Fusilier Lee Rigby. Another false flag?

The murdering (supposed Islamist) Nigerian is widely quoted as quoting from the bible, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. 

Would an Islamist quote from the bible?
 I don’t know, however, it seems unlikely.

What do YOU think?

Always be wary of disinformation, as captured by the above screenshot, the main purp. looks like a Nigerian to me.

Hat tip to J.H.

More circumstantial evidence here:



23 thoughts on “Fusilier Lee Rigby. Another false flag?

  1. GriffinWatch

    BEWC.I don't like how the E.D.L. conducts itself, it's leadership lacks crucial knowledge, that holds England back. That being said, a protest at Downing Street against immigration and it's "down side" should always be welcomed.Sean.

  2. Anonymous

    Come on you chaps wake up! this was a FALSE FLAG! The whole thing is so over the top and bizzare,please put your anti-muslim (the Jews must be laughing their heads off at you) and anti-black prejudices aside for one moment (dont get mad,im not an ethnophile,i too am a British nationalist but i believe in keeping an open mind and investigating EVERY POSSIBILITY especially after the Mossad organised pantomine of 9/11!) and look at this "terrorist" attack again-things are very wrong with this,just a few examples-the passers by are behaving like third rate ACTORS! Look at the footage that was first shown,theres a distinct LACK OF BLOOD around the body. Why are the "terrorists" waiting round for the police to arrive,why are they letting themselves be filmed by "passers by"? Who is the "brave lady" who confronts the man with the knife? is she another ACTOR? Would a real female passer by be stupid enough to confront a man with a knife who had just beheaded another man? If you doubt me just google THE LATEST FALSE FLAG ATTACK IS THE MURDER OF A SOLDIER ON A BRITISH STREET-truthseekers owe it to themselves to see through this latest Zionist controlled false flag.

  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous said…The Qur'an and the Old Testament are shared by both religions……..Well they were both conjured up by Mr Magoo to fool confuse and wreck the goys head via the brilliance of the "Talmudic" mind. Danny La Roo.

  4. Anonymous

    TO ANONYMOUS AT 22:36- Hey asshole i bet you believe 6 million Jews were gassed with a magic blue gas that doesnt show up in "gas chamber" brickwork? and you also believe that the twin towers collapsed and turned to DUST because of aircraft fuel from planes that had been flown into them by "mad muslims" who had been hiding out in caves for years???!!! YOU GET A LIFE SUNSHINE!

  5. Anonymous

    The muslims to acknowledge Jesus as being a holy man and one of God's prophets, and no more thant that – while Jesus is often called Jesus Christ, that appelation is wrong because it should be 'Jesus the Christ' – the word 'Christ' literally means 'Prophet' – Christians, Muslims and jooz revere Abraham of the Old testaments – however, one mustn't confuse Ibrahim of the Old Tesataments with Prophet IbrahimThe father of the Prophets, aka The Great Prophet, the latter who came many centuries after the former Ibrahim/Abraham, the wellhead of Christianity, Islam and the joo religions