Pregnant indigenous woman arrested for flying our Union Jack. Oldham U.K.

The police being ordered to overeact in this manner will increase tensions, not nulify them, AS WELL THE “POWERS THAT BE” (sic) know.

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Thanks Anon.


7 thoughts on “Pregnant indigenous woman arrested for flying our Union Jack. Oldham U.K.

  1. Anonymous

    A MAN who died after being shot following a car chase in Edinburgh was the son of an imam at a mosque in the capital.Police named the victim as 25-year-old Mohammed Omar Abdi. His father, Omar Abdi, is the second imam at the Central Mosque in Edinburgh’s Potterrow.Mr Abdi snr was not at the mosque yesterday, but police spent several hours talking to staff at the building.Police have said they are looking for six black men following the incidents. They are believed to be from rival gangs.In the early hours of Sunday, a three-car chase ended in Willowbrae, Edinburgh, where one of the vehicles crashed. Subsequent gunfire left Mohammed Omar Abdi fatally injured. A second man with injuries was later found nearby.A high-profile police presence involving some 20 uniformed officers will be based in Willowbrae until the end of the week to reassure residents and speak to witnesses.However, it is believed that some of the gang members, thought to be a group of Somalis, have already fled the city and gone down south.Staff at the mosque did not want to speak publicly but said they were saddened by what had happened.

  2. Anonymous

    Syria crisis: Al-Nusra pledges allegiance to al-Qaeda EU lifts arms ban on Syria rebel Forces.2+2=4 In other words al-Qaeda is a Zionist set up.

  3. Anonymous

    I believe there is a march in Oldham this weekend.The local Police will be hit with a large bill because of what they did to this women. Any Police Commander may think twice before they do it again.

  4. Anonymous

    It's a Common Law right for English free men to appoint their own constables outside the jurisdiction or influence of the United Kingdom government/the Crown corporation and the Home Office – remember, a constable/peace officer who acts outside his constable's Oath of Office to maintain the Queen's Peace and to uphold the Law of the Land (common Law) by denying or violating your Common Law rights or by working as a corporation policy enforcement officer (police officer/policy officer) for raising revenue by subjecting your strawman into taking responsibilty of Statutory Duties that only apply to officers of the United Kingdom government/crown corporation, is no longer a constable, is acting in his private capacity, is no longer covered by the constabulary's liabilty cover and risks all his private possessions being lawfully seized through Court action, to pay damages claim to a plaintif whose Common Law rights the constable violated.Fly On The Wall


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