"Dun-Can make your garden grow". At least Robertson is doing some good now that he’s in the ground. Duncan Robertson. Shitelight infiltraitor.


Rest In Manure.

More on the Anti-White TRAITOR here:


I wouldn’t trust O’Hara from N.F.T.B., however, on occasion, the website is worth a look.

I’ll wager a pound to a penny, that Griffin was fully aware of the odious Robertsons activities, Griffin himself being a Masonic controlled anti-white infiltraitor………….

Thanks for the tip-off.


9 thoughts on “"Dun-Can make your garden grow". At least Robertson is doing some good now that he’s in the ground. Duncan Robertson. Shitelight infiltraitor.

  1. Dwaynne done Stephen

    If i had the time!Would just like to say, and i hope he doesn't mind, and that is Tom Richardson, Epping Forest Branch had Duncan sussed from the start and reported him to BNP officals. We were all aware that he was dodgy and i even had a good look at his crutches one day in Dagenham to check if they had a microphone or camera in them. If he was a tout he wasn't very good at it and i doubt that he did much damage.

  2. Anonymous

    Is Griffin a Freemason ? do you know this for a fact ? can you please educate me as to why you say that he is anti white infiltrator. BTW, Freemasons are not to be trusted but those in the lower degrees have no idea what those at 33dg level really are and only funding those at the top. It is about time that all people demanded to know who are masons in public life, there should be no such thing as secret societies ! Over 33Dg and they are evil, Satanist and cause many problems in Society. I look forward to your reply.

  3. Anonymous

    "If, by the instrument of governmental power, a people is being led toward its destruction, then rebellion is not only the right of every member of such a people it is his duty." Adolf Hitler

  4. Anonymous

    Anon @ 19:04, greetings – Freemasonary is just like the military – lazy-arsed cunts at the top (high-ranking Freemasons in every instance) always crapping from a great hight, onto those poor footsloggers at the bottom and taking nigh 100% of the shit, shells and shrapnel and winning bravery medals awarded to said cunts at the top.Befor the mid-1960s it was a legal requirement for every Freemason to put his name on public record – one could go into iny public library and ask to see the Freemason Members Register, to see who were all the local corrupt Pillars-of-Society cunts – twin pillars being important symbolicly to Freemasonary as Freemasonary's square and compass sympols plageurised from master stonemasons' tools from old and still used.Don't worry about the 33rd Degree piss-inyou-welly twats, Satanism, Black masses, Black Magic and paedophilia is compulsary and rife from the Royal Arch level upwards – and notorious Freemason expoment of Black magic is Lord Janner of Bumstone who's disappeared up more young boys' arseholes than his fellow paedo jooboy, Jimmy Savile – as for jooboy Gri££in, he's 100% state and is a fully-fledged mason like his sly old pater, Edgar – hope above goes some way in filling the gaps. Fly On The Wall

  5. Anonymous

    Just watched Griffins video from London on saturday and the way i see over recent events is that Cameron has called in Griffin to try and to take the rise in support away from UKIP.The BBC on saturday were even condemning the UAF by name to make Griffin look good ! Cameron is skating on ice and he knows that UKIP are polling more day by and at the current rise in support they are on course to win the next general election in 2015.What better way to try and split that vote and run a dirty tricks campaign on UKIP (like most of us saw in our BNP days when we were on the rise)and then all of a sudden make Griffin look like the good guy in the MSM running an attractable political party.

  6. Anonymous

    It is 100% correct that Janner engages in black magic rituals and the source is ex MI6 who spent some time in a Soviet gulag and went on to become a whistleblower.


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