Bilderberg 2013, local residents have to show passports to access their own homes!

Residents asked to show photo ID during Bilderberg meeting Residents asked to show photo ID during Bilderberg meeting

Residents living close to the Grove Hotel will have to show their passport to police officers before they can get to their homes during the upcoming Bilderberg Group meeting.
The controversial meeting will see around 150 politicians, academics, business leaders and royals descend on the Watford hotel for a secret three-day conference from June 6 to June 9.
The event is expected to attract hundreds or even thousands of protestors to the area and has prompted what appears to be an unprecedented security operation by Hertfordshire Constabulary.
With less than two weeks to go until the start of the meeting, the Watford Observer can reveal details of the police ring of steel that will surround the hotel between 6am on Thursday, June 6 and 2pm on Sunday, June 9.
Police will operate round-the-clock checkpoints on roads around the hotel including Grove Mill Lane which will be closed to all non-residential traffic for the duration of the meeting, those living on the road will be required to provide a passport, drivers licence or other form of ID.
A leaflet handed to residents shows that all footpaths and public rights of way across the land will also be suspended for the duration of the security operation.

Additionally, there will be a “proportionate police presence at all times”, no pedestrian access along Hempstead Road or Langleybury Lane from the M25 spur.
Access to the rear of the hotel from Langleybury Lane will also be restricted with diversions in place.
Unsurprisingly, the additional security has caused consternation amongst residents.
“I think it’s totally outrageous and it is infringing my civil liberties,” said Kevin Butcher, a Grove Mill Lane resident.
“We have never previously been asked for photo ID during any event at The Grove. We have no idea what is happening with visitors and whether they will be allowed in.
“I think people should be protesting the Bilderberg group when they come here.
“They are coming here to have a meeting which is not going to be in any way documented. We as the public should be allowed to know what is being decided.” 

9 thoughts on “Bilderberg 2013, local residents have to show passports to access their own homes!

  1. Anonymous

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  2. Anonymous

    And heres one more'''David Cameron to attend Bilderberg group meeting''Normalisieng BB now are the MSM..Like the EU/PC/CP/ have been 'normalisieng' Genocide aginst Western Peoples for Years…


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