Edward Snowdon "Prism" whistleblower has his say.


8 thoughts on “Edward Snowdon "Prism" whistleblower has his say.

  1. GriffinWatch

    Indeed. He has gone public for his own protection a wise move.More whistleblowers will come out, of that I'm sure. The "establishment" have pushed the people too much for too long.

  2. Anonymous

    The cosy relationship/co-operation between GCHQ and the NSA is well-known old hat among nationalists – however in said cosy relationship/co-operation it's the NSA that's the top dog fucking the arse off the GCHQ underdog, in that intel information flows voluminously unrestricted from GCHQ to the NSA, with the NSA only feeding back low-grade scraps of intel information to GCHQ, on a strictly need-to-know basis – war-mongering war criminal homo Hague is a lying cunt – he knows of the one-sided arrangement – not sure if it was on Gri££in Watch but I've covered this issue before – anyway, every text, fax, email and telephone call made within Britain is recorded by GCHQ – and if you think that's bad enough, consider this – as that information flows into GCHQ it also flows into and is recorded by the American listening post ensconce on Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire – to fool the British people, ostensibly it's Royal Air Force establishment but in reality it's owned 100% by the United States of America – and, bar none, it’s is the largest electronic monitoring station in the world – it contains an extensive satellite ground station and is a communications intercept and missile warning site – the USA are constantly bitching about the stinky chinks covertly conducting industrial espionage by hacking USA establishments from universities to the Pentagon – but what the USA is blushingly coy about is USA Menwith Hill, the USA conducts a 24/7/365 electronic industrial espionage on British industry (on all electronic correspondence of everyone within the British Isles, too) – and it goes something like this – American company trying to develop whatever product naturally wants to know how the fuck their British rivals are doing in the way of product progress and development – American company owner gets in touch with his congress representative, and tells him/her, they have a patriotic duty to help all American companies to stay ahead of international trade game, and it’s imperative to gain as much information as possible on his British rival – congress rep gets in touch with browless Pentagon goons and gives them the low-down and promises of much baksheesh, wild parties attended by willing wild ladies of easy virtue and game for anything orgiastic, al la Romanesque with the odd daddy donkey participating in the revelries – browless Pentagon goons get in with the American Trade Attaché in the American Embassy, London, or directly with the director (CIA) at USA Menwith Hill spying station – and within minutes the targeted rival British company is being monitored around the clock – telephone conversations, faxed, texted and emailed documents and drawings of the British rival company are soon in the hands of and being scrutized by the American company, which then throws umpteen thousands or millions of $$$$s at the project, perfects the product and then rushes off to the Patent Office to protect "their latest discovery" or "their latest invention" – hey, presto, back in good ol' US of A, cheroots all round, champagne flowing and millions of $$$$s getting shovelled into congress representatives’ and moronic Pentagon goons’ bottomless pockets – meanwhile, back in joo-owned-and-controlled Blighty, their under-funded British rival is still struggling to iron out product problems – and when they learn their American rival has beaten them to the finishing line (the Patent Office) British management and development teams begin scratching their heads, wondering how the fuck the Americans got their first and why the American product is almost a clone of the one they're still working on, trying to perfect.Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    Gri££in watch, gandered D.E.R.A. on wiki and now recall its treasonous sell-off to QINETIQ – supposedly 'partial' – probably the tory cunts left the frayed carpets, torn curtains, cracked teapots and chipped mugs to over-burdened, over-worked under-paid British taxpayers – 'mugs' being the operative word – same happened with Marconi – some knighted scottish Labour party cunt broke-up Marconi, privatised its most profitable departments then sold them to his American joo business mates – saddling said same over-burdened, over-worked, under-paid British taxpayers with all of Marconi's loss-making departments.Fly On The Wall


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