Hello to the C.I.A. at Arlington

A big wave to the C.I.A. at Arlington, isn’t it about time that you exposed the traitors in your midst? We have the same PROBLEM with G.C.H.Q. in Britain. Both of your organisations have great operatives, both are abused by the “powers that be” (sic), You OF COURSE KNOW THAT.


14 thoughts on “Hello to the C.I.A. at Arlington

  1. Anonymous

    Don't say hello to them or give 'em a big wave Sean, just tell 'em to go penetrate themselves and 'shove it' every which way but tight in a sexual act/perversion that is physically impossible for normal people.

  2. Anonymous

    Gri££in Watch must be really scorching coon-cuddling, cast-iron cunt Camoron's zionist-owned sorry arse for him to call on those Arlington sister and muther fuckers to look in on our highly informative educational blogsite – must be embarrassing for the CIA to learn that Cambo's Torah party mainly consists of bolsheviks and bumboys – by the way, Arlington, a whisper in your intelligence-gathering shell-like ears – the word 'tory' means 'robber' – and William Hague is a homosexual.Breaking sad news – the White House's Kenyan baboon's favourite terrorist, TaTa Mandela, still hasn't kicked the bucket – so, it's not yet ta ta, Mandela.Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    That a mental health panel deemed that Ian Brady must remain banged-up in a high-security lunatic asylumn mental hospital because of his chronic narcissism, arrogance, sociopathy, paranoia and schizophrenia, why haven't all those criminally insane highly dangerous Westminter psychopathic war-mongering war criminals been sectioned yet?Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    I read that Camilla's long-nosed floppy-eared parasitical jamrag, Prince Chuck the Schmuk, has again dived headlong into the taxpayer-topped money trough – where's Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre when he's urgently needed for trimming the napes of a few pseudo royal aristo cuckoos.Fly On The Wall

  5. Anonymous

    Wonder how much of British taxpayers' taxes cast-iron cunt Camoron paid for his and his verminous Torah party cunts' latest delivery of Columbian Sherbet sent by Cocaine Incorporated Arseholes (CIA), the world's largest supply of banned 'recreational' drugs – talking of arseholes – yesterday one of the Torah party's leading shirtlifting shit-stabbers, the under-achieving Parliamentary under-secretary of State (communities & local criminal miss-government), thick Nick 'bumboy' Boles, visted my neighbouring county Cambridgeshire – thick-as-pig-shit Nick, surrounded by fawning flunkies, waxed lyrical on BBC TV 'Look East', on my unlicensed TV (8, on how building thousands of new houses on virgin greenfield sites is invironmentally beneficial – all that bumming must be screwing-up the dillusional thick cunt's thinking – daddy Sir Jack 'no' Boles, former head of the National Trust must be really pleased with his sickly-grinning idiot offspring – almost forgot, Arlington – if you want a new coke-sniffing client, contact Nick Gri££in of the BNP, at £-Grabbin, Welshpool, Powys or the Cherry Tree in Dagenham – ask for cash up-=front otherwise you'll have give gim a good slapping like he received from some London heavies, for welching on a C-Sherbet deal. Fly On The Wall

  6. Anonymous

    GCHQ = Government Communications HeadquartersTempora = a clandestine security electronic surveillance program trialled in 2008 – Tempora is only extant due to secret agreements with commercial companies described in GCHQ documents as "intercept partners" – which are highly paid for the cost of their co-operation – GCHQ staff are ordered to disguise the origin of material in their reports to hide the role of the companies as intercept partners, to avoid shit hitting the fan – the companies sign the Official Secrets Act, forbidding them from revealing the existence of warrants compelling them to give GCHQ access to the cables – if a company fails complying with a GCHQ request for unrestricted line access cooperation, the government obtains a Court Orders compelling a non-cooperative company to do so – TalkTalk Telecom Limited is a proven ISP stooge 'interceptor partner' company allowing GCHQ to monitor their clients.Fly On The Wall


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