G.M.P. responds to the Oldham incident.

Response to claims about police conduct in Oldham

Published 28/05/2013 08:51:36

Chief Superintendent Catherine Hankinson said: “On Saturday 25 May 2013, police became aware that a number of people had gathered in Oldham town centre who were shouting and had flags, some of which were provoking passersby.
“As a result there were tensions and some minor disorder.
“While we will always allow and help facilitate peaceful protest, we felt that the actions of these people threatened our community cohesion, so it was our duty to do all we could prevent tensions from escalating.
“Officers dealing with this altercation saw that a woman had a Union Flag and another flag which was highly inappropriate and in our view solely designed to further inflame tensions.
“This woman was therefore taken to one side and the second flag was taken from her.

A white nationalist flag perchance? Ed.
“At no point was she arrested, or did she have her Union Flag confiscated from her.
“We are aware of some videos and comments on social media relating to this matter and our Professional Standards Branch will make contact with the woman involved.”


Posted in the interests of freedom of speech. EVERYONE has to have their say.
Plod isn’t the enemy, they follow orders, I IMPLORE our followers not to fall into this establishment trap.

The establishment want riots in Oldham, our heartland, I’m not Griffin I won’t lie to you.



4 thoughts on “G.M.P. responds to the Oldham incident.

  1. Anonymous

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