Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. Zionist control of the B.B.C.

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Accurate and balanced news coverage is vital to any campaign for justice, and the struggle for Palestinian rights is no different.
In the UK, BBC News reaches 81% of the total news audience. This is a massive figure but, unfortunately, the news this audience is receiving on the Israeli occupation is far from balanced and not always accurate.
People watching, listening to or reading the BBC’s news reports will be far more likely to hear about rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel, than about Israel’s constant incursions into and attacks on Gaza.
Similarly, the violence of Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank is routinely ignored by our licence-fee funded national broadcaster. Conversely, in February, BBC Online ran a soft article about the experiences of new settlers in and around Jerusalem.
Jenny Tonge
Baroness Jenny Tonge is a Palestine Solidarity Campaign Patron
“Challenging the bias and inaccuracy of the BBC is an integral part of PSC’s work. Baroness Jenny Tonge
Challenging the bias and inaccuracy of the BBC is an integral part of PSC’s work. The team works to monitor systematically the BBC’s output and to hold it to account where it is wrong. In recent months, the PSC team has challenged biased and inaccurate output about the occupation on Radio 4’s programmes Today and World at One and BBC2’s Newsnight. This has been successful, resulting in the  BBC being forced to publish apologies and corrections on its website.
PSC’s Chair, Hugh Lanning, has met with senior BBC executives, including the previous Head of News and Current Affairs, to put the case for better and fairer coverage directly to top management.
It’s important work, and it’s been done with limited resources. Now PSC needs your help to move its media work forward, increase the pressure on the BBC and influence the organisation’s news output away from a pro-Israeli narrative. Your donations to PSC’s media work will ensure that the case for  Palestine is heard within the UK’s largest news broadcaster.
“PSC puts the case to the BBC for better and fairer coverage . Baroness Jenny Tonge
I’m often infuriated by the BBC’s coverage of the occupation, and I know how important PSC’s media work is. I would urge you to donate generously to this appeal.
Best wishes
Baroness Jenny Tonge 
PSC Patron 
contact Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Please donate generously to this appeal – thank you for your support.
If you want to know more or would prefer to make a donation over the phone, please contact:
Palestine Solidarity Campaign
BM Box PSA, London WC1N 3XX
If you wish to send a cheque please make it payable to:
‘Palestine Solidarity Campaign’
Whilst the blatant abuse of the Palestinians isn’t a direct concern for us as White Nationalists (however heart rending), the blatant Zionist control of the B.B.C. is our concern, the Zionist controlled B.B.C./Government (sic) lie to us on a daily basis, this is totally unaccetable and must be countered voiciferously, in my honest opinion.
Let us face facts, the B.B.C. used to be known as “Auntie”, it is now known as anti-white-palestinians-everyone, except for Israelis. The Sayanims that control the B.B.C. must be removed, in order for the B in B.B.C. TO REPRESENT BRITAIN, ONCE AGAIN.

10 thoughts on “Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. Zionist control of the B.B.C.

  1. Anonymous

    Sean, sorry but I give absolutely nothing to any cause/charity these days because you never quite know the true face behind the mask so to speak, as well as Zionist infiltrators almost certainly being on board organisations such as PSC if they are genuine. As Lenin once said, "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." Deception and duplicity is everywhere. Also, anyone donating to any of these causes will undoubtedly find themselves on some anti-Israeli list to possibly be used when the balloon finally goes up to kick off World War 3. I believe PSC patron Jenny Tonge's outspoken views against Israel are merely 'controlled opposition' and nothing else otherwise she would be silenced in an instant. The PSC's 'reach' to the brainwashed and brain-dead will be negligible imho. Such causes asking for money should be treated with suspicion as there is plenty of money available from high rollers out there who support the Palestinian cause and hate the bastard creation that is Israel.

  2. Anonymous

    Author Richard Deacon wrote: "it was evidence of how the homosexual mafia can operate and how from the earliest times it has tended to be a crypto-protection society in that the bond of friendship has been used to cover up all manner of questionable activities and sometimes even to protect membersfrom being prosecuted."

  3. Anonymous

    The talmudic "jews" are out to destroy EVERY nation,once that is achieved then they will rule the world from Jerusalem.Finally they will install the anti christ as supreme ruler.No ifs or buts.They are primarily concerned with destroying true christianity,nationalism and the white race who are the trinity of good and truth.Likewise Freemasonary,Zionism and Socialism are the trinity of evil based on the word of Lucifer via Talmudism.The truth is out there find it !whiteboar


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