D-Notice issued over the Prism/Echelon scandal, the establishment are in a blind panic.

D-Notice, June 7, 2013

“Private and Confidential: Not for publication, broadcast or use on social media.
Defence Advisory Notice
There have been a number of articles recently in connection with some of the ways in which the UK Intelligence Services obtain information from foreign sources.
Although none of these recent articles has contravened any of the guidelines contained within the Defence Advisory Notice System, the intelligence services are concerned that further developments of this same theme may begin to jeopardize both national security and possibly UK personnel…”


This has, quite frankly, bugger all to do with National Security or protecting U.K. personnel, this is the “Establishment” (sic) trying to cover their own backsides for unlawful spying upon US.

The “Echelon Spy System” is far bigger than the “Prism Minnow” and that is what they are trying to hide, granted G.C.H.Q. must be given a certain amount of latitude in order to protect Britain/US, however, their MUST be checks and balances, in order for the system not to be abused.
As an anti-establishment activist, this latest scandal is very close to my heart.

Sean Hadley.


3 thoughts on “D-Notice issued over the Prism/Echelon scandal, the establishment are in a blind panic.

  1. Anonymous

    The jooz used their hebbie Echelon spying system to sabotage all the Siemans-manufactured computer-controlled electrical valves and other Siemans electrical equiment Iran uses in the production of nuclear materials and in their nuclear reactors – the yiddely yooz also used Etchelon for disabling some, if not all of the Siemans-manufactured computer-controlled electrical safety-valves the Japs installed in their Fukuyama nuclear power plant, in retaliation for Japan daring to support the Palestinians in their plans to register, with the UN, the few acres of Palestinian land the jooz haven't yet stolen and occupied, as a sovereign Palestinian state – and was the reason why the Japs were unable to remotely shut down the Fukuyama nuclear plant after the quake-wave overwhelmed the nuclear facility – whatever the Iranian's are developing nuclear-wise I hope it's big enough to rub out all yids populating Hell-on-Earth, israel, in one hit, faster than the can wipe their six-pointed star-shaped freckles.Fly On The Wall


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