Barbara Lerner Spectre. How wrong can one be. Multiculturalsim isn’t working in Stockholm now, is it?

22 thoughts on “Barbara Lerner Spectre. How wrong can one be. Multiculturalsim isn’t working in Stockholm now, is it?

  1. Anonymous

    Cabinet Office to fly rainbow flag for gay pride week. (Will it have a six pointed star in the middle)

  2. Anonymous

    The French government is taking steps to ban an extreme far-right movement believed to be planning violence at demonstration against gay marriage in Paris on Sunday. The Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, said today that he was “studying” ways of banning Printemps Français [French spring], a group linked to a xenophobic writer who committed suicide at the altar of Notre Dame cathedral on Tuesday.The nebulous movement, which loosely links a number of ultra-nationalist and Nazi-sympathising groups, is accused of making recent threats to public figures – including Frigide Barjot, the more moderate leader of anti-gay marriage protests.Groups linked to Printemps Français are believed to be planning attacks on police, journalists and, possibly Ms Barjot, during the march due to be attended by up to 500,000 opponents of same-sex marriage.Mr Valls said the splinter groups planned to go along “not to demonstrate but to… attack symbols of a Republic, which these far-right groups hate.”The government fears the suicide on veteran far-right essayist Dominique Venner, was a call to violent action. In a declaration published on the day of the suicide, Printemps Français said France was “now subject to forces which wish to reduce it to servitude. The battle is only just beginning. It will continue until victory is won.”

  3. Anonymous

    Notice Griffin was like shit off a shovel getting his fat arse down to Woolwich to get in on the act ? MONEY,MONEY,MONEY,DONATE,DONATE,DONATE.I bet all them old phones have come out the attic in the Welshpool bunker as the Griffin family clan await all those lovely enquiries,new memberships and donations ! Well done Nick you certainly know how to make a few bob when theres a crisis.

  4. Anonymous

    If a mob of cleaver-wielding White Race nationalists decided having a tete-a-tete indepth personal philosophical discussion with nation-destroying, zionist, mad, genocidal bitch, Barbara Spectre, I, for one, wouldn't critique such an academic meeting – I opine that such a high-brow meetings were visited upon Spectre's key like-minded supporters, would definitely quench the pro-immigration lobby's zionist strident zeal.Fly On The Wall

  5. Anonymous

    Muslims are barbarians, everybody knows that and nobody can change that either! I just don't understand why most european countryes allowed them to live here in such huge numbers! In Sweden, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, UK, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, they have become a huge and agressive minority who have more rights that the europeans! In Sweden if you dare to say something negative about islam you can lose your job, you are considered a fascist, extremist, etc.In many parts of western Europe you don't feel like in Europe anymore. They have transformed nice neigboorhoods in ghettos where you only hear arabic languange, see mosques, dangerous places, and the worst is they act like they belong here. I hope that it will come one day when european leaders will wake up and send all muslims in their home countryes and clean european cityes of theese barbarians! I don't have anything against them, I'm not a fascist, I don't want a holocaust against them, I just want them out of Europe for good!And I think many, maybe majority of europeans, share my views!Or maybe we should get rid of the socialist and comunist politicians first!

  6. Anonymous

    The Swedes, especially Swedish women, are real swedes – thick as shit, brain-numbing liberal, utterlu undiscriminating to the point swede women will drop their knicker, spread their legs to the09:15 hrs. position at the sight of any Michelin-lipped rainbow-arded baboon swing out of the trees to screw their arse off – every spring and summer african countries are swamped with swedish women cruising for africoon cock.Fly On The Wall

  7. Anonymous

    Some light reading fo the White Race nationalistNIGGERMANIA.COMThe American Negro: What He Was, What He Is, and What He May Become:A Critical and Practical Discussion:Electronic Edition. Thomas, William Hannibal, b. 1843. POLITICS OF MENTAL RETARDATION: A TAIL OF THE BELL CURVE differences in average IQ are largely genetic truth about hate crimes in America: In its last complete National Criminal Victimization Survey (1994), the Justice Department revealed blacks to have committed 1,600,951 violent crimes against whites. Only 15 percent of these had robbery as a motive. We can safely infer that most of the rest had race as at least a partial motive. Eighty-five percent of the attacks were assaults and rapes. While blacks were committing these 1.6 million crimes against whites, whites were reciprocating with 165,345 violent offenses against blacks. Blacks, representing thirteen percent of the nation, committed more than 90 percent of the violent interracial crime. Fifty-seven percent of the violent crime committed by blacks had white victims. Less than 3 percent of violence committed by whites had black victims. In 1994, a black was 64 times more likely to attack a white than vice versa. This is the real story of hate in America. It is the media's well-kept secret. The double standard is an unsurmountable wall. On The Wall


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