Just can’t get the staff. Not very caring carers?

“The prosecution alleges the defendants left their patients – aged from 75 years to 100 years – unable to call for help.
The prosecution told the jury the pair disabled alarms and put extra incontinence pads on the residents, so they could sleep and would not have to change their soiled garments.
No paperwork was filled out, which they were required to do in a night log, the jury was told.
The care home assistants were allegedly discovered fast asleep in lounge armchairs on August 19 with a fan heater running by their care home manager Salina Ballard.
The home, run by St Andrews Care Home Ltd, charges £580 pounds per week per patient.
Mr Moore told the hearing that mats were placed at the side of the residents’ beds which would set off an alarm if they fell.
However, the prosecution says 11 of the mats had been disabled so if the residents had fallen in the night, no alarm would have sounded.”

Thanks Anon.

3 thoughts on “Just can’t get the staff. Not very caring carers?

  1. Anonymous

    Surely, no one expected anything better from lazy-arsed wogs – wander into any hospital these days and you would think you've blundered onto a film set remaking Rourke's Drift.Fly On The Wall


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