Adolph has his say. :-)

Thanks Martin.


6 thoughts on “Adolph has his say. :-)

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Editor,It would seem our leading national journalists and commentators are as ignorant of our laws, customs and the rights and liberties of the subject, indeed our very Constitution, as are our leading politicians and now politicised judiciary. Much of the 'Comment' column in last Sunday's The Mail on Sunday was given to extolling the Queen's dedication to upholding her coronation oath in which she swore to uphold our laws and customs. Unlike the said journalists, politicians and judiciary, some of us were present at the time of the coronation and remember it well and what it meant and signified when the Queen swore to GOVERN us according to our laws and customs. We were also present when in 1972 the Queen allowed her then government to commit high treason by signing an article of national cacapitulation to the Franco German Axis by surrendering the supremacy of the Crown, along with the supremacy of our laws and national sovereignty, thus placing the British people under foreign rule for the first time in a thousand years. By failing to govern us according to our laws and customs the Queen neglected to uphold the oath she took in the sight of God and so abdicated. Since that time the monarchy has been a politically manipulated sham to create the illusion that nothing has changed, an illusion encouraged by the press with such statements as "…one of the greatest monarchs in our history." (Comment. Mail on Sunday.)The Queen's 1972 abdication was further confirmed in 1992 with the equally treasonous signing by our politicians of the Maastricht treaty, which confirmed that the Queen is no more than a citizen of the EU and therefore bound by the constraints and obligations of that citizenship, as was made perfectly clear in the House of Commons by Prime Minister John Major at the time. Had John Major been wrong in his statement he would have been committing both treason and perjury but no such charges were ever drawn up against him.No one can be both monarch and citizen at the same time.Yesterday the Daily Mail quoted Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali as saying "But while she is faithful to the vows she has taken in this country she has to act on the advice of her ministers." Myths such as this example clearly created by politicians can invariably be dismissed by logic and common sense, for what it is claiming is that the Monarch, and therefore the people, are subordinate to their subordinates, which is of course a total nonesense. When confronted with this fact parliamentarians and law Lords invariably claim that it is made valid by convention, another claim which is in reality unsustainable as "convention has no force in law" as clearly laid out in Halsbury's 'Laws of England'. Further evidence that the surrender of our national sovereignty and constitutional supremacy in 1972 ended the monarchy was the permission given to Charles as heir to the throne to marry in a civil ceromony Camilla Parker-Boles a divorcee, as by so doing Charles placed himself in breach of Article 37 of the 39 Articles of Religion, or Article 7 of Cannon Law as it has become, thus rendering him ineligable to hold the office of Governor of the Church of England and therefore the Crown itself. There can be no sovereign head of state of a nation that is not sovereign and no governor of a nation that is not self governing. To those who are aware that this nation has been totally betrayed, Queen Elizabeth II is seen as the absolute antithesis of Elizabeth I. Yours Faithfully, Bob L****. The Magna Carta Society.Sent to and posted by:Fly On The Wall NB – Bob L, sent his above letter to most of the national dailies but none will publish it.

  2. Anonymous

    Hopefully Griffo has taken BNP membership forms over there. Surely there must be Hezbollah left who haven't joined up with Assad & Golden Dawn?!Fly on Shit!

  3. Anonymous

    Joshua Blakeney : ‘Zionists dictate policy to Harper government’


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