Anjem Choudary Woolwich and the truth.

Muslims are going to be angry at the British establishments (sic) illegal,  Rothschild enforced foreign policy, that has openly bombed muslim civilians in Iraq, Libya  and ongoing in Syria.

Be that as it is , Anjem Choudary should be deported, a.s.a.p., preaching hate against the indigenous, because of our nefarious governments actions illegal actions, won’t be tolerated.


4 thoughts on “Anjem Choudary Woolwich and the truth.

  1. Anonymous

    and now ist officla the LIbLanCon Goverment is assiting in suppling arms to the terror squads /'Syrian Libeation army;' know the ones that BEHEAD Soldiers and EAT their Hearts as ever progressive liberal Whoretminster doing their masters bidding

  2. Anonymous

    I find it ironic that Cameron and Hague deplore this act of terrorism on our streets and yet want to arm the very same terrorists in Syria. Don't you find that strange people? I do.


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