Stick a fork in me. I’m done.

I’ve done as much as I can to further white people, my race. I’ve put my family at risk (much to my chagrin) I’ve been honest and put myself in a position to be arrested due to illegitimate laws.

I need to concentrate on my family now, who I have not paid as much attention to as I should have. In order to promote our correct battle.

I hope that my current hiatus will be acceptable to my peers.

I remain and always will be a white nationalist truthseeker.

I’ll be back.
Thankyou to those who have supported us here at G.W. over the years, you  have kept me strong.

Blog closed.

Sean Hadley.


41 thoughts on “Stick a fork in me. I’m done.

  1. Anonymous

    Get your head together , get your family sorted they should come first in everything , get yourself into a position that you can physically and mentally provide for and nurture your kids in short you have a duty as a white man . Keep reading keep up to date but don't come back until you are ready , one day it will happen .Not a friend but concerned .

  2. Anonymous

    Gri££in Watch, I understand your situationn and respect your decision but I hope you reconsider because when it comes to exposing zion/joo/UK Kingdom/Crown Corporation crimes Gri££in Watch has, in my not-humble opinion, played the leading role in English nationalist politics – hope you've got everything archived and it's easily available to English nationalist, the mainstream media, historians – especially historians interested in joo crimes and joo fairytales such as the incredible Haloadabolhoax and how six-million kikes miraculously escaped and survived Aushwitz health farm and were levitated all the way to Pal;estine which the cunts stole by mass terror, wholesale fraud and genociding the true indigenous owners, the Palestinians – anyway, my money is on Gri££in Watch up and running again (8My very best racist regards to Whiteboar, Fly On Shit, Inmspector Blakey, Vic Dakins, Gri££in Watch, and everyone else who's made this English nationalist blog more successfully influential than they'll ever know.Fly On The WallPS. (*

  3. Leona

    To do what you do takes courage and loyalty to the cause, it burns you out mentaly and physicaly and your family and friends suffer. For those of us in the know understand completely how you feel and that it is important that now you must have the time for you and your family and we know you will be back its in your blood so to speak .I want to thank you for all the work you have done pleasw don't underestimate how grate full we are as without people like you a great many people would not have been given the info they have by visiting this site.Thanks to fly on the wall.. on shit ..white boar ect ect for there huge contribution and all the hard work they have put in to this site. A very sincere thank you and take very good care .

  4. Anonymous

    "The great GM food hysteria: Do you believe eating genetically modified crops is like dining with the devil? No wonder – that's exactly what apocalyptic eco-zealots want you to think" – so wrote David 'Dickhead' Rose(nberg), the Daily Failing Mails's deadbeat jooboy shill for Monsanto, GM Crop Industries, Big Pharma, Big Corporations and Rothchild/joo/zionist bankers–thats-exactly-apocalyptic-eco-zealots-want-think.html#ixzz2YOuNwJ00honest – the last three letters of the above link are genuine – could be a cryptic nod by jooz to brother jooz (8Fly On The Wall

  5. GriffinWatch

    " Anonymous Anonymous said… Griffin watch has been got at! Tomy Herzog" 8 July 2013 00:45That could never happen, threats don't deter me (how many death threats do you think I've already had?)and money doesn't motivate me.Sean.

  6. GriffinWatch

    " Anonymous Anonymous said… Normal Service will now be resumed I am now officially back. Paul Morris .B.R."You've exposed yourself Morris, my self imposed hiatus won't help you.Money grubber. :-)Sean.

  7. Anonymous

    GWIt is good that you have the courage to realise that sometimes you need to take a step back to take stock & recharge your batteries – you will be no good to us nor your family if you burn yourself out. Take all the time you think you need and don't rush back in until you KNOW you are ready.Regards to all my good comrades on here that have enlightened & amused – Fly on the Wall, Whiteboar, Inspector Blakey, Vic etc. Fly on Shit!

  8. Anonymous

    Dear Mr Hadley, I am returning to England specifically to fight the cause with the aid of some of my very close English Nationalist friends whom you know well. I am crushed you are closing this site for now but hope you find peace and energy to return to the fray with renewed vigour. I appreciate all your time, intelligence, wit and diligence in creating this highly influentual site which has supported and enlightened so many. With love from the Maid O' France. Bisou… je t'embrasse très fort

  9. GriffinWatch

    Anonymous said… " Get your head together , get your family sorted they should come first in everything , get yourself into a position that you can physically and mentally provide for and nurture your kids in short you have a duty as a white man . Keep reading keep up to date but don't come back until you are ready , one day it will happen . Not a friend but concerned ."I will.

  10. Anonymous

    Gypo Kike @ 12:21 lauhably claimed:"Normal Service will now be resumedI am now officially back.Paul Morris .B.R.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0ne-eyed wanker's twin turd hasn't flushed then – still the twat's self-delusional belief of grandeur is an unending source of entertainment.Fly On The Wall

  11. Anonymous

    More sad news – tighten your belts again – Kate 'the kike, Middleton and Zara Sucks-Gothic-Cockbitz are soon to shit out a couple of pseudso Royal parasites taxpayers are expected to keep till the joo parasites kick the bucked if we're unlucky the vermin aren't stillborn.Fly On The Wall

  12. Anonymous

    Sad news,but do what you have to.Not always agreed with everything (especially Thatcher)but your a true patriot.Shall miss some of the enlightening comments especially the very colourful FOTW ones !!!!!.Until we all meet again in a free England (or in a Gulag)Whiteboar

