The myth of gun control in the United Kingdom.

This video shows how gun ‘control’ simply doesn’t work. Links: Firearms cheap, easy to get and on a street near you… Teenagers add machine guns to their arsenal… 2001 – Handgun crime ‘up’ despite ban… Policewoman’s car hijacked with her daughter, 2, inside… 2001 – Five shot as AK-47 gangster flees police… 4 Million guns in criminal hands… Police seize weapons including guns from schools UK… 2000 – Police in Nottingham given side arms 2008 – Gun crime 60pc higher than official figures… Gun Deaths Graph 1995 to 2007… 2003 – Firearm crime continues to rise… 2001 – Police move to tackle huge rise in gun crime… 2004 – Police Van Sprayed With Bullets (London)… MD of Group 4 Securicor says Britain is the ‘worst in the world’ for armed robbery… FBI Study on Gun Control And Cop Killers Gang violence in Preston UK… Gun Laws and Crime: A Complex Relationship (New York Times)…


13 thoughts on “The myth of gun control in the United Kingdom.

  1. Anonymous

    Gri££in Watch, good article and good links (8 – with all that armed criminality going in immigrant/islamic-fucked-up once-great Britain, it's now imperative for all lawabiding indigenous English people to reassert and exercise their Common Law right to own and bear arms for self-defence and to protect one's family and property, defending one's fellow man, the community and England – stuff Lizzie Sucks-Coberg-&-Gothic – she and her parasitc brood can shift for themselves – they're already protected by rings of heavily armed taxpayer-funded bodyguards – her motto being "You plebs can go fuck yourselves – we royals are OK".Fly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    Meet Our Allies! Warning! Extremely Graphic – Cameron's/Hague's/HM's FSA Rebels (Death Squads) Commit More Fine Deeds In Syria Let’s ALL THANK Prime Cunt Cameron and Co by calling them right now (don't bother) and expressing our gratitude for arming the wonderful Syrian rebels, while using BRITISH TAX MONEY, so that they can commit MORE of the following ‘fine deeds’ shown in this video. Warning! Extremely graphic and blocked on youtube as age restricted. While PARLIAMENT has TAKEN away YOUR guns and left you defenceless, this is who they are going to. Outraged yet? Voice your displeasure by contacting (don't bother?) your MP and letting them know that we don’t appreciate THEM ARMING cannibals and murderers. Syria Tube | More than 35 executions : Syria – These are the actions of the rebels killing innocent civilians in many ways including beheading's. Makes one proud to be Zionist Occupied British doesn't it?

  3. Anonymous

    Pediatricians have a new mission: Fight ‘homophobia’

  4. Anonymous

    The whole hour of the BBC TV current affairs program, Tonight, consisted of three main issues: the perennial farcical Saint Steven Lawrence anti-white race circus; the When's-Medela-Kicking-the-Bucket comedy; and another line of interviewee joo immigrants perpetuating the hoary jooish fairytale the Halodabolhoax (as per retelling of said hoary jooish fairytale, the violin section struck up a dirge on cue) – a kippah-topped joo sculptor interviewee then waxed lyrical about his bronze of joo children that's been ensconce in a Liverpool railway station – of course the presenter was the Labour luvvie scots-born crypto joo Kirsty Wark.Fly On The Wall

  5. Anonymous

    "The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor


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