Spring links to Jim Dowson.

But……. A lie?

Source: http://www.enresist.org/westernspring


Source: http://whois.com/whois/westernspring.co.uk


Source: https://en-gb.facebook.com/EnglishNationalResistance

Would this happen to be Mr Dowson by any chance?

Source: http://www.westernspring.co.uk/money-power-money-power-and-faith/

Oh really? Just a former Northants organiser with links to Dowson…….

Source: http://www.westernspring.co.uk/money-power-money-power-and-faith/

From the Green Arrow’s British Resistance blog.

Source: http://www.thebritishresistance.co.uk/writers/the-editor27/2415-the-london-forum-13-april

From the original article by Max Musson/Papa Luigi/…………

Source: http://www.westernspring.co.uk/the-great-white-hope/

“Listen to your Papa, he knows best!”

(and whats your details and cash!)

Papa Luigi/Max Musson on Stormfront.

Source: http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t984369-11/

Max Musson/Papa Luigi (any doubts they are the same man now?) on the British Resistance.

Source: http://www.thebritishresistance.co.uk/writers/the-editor27/2503-the-chattering-red-apes-of-stormfront

Unanswered questions for Papa Luigi/Max Musson.

Source: http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t984369-10/

Papa Luigi/Max Musson on Alexa ratings.

Visit the Alexa site and it is interesting to see how viewers end up on Papa Luigi/Max Musson’s W.Sting site.

View More.

Source [August 2013]: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/http://www.westernspring.co.uk

The majority of search engine visitors to Western Sting arrive there by typing in “dropping positions alexia rank”. Very Strange. Do half of the hits on Western Sting originate from people typing in “dropping positions alexia rank”?

Can you trust this man with your personal information or your money?

More unanswered questions for Papa/Max.

Would Max/Papa’s white enclaves become less white as soon as foreign money rolled in?

What would Max/Papa use the money for?

Max Musson/Papa Luigi is obsessed with money because that is what he used to do for a living – do an internet search.

Max Musson/Papa Luigi did not have a problem with a nonwhite in the BNP.

Max Musson/Papa Luigi even had a nonwhite as a guest speaker at a meeting [see above] and didn’t quit until two years later.

Max Musson/Papa Luigi claims to have been active in promoting “white enclaves” in the 70s. Where is the evidence?

What is Max/Papa’s involvement in nationalism prior to the year 2000?

Why all the usernames, pretending and gathering of personal information?

Is this character just another slick con artist hoping to cash in on post BNP nationalism?

A personal opinion from SickOfFraudsters.


Thanks to our researchers for submitting this link/page:




1 thought on “Western Sting Operation

  1. sid watcher

    Well done Sean already exposing the scum.Now time to finnish off that biggest scumbag of the lot of them Sid Williamson who is a paid disruptor of Nationalism.


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