David Cameron to attend Bilderberg meeting.

Introduction — June 7, 2013

“After more than half-a-century studiously ignoring it the mainstream media is finally giving some coverage to the annual Bilderberg meeting. Even the BBC is  is reporting on the event, even if it has taken them nearly sixty years to get round to doing so.

However, the attention suddenly accorded the annual meeting of the rich and powerful doesn’t represent some new dawn for the mainstream media. Far from it.

For the media giants could do little else after coverage in the independent Internet news media forced the conference organisers to issue a press release listing the 61st annual meeting’s talking points and attendees.

This only came after the hitherto secret annual meeting had been publicised on the Internet and protesters began to congregate at the meetings venues. This in turn forced the intellectual whores in the corporate media to give the Bilderberg some coverage. If they hadn’t it would have been all too obvious who they really served.

Had it not been for the independent internet media we’ve no doubt that nothing would have changed and outlets like the BBC and the Independent would have continued to studiously ignore the event.

David Cameron to attend Bilderberg meeting

Nigel Morris — The Independent June 7, 2013

“David Cameron will tonight attend a meeting of the secretive Bilderberg Group, which comprises senior politicians, business leaders and academics from around the globe, Downing Street has announced.

His decision to join the gathering at a country house hotel near Watford will provoke controversy as the Prime Minister once pledged to lead the world’s most open and transparent government.

About 140 leaders from banking, finance and politics, as well as some members of royalty and aristocracy, will be present at the conference, which is taking place in Britain for the first time for 15 years.

The Chancellor George Osborne and Kenneth Clarke, the minister without portfolio and former Chancellor, are also on the guest-list, along with the shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls.

The Bilderberg Group has always attracted conspiracy theories as its meetings always take place in strict secrecy and no records are released of its deliberations.

Downing Street said Mr Cameron had been invited to the session as he was head of government in the conference’s host country.

It said he would not be delivering a speech, but taking part in a discussion “around domestic and global issues”.”


3 thoughts on “David Cameron to attend Bilderberg meeting.

  1. Anonymous

    I read that 'Britain.. as or is giving x Million(more) pounds to '' feed the starveing of the world.meanwhile locally a small council as to slash budgets by over a Million Pounds on essential services…Yes austerity…Whilst the egalitarian multiculturalist genocide aginst the Wests liblabcon and the US EU Saudi etal go on a Globalist Corporate Communist mass killing, nation destroying and reource grabbing campaign and bomb nations back into the stoen age like Lybia pushing people into poverty and dependence…In any event the starving of the world are kept that way…Africa and other places are more useful to the globalist corporate 'communists'


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