Hague you lying bastard! "Echelon" cover-up in progress. "Echelon" has the Sayanim like Hague in a tizzy.

You lying bastard William, after the “Prism” revelations, you and those of your ilk are clearly in a state of panic, as well you should be!
You have abused the “ECHELON SPYING SYSTEM” for far too long now.

The chickens are coming home to roost, so to speak.

Our researchers will look up “Echelon” for themselves.

With the reintroduction of the death penalty for TREASON, methinks that the blatant Sayanim that is Hague and those of his ilk, will become distant memories and indeed lessons for future politicians.


22 thoughts on “Hague you lying bastard! "Echelon" cover-up in progress. "Echelon" has the Sayanim like Hague in a tizzy.

  1. Anonymous

    Outspoken Journalist Dies in Fiery Hollywood Crash – “Sounded Like A Bomb!”http://www.zengardner.com/outspoken-journalist-dies-in-fiery-hollywood-crash-sounded-like-a-bomb/

  2. Anonymous

    “Rejoice O young men in thy stolen youth pointlessly fighting and dying in Zionist wars…” – Ecclesiastes JOHN 15:13 "Greater love has no Gentile than this… that they lay down their worthy life for a worthless Jew."

  3. Anonymous

    tres hillarious, Anon @ 19:59, (8 – the BBC have been sending me TV license reminders and dire threat notices for decades – saved enough of them to wallpaper my bedroom and bog – keep laughing my arse off everytime I read comments by seriously pissed-off Mail Online readers, published in MOL comment columns, wailing and bitching about how the BBC is wasting their TV license money on taxis and travelling first-class on nigh-pointless round-the-world trips to photograph or film some blue-arsed bug or a new species of the African winky-wanky bird* – gives me a warm feeling knowing I haven't contributed a brass washer or farthing to any BBC junket.* The African winky-wanky bird has its eyelashes connected to its foreskin so everytime it winks it wanks – FFS, lady, stop throwing sand in the bird's eye (8Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    Jill Finney, Cynthia Bower and the joo Anna Jefferson only got their ludicrously over-paid Care Quality Commission jobs because they're all brainwashed Common Purpose zealots.Fly On The Wall

  5. Anonymous

    Tell the TV Licencing that you watch TV on catch-up and iPlayer you never watch live broadcasts as this is what the TV Licence covers.As for Hague the faggot – it seems the jew is calling in their favour for covering up his faggotry – never mind Willie your 'secret' is out now so you can fuck the jew off!Fly on Shit!

  6. Anonymous

    Next Phase of Syrian Invasion Begins — The [private/jew owned/BofE/House of Rots] Central Bank Connection. [All in all, the Syrian banking system largely consists of four state-owned banks and fourteen private banks, mostly foreign banks providing services to the private sector inside Syria. For at least forty years, the state itself has maintained a total monopoly on the Syrian banking system. Even when that total monopoly was broken, it was not in the form of the privatization of the central bank, it was merely allowing private banks to operate commercially inside the country.]As the secular [and wholly legitimate] Syrian government continues to mop up the mobs of death squads made up of mercenaries, religious fanatics, and the criminally insane (as well as cannibals), the second phase of destabilization is quickly taking shape – that is, the establishment of “no-fly zones” and the arming of the death squads by the West with even heavier weapons than they have previously been given. The destruction of Syria is thus apparently scheduled to take exactly the same form as that of Libya.It is important to remember that, in the case of the latter country, the Anglo-Americans also funded terrorist death squads to cause a civil war inside the country, engaged in a propaganda campaign against Qaddafi's government, and established “no-fly zones” inside Libya.The rest, as they say, is history. After the establishment of a “no-fly zone,” air strikes began against Libyan military, governmental, and civilian targets. Death squads were simultaneously empowered further and assisted by the presence of Western intelligence, special forces, and military boots on the ground inside Libya.Although Assad has proven more capable than Qaddafi of withstanding the initial onslaught set in motion by the Anglo-Americans than Qaddafi and has demonstrated better political connections with other powerful nations, the fate of Libya awaits Syria if something is not done to derail this war machine. http://www.activistpost.com/2013/06/next-phase-of-syrian-invasion-begins.html

  7. Anonymous

    Further to my previous post at 13:52 I think it is now absolutely imperative that we get right down from the fence and withdraw ALL support for our Armed Forces and what they are up to – is being demanded of them – in the Middle East. "We were only obeying orders" springs to mind as being no excuse whatsoever. We don't want any ambiguity or dodging the issue on this a moment longer. WE NO LONGER SUPPORT THEM. It may be a bitter pill to swallow for many including myself but the message will hopefully be loud and clear, that there will be accountability for senior and even not so senior commanders who carry out these heinous Zionist Jew orders/war crimes when true democracy is restored. Remember, ours is a volunteer miltary and not the draft. These evil foreign/Middle East misadventures for bankers are putting the peoples of US/Britain/Europe/World at immense risk while submerging them in unpayable debt to pay for it all. There is a line from the film Last Man Standing that "He's (John Smith from back East played by Bruce Willis) is nothing without a gun." Well the counterfeit/Talmudic Jews/Bankers, call them what you will, are nothing without their subservient mainly Gentile military. The volunteer military need to immediately take that on board and always keep it in mind.

  8. Anonymous

    Greetings Brother Fly On Shit – about TV licenses – or, in my case, the lack of for five decades excepting one accidental payment for one TV license – cost me &12/10- in those days coloour TV weren't extant – gives an idea how long ago that inexcusable booboo happened – still pains me deeply and brings a tear to an eye whenever thinking about it – anyway, I watch TV programs as broadcasted and don't bother making any excuses whatsoever – I just save the reminders and never answer them – any TV stooge turning up on my property in regards to lack of a TV licence, gets politely asked to leave immediately – any BBC/TV stooge not responding, like leaving in a cloud of dust, gets politely told to fuck off and to be quick about it before I exercise my Common Law right to use all necessary force for removing trespassers – a tip – never confirm who you are and never get drawn into a discussion with TV license bods – if you don't want to do the chucking-off phone the Old Bill, and when one turns up hold him to his Constable's Oath of Office – never confirm and never deny you have and watch TV – that's your business and nobody else's – happy licence-free TV watching (8Fly On The Wall

  9. Anonymous

    Anon 18.17 with regret i'm inclined to agree.There is enough evidence thanks to massive research by American patriots that 9/11 was carried out by Israhell and American shabaz Goy.7/7 was also an inside job.But Western military still support these shysters are they that stupid ?The West is being destroyed by the Talmudic Jew and our military sit back and do nothing.All have taken an oath to protect us against foreign and domestic threats.Smedley Butler for what ever reason refused to carry out a coup d'etat against Roosevelt who was a Bolshevik and Zionist.Douglas Reed gives the low down on him and the the Huey Long assassination.Incidently The Soviet Union was given atomic secrets on his orders contrary to popular myth.Again Reed exposed this in his book The Controversy of Zion.My guess is the Elders will use more private contractors and their Jihadists in future wars just as the Medicis used mercenaries in 16th century Italy.Maybe this is why the British Armed Forces are being cut ?The American founding fathers saw that a peoples militia was the only way to protect freedom.Thankfully many American patriots have resurrected the idea,all power to them.whiteboar


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