The British Resistance (sic) webshite in deep trouble.

Morris destroyed it, Kennedy tried to resurrect it, both have failed nationalists.
Good riddance.


7 thoughts on “The British Resistance (sic) webshite in deep trouble.

  1. Anonymous

    It does appear that we are looking at the endgame for British Resistance and I cannot argue with you that Morris (helped) destroy it. Having said that, I'm more than hacked off about it. Don't gloat too much though Sean because the Khazar scum will close you down whenever they deem fit. You are online because they want you to remain online, never forget that. They only understand and respect bombs and bullets as in Syria and not anon posts in cyberspace.

  2. Anonymous

    Sean its time to move on, also it would be a good idea to rename your blog am sure it would attract more readers,how about "News for Nationalists"Danny La Roo.aka Rupert Kalashnikov

  3. Anonymous

    That most of Britain's problems have been and still are being created by the corrupt Westminster cunts, I put the motion forward that after Gri££in is well and truly stuffed and buried at the next MEP elections, this blog should be renamed Westminster Cunts Watch – it's gotta be a winner (8Fly On The Wall


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