  13. Anonymous

    Whiteboar, greetings, and thanks for your highly informative incisive comments – keep in touch with Sean as major strides are being made by various individual groups expert in English law working in isolation, and are now linking together – one group instructs, briefs and coaches a Peer who regularly sits in the House of Lords – two guys have got it conclusively cracked how to make and establish Claims of Common Law rights, and have come up with ideas far ahead of other Freeman On The Lands groups – till, next time, Whiteboar,My best regards,Fly On The Wall (8

  14. Anonymous

    Sean this is the blog I have referred to most in the last year.. I salute your courage you have certainly been saying it like it is. This will never be a one man fight, it is good sometimes to stick your head below the parapet. It is sometimes hard to judge ones effect when one writes but I believe your s has been highly productive. You have my respect. Brit in Norway

  15. Anonymous

    There was a time Fly when all the Royal Houses wouldn't let parasitic jews anywhere near their households not even the piss house,now we see the complete take over of our nation.Our future monarchs will be jewish with a complete jewish line.Edward I the great Christian monarch must be turning in his grave.Where does that leave the Edict of Expulsion ?Apparently our future "queen" is christian but from a sephardic line ?How can the murderers of Christ be christian ?So the "commoner" has been carefully chosen by the ELDERSWhiteboar

  16. Anonymous

    Interesting to note that figures reveal 'only' 14% of British population are muds – We are all more than aware of how little power & influence 'only' 1% of the British population who are jews glean!Wish you all the best GW – Come back refreshed with doubled determination!Twitter: Alfie@Freddie1927

  17. Anonymous

    Fly 9 july 11.23.Very interesting.Freeman on the Land for sure can reignite British Nationalism.Once again Thanks Sean, Fly and the many Nationalists who have made numerous enlightening comments on here.The fight goes on.Whiteboar

  18. Anonymous

    So, British army sniper Sgt. Nightingale has been found 'guilty' a second time, and is now on bail, waiting for Courts Martial to pass sentence on him – this is the deep irony of his situation – like all serving British soldiers, Sgt. Nightingale while a serving soldier, didn't have nor required a Firearm Certificate, didn't have nor required special Royal Dispensation and didn't have nor required special Parliament Dispensation to possess, carry and use any type of firearm or any type of weapon because, unknown to Sgt. Nightingale, he had and still has a Common Law right to possess, carry, use and OWN any type firearm to defend himself, his family, his property and his country – the legal cunts, both prosecuting and defending, and the presiding Courts Martial judges in Sgt. Nightingale's kangaroo trial, all know that Sgt. Nightingale could have successfully defended himself by citing his Common Law right to own weapons, as confirmed by Article 7 of the English Bill of Right 1689 and the 1215 Magna Carta.Fly On The Wall

  19. Anonymous

    Whiteboar, the engineer seems a reasonable chap and on our wave-length – we'll have to sign him up and stock-up on the Zyclon-B (8 On The Wall

  20. Anonymous

    – and Whiteboar, Inspector Blakey, Vic Dakins, Fly on Shit, this Fly an et Gri££in Watchers are gonna make sure those sparks fly again (8FOTW

  21. Anonymous

    Whiteboar, greetings – keep an eye on the British Constitution Group (BCG) website – independent of the small but effective Freeman group I belong to, the BCG arrived at the same surefire solution for regaining English sovereignty for the indigenous English people as my Freemman came up with a couple of weeks after the BNP's disasterous crash at the 2010 General Election – as I type it's coming together – and is why I suggest you contact Sean Hadley – the solution is in Common Law jurisdiction, re-established the English people's power to hold the UK government/Crown corporation and associated sub-corporation to account, and can't be challenged by Administrave/Admiralty courts nor trumped by Parliament Acts nor by EU Rules and Regulations legal/adminstrative.Regards,Fly On The Wall

  22. Anonymous

    MAJOR NEWSFLASH – AS IT GOES INTO TEMPORARY RETIREMENT GRI££IN WATCH STILL GIVING THE ESTABLISHMENT A SEVERE KICKING IN THE BOLLOCKS – ANOTHER GRI££IN WATCH 'FIRST' MISSED BY ALL THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IN BRITAIN – LONG-TERM SERIOUS FINANCIAL FRAUD BY ONE OF THE UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNMENT/CROWN CORPORATION'S EXECUTIVE BRANCHES/SUB-CORPORATIONS.The wholesale ripping-off of British taxpayers by the dodgy joo-ownecd security companies SERCO and G4S is mere pickpocketing when compared to the fraudulently ripping-off of British taxpayers by the DVLA – yep, folks, that's the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency – a DVLA official based in the DVLA, Swansea has revealed that DVLA directors and managers have been, for years, and still are fraudlently billing/scammimng British taxpayers the United Kingdom/the Crown corporation for millions of ££££s of British taxpayers' money – this is DVLA criminal financial scam: the DVLA employs hundreds of people throughout Britain, to drive around in DVLA vans, looking for untaxed vehicles – each of these DVLA operatives are given an area to cover – each DVLA operative submits a daily report on the hours they work each day, to the DVLA – the full wages the DVLA pays DVLA operatives, the DVLA fully recovers from British taxpayers by billing the United Kingdom government – however, DVLA management officials instruct the DVLA accounts department to fraudulently bump-up the number of hours worked and submitted by each DVLA operative – call the cuntstables – the DVLA have been caught with their trotters and snouts deep in the taxpayer filled-&-topped bottomless money trough.- remember, it was on Gri££in Watch you first learned of this heinous high crime against British taxpayers by the criminal cowboy outfit trading under the name, Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency – wot? – no arrests yet – perhaps tomorrow, when Old Bill eventually figures out which way round their knickers go on and not to put both legs into a single leg hole (8Fly On The Wall


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