BEWARE of the British Resistance (sic) website.

Dodgy goings on from Morris and his useless idiots. Forewarned is forearmed. 😉


3 thoughts on “BEWARE of the British Resistance (sic) website.

  1. Anonymous

    Well I've never – NOT EVER – had such warnings when I've visited British Resistance and I have bang up-to-date internet security. I really don't understand this animosity any more. The usual suspects must be laughing at us. It's very wrong of PayPal to have permanently limited the BR account and then hold any money until the courts order them to hand it back. Fucking PayPal cunting thieves if you ask me. Sean, you surely don't agree with that do you? This money has been given to BR and NOT PayPal. I had never even heard of Bitdefender until today. There are a lot of good posters on BR (as there are on here) and I know a couple of them. They are not idiots or gullible by a long chalk but just trying to get the message out by whatever means. I would be right pissed off if either of these sites were to ever disappear.

  2. GriffinWatch

    Morris is a fantasist and a liar, he continues to make nationalism look inept. Why have Paypal targetted him? Because of his own fevered rantings online, that is clearly why.The man never knows when to keep his mouth shut, this is his own doing. defender is an excellent Anti-virus system, it picks up on a lot of "issues" that many other A.V.s miss.Cheers Sean.


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