Get well soon Branko Srdanov.

Dutch rider Branko Srdanov is in a serious condition following a heavy crash at Black Dub during practice on Friday night.
The Ice Valley BMW Superstock rider was initially taken to Nobles Hospital on the Isle of Man before being transferred to the UK mainland late on Friday night.
Srdanov had made a stunning start to his debut TT posting a 113.80mph lap on his first ever night of practice last week. On Thursday evening practice the 25-year-old set a 120.112mph best.
At time of writing there was no further information regarding his condition.


15 thoughts on “Get well soon Branko Srdanov.

  1. Anonymous

    An Eastern European coming over here to rob our kids of a job.I hope he broke his scrounging neck.All eastern euros are scum – England for the English.That goes for you too Paddy .No place for fenians here.

  2. ronnie perry

    I cant believe what I have just been reading. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing such hurtful comments. I am white and English and proud that not all of us feel the same as you. I wish the rider a speedy recovery and my thoughts are with his family.

  3. Anonymous

    Well well, properly informed I see. The poor guy is from The Netherlands, born and raised over there, not stealing any jobs, just a hospitalbed…Get well Branko!

  4. Joe Ridley

    To 01.51…Branko will have have paid from his own pocket to come over here and entertain us with his bravery racing the TT, no doubt money he will have been working hard for in his own country, thus creating good revenue for us, not stealing our kids jobs…. Do your homework and think first…doubt you have the intelligence to have worked that out for yourself though you ermmmm…….. IDIOT I think is the correct word.

  5. GriffinWatch

    Thanks to our fellow motorcyclists above. The deranged scumbags who hate us as nationalists are just attempting to use Branko for their own nefarious ends. It makes me sad.Swift recovery Branko. I've rode the mountain for many a lap (not raced). I know the score as do you.Sean Hadley

  6. Anonymous

    @ 01:51 ……your an arsehole the boys got more guts than you'll ever have mr anonymous i hope you know someone who breaks their neck and people treat them as you treat others you scummy tool!!!!!!


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