Hague caught lying, the "Echelon/Prism Scandal" and G.C.H.Q.

“GCHQ has not been using a controversial US internet monitoring programme to dodge tough legal checks on their activities, William Hague has insisted.
The Foreign Secretary refused to confirm or deny details of the eavesdropping agency’s links to the Prism spy scheme, but said the law-abiding British public had “nothing to fear” from their work.
Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, he also confirmed he would be making a statement to the Commons on the issue on Monday.
Mr Hague said: “As someone who knows GCHQ very well… the idea that in GCHQ people are sitting working out how to circumvent a UK law with another agency in another country is fanciful. It is nonsense.”
The Cabinet minister declined to confirm that he had personally authorised engagement with the US Prism programme.
But he said checks in place in this country, including reviews of decisions by the Interception Commissioner, were strong.
“That legal framework is strong, that ministerial oversight is strong,” he said.
“The net effect is that if you are a law abiding citizen of this country going about your business and personal life you have nothing to fear about the British state or intelligence agencies listening to the content of your phone calls or anything like that.
“Indeed you will never be aware of all the things that these agencies are doing to stop your identity being stolen or to stop a terrorist blowing you up tomorrow.”
Mr Hague said it would “defeat the object” to reveal how GCHQ or the security services work, because it would help terrorist networks, criminal networks, and foreign intelligence agencies.”


Complete and utter lies from the odious Hague, as usual using the “National Security” get out clause.
It is well known the the British Govenment (sic) have been using the “Echelon” spy system to illegally spy on British citizens for years (see post below) and that is before the newly revealed “Prism” spy system is factored into the equation.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for G.C.H.Q. being able to do their job of protecting Britain, the sad fact of the matter is and there is no getting away from it, the real threats to Britain are the out of control bankers/usurers and those in the government who allow mass immigration (importing threats to Britain).
The current nefarious “system” is the real threat to Britain and that is the truth. 
The people who control G.C.H.Q. are the ones causing  Britains problems and that is the catch 22 (until these “problem causers” are removed)

More here on “Prism”:



5 thoughts on “Hague caught lying, the "Echelon/Prism Scandal" and G.C.H.Q.

  1. Anonymous

    I bet they have recordings of Haigh's calls to his young brazilian, male, "researcher".The one he shared a hotel room with to save "costs".British jobs for Brazilian rent boys!!!

  2. Anonymous

    If lying to the public, by a Member of Parliament, were a hanging offence, bumboy Billy Hague would have swung years ago, when he first wrote 'Rt. Hon.,' in front of his name.I see Tim yiddely yoo Yeo is the latest self-serving, self-enriching, greedy, verminous Westminster rodent caught with both hands deep into the cookie jar – the wanker has never shown a spark of decency – years ago stuffed a bun in some trusting gullible gal's oven befor doing a runner – just like Thatcher's blue-eyed arselicker Fraud Cecil Parkinson did a runner after stuffing a bun in Sarah Keyes's oven – homo Hague made Parkinson tory party Chairman – a simple case of one cunt elevating another cunt – ain't life grand.Fly On The Wall


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