Griffin, the ZIONIST/MASONIC controlled shitbag.

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Islamic horror in Ashton-Under-Lyne – Video
A highly evocative mobile phone video has been circulating this week; filmed on the 8th June, it shows a gang of Muslims attacking English youngsters on the streets of Ashton-under-Lyne.

The 70 second video makes for painful viewing, especially as it is alleged that before the filming had started one of the Muslim youths punched one of the girls in the face.

Unsurprisingly, this video has not made the controlled news, and the local police are currently refusing to confirm whether they are taking any action over this attack, although sources have reported that police sent a text message out warning parents to keep their children away from the area.

Counter-terrorism ‘expert’ Ghaffar Hussain has said:

“This incident will most likely turn out to be a local petty squabble between gangs of youths with too much time on their hands.

“There could be a racial dimension, however, it is highly unlikely the religion is a motivating factor for either side.”

But that’s what we’d expect from the rotten Establishment, but we in the British National Party are all too aware of the facts – and the sooner our people wake up and recognise them too, the sooner we can set about making things better.

The truth of the matter is that these young people are anti-social and aggressive because of Islam – it’s written in their book and Allah demands it!

This is the darkness and evil of Islam.

Remember, Lee Rigby, our young off-duty British soldier run over then hacked to death with a meat cleaver on the streets of Woolwich by African Muslim converts in broad daylight?

What next?

The banks of the long-foretold River of Blood are swelling to full.

None of the other political parties have any solutions because they created the problem!

Only the BNP has the fortitude and conviction fix Broken Britain and bring Hope to the beleaguered British people.

We must be ready to channel the righteous anger of the British people into organisational growth and effective political resistance, and deal with the Islamist menace by first removing the treacherous political class that brought this terrible fate to bear on our nation.

The policy of mass immigration carried out by the political class was never mandated by the British people.

It is a genocidal agenda to destroy the British people, our nation and our identity.

We cannot afford to miss this opportunity to provide our people with the political leadership and Hope they so desperately need.

It’s imperative that we are prepared and able to reap the full political and organisational rewards for all the years in the wilderness, for all the persecution we’ve endured and all the sacrifices so many of us have made, and continue to make.

Because despite the controlled media bias against us, the BNP is at the frontline of the British resistance, and despite all the attacks on us by the corrupt political class, the persecution from their political police force and the lies and smears made against us by the controlled media, the British people know one thing – they can trust the BNP!

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Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin MEP
BNP Chairman
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Above is GRIFFINS latest email, he is of course correct to point out that there are major problems with the unlimited immigration that the powers that be allow. That isn’t in dispute, however Nick (the shill) is only focusing on the Islamic threat, like the good little Zionist/mason that he is.

The facts of the matter are thus:

Islam in Britain, is allowed and encouraged (by the zionists such as Cameron, Clegg, Millipede, et al) by their nefarious “open door” immigration policies.
If Nicholas (the shill) actually wanted to change Britain, for the better, he would concentrate on exposing said traitors, he doesn’t, he plays the traitors (it’s the muzzies) game, for his own gain.

It is personal between myself and Nick,( I abhor traitors) make no bones about that. Griffin has held nationalism back by at least ten years, that won’t be tolerated, when we prevail, as we will (we have the truth of the internet on our side), well, there is a lampost with Nicks name on it, and he knows it, sleep well Nick. IF YOU CAN.


2 thoughts on “Griffin, the ZIONIST/MASONIC controlled shitbag.

  1. Anonymous

    As much as the State have made a concerted effort to 'gentrify' football, the football lads of yesterday are still about (the turnout during the London Chimpout of 2011 proved that!) so to mention 300 strong mob of Pakies is a joke. Millwall chaps landed in the so-called Paki area of Luton with not one single paki showing/making a stand.My reference to the football lads of yesterday is not to be confused with the chavs who dress in their 'football factory' clothing/attendees of their poxy EDL demos. Yaxley-Lennon who's a 'footie lad' & his 'Luton mob' are two-bob.Yaxley-Lennon has stated 'no nazi or racist' is welcome on his demos – Ha Ha, WE wouldn't go within 200 yards of that cunt and his clowns!Sieg Heil!Fly on Shit!


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