Hope Not Hate (sic) exposed.

Friday, 31 May 2013

                         Lowles Begs Daily Mirror To Spread Message Of  Hate

                                                  Anti-British Hater: Nick Lowles

Tomorrow there could be as many as 60 English Defence gathering around England to lay wreaths at war memorials in memory of Drummer Lee Rigby.

As soon as, Nicl £owles heard about them he declared that would incite hate against them. He instantly went into overdrive blogging and tweeting asking for donations. The first stage of his plan failed due to his followers waking up to the fact that, £owles has been screwing them and taking them for mugs from day one.

Realising  that the donations were not forth coming, £owles decided that a new tack was required in his bid to stir up hate against British people who want to lay a wreath at war memorials in memory of Drummer Lee Rigby.

£owles has now drafted in the help of his paymasters at the Anti-British, Anti-Democratic Daily Mirror. £owles is hoping to get published a letter he wrote in tomorrows Daily Mirror in which he openly declares his hatred of all things white British.

The uncensored version below.   

To: The Editor, Daily Mirror
From: HOPE not hate

We Hate the British.

Today, the violent anti-British thugs from HnH,UAF,SWP and Antifa will hold demonstrations in towns and cities across the country, trying to spread our message of hate by attacking all white British, Black or Asian men, woman and children who want to lay a wreath in memory of Drummer Lee Rigby.  

HnH along with UAF,SWP and Antifa have always supported Islamic extremists  They share a violent, hate-fuelled desire for conflict and war against the indigenous and settled immigrant people of this country and we will not let either groups live in peace whilst we ( HnH ) can get away with making money out of stirring up hate.

We condemn the shameful rise in patriotism  from all communitys since Drummer Rigby’s killing. The fair-minded majority of Britons understand that HnH are  hate filled and can’t stand the thought of communitys coming together to pay their respects and because of this, we ( HnH ) beg you to print out letter in the hope we can stir up and cause as much trouble as possible at war memorials tomorrow.

We, hate the British people and shun the EDL’s message of respect because they do not speak for us. We are confident that HATE will prevail. It will prevail because they are the few, and we have you and the doppy unions funding and supporting us.

Yours, HnH.


Thursday, 30 May 2013


                                         Nick Lowles: Guilty of inciting racial violence

A week on from the terrible events in Woolwich and, Nick £owles and Fatty Collins continue to try and make gains from tragedy. The HnH leadership CONsisting of, Nick £owles and Fatty Collins had tried only a week before Woolwich at one last attempt to lift the sham organisation with a disgusting fabricated story about UKIP being racist in a bid to screw more money from their declining number of followers.

Before last Wednesday, Nick £owles and Fatty Collins were talking about taveling around the country holding sham meetings under the guise of opposing UKIP and scamming some much needed money for HnH bank account. HnH now a shadow of its former self, a tiny and squalid little outfit run from, £owles flat is a sinking ship without a life raft and is descending further into the sewer.

Cash donations had all but dried up as HnH followers started to return to Searchlight sick to death of donations being spent on, Clare’s latest home improvements.
The fact that Fatty Collins was gorging  krispy kreme doughnuts  into the bottomless pit of a gut of his whilst selling shoddy merchandising he picks up cheap from Abdul his illegal immigrant friend from Pakistan hasnt helped.

When news broke of Woolwich, both, Nick £owles and, Fatty Collins sprung into action. For, £owles pound signs whirled around his mind and he immediately sent a financial appeal to his dwindling band of followers. Fatty Collins ordered 2 gross of krispy kreme doughnuts for himself which set, Clare off like a screaming banshee on acid. Clare’s mind on hearing, Fatty Collins had ordered 2 gross of krispy kreme doughnuts flashed back to the horror of finding, Fatty Collins unconscious on her toilet floor covered in diarrhea and laying in his own vomit on Monday morning.

                            Fatty Collins at the local Muslim gay bar strutting his stuff

For the last three days, £owles has been rejuvenated in his quest to get men, women and children attacked by the scum in his organisation to ritually inflict violence upon members of the public.

For HnH their website, their emails and text messages are becoming more and more desperate to get members and supporters to Woolwich on Saturday, to attack people who are paying their respects to a soldier who was brutally murdered by Muslims who, £owles backs to the hilt even when it comes to the grooming and rape of young white British girls.

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