Will the real Nelson Mandela please stand up, Oh, you just have.

Who’s the racist now? This evil anti-white scumbag should burn in hell. He is no saint, just a sinner, if religion rules your life.


15 thoughts on “Will the real Nelson Mandela please stand up, Oh, you just have.

    1. Len

      They look like us, but they’re not from us.
      They’re from their father the devil.
      And that’s the reason why they can so easily play both sides-
      I quote in part from the motto of the jewish army:
      “By deception we make war”
      They are the scum of the earth – never to be befriended nor trusted.

  1. Anonymous

    To all but the mentally challenged, the Global War on Terror is an artificial construct, 90% false flag terror, 90% bank robbery, 90% ‘Hollywoodism.’”

  2. Anonymous

    Archbishop of Canterbury says Israel “centre of the world”http://www.redressonline.com/2013/06/archbishop-of-canterbury-says-israel-centre-of-the-world/

  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous at 17:29 said "UK beefs up security as if preparing for civil unrest."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Methinks Establishment arses are winking with fear of the now-awaking common people who're going to go apeshit when they learn the true extent of the crimes of the verminous Westminter traitors ripping-off and ruining them and their once great country, England – a still-serving high-ranking police officer has confirmed his force has a stock of .458 Winchester ammunition and .458 calibre bolt-action rifles ostensibly for shooting escaped farm and zoo animals – that a standard 30-06 using thick-jacketed game bullets will easily kill any animal smaller than an elephant, and if using solid copper bullets will kill an elephant with a carefully-placed brain-shot, and that in the history of Britain an elephant has never escaped from a zoo, begs the obvious question why the fuck do the British police require dangerous big-game/elephant rifles, if not to use against unarmed British civilians?Fly On The Wall

  4. The-Atrocities-Perpetrated-Against-the-Human-Race

    @ Anonymous – 27 June 2013 23:06Those are NOT White people, they're jews, the one on mandela's left [your right] is Ronny Kasrils a communist Jew from Lithuania. Got to be the ANC spy master for Umkhonto we Sizwe abbreviated as MK, translated as "Spear of the Nation" it was the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC)Very interesting read, you should look it up.

  5. GriffinWatch

    You put our research here at G.W. to shame fella, your Mandela expose is one of the best researched articles that I have ever read and I've been researching the truth for 14 yrs now.Brilliant, you are a credit to our people and the truth.Thankyou.Sean


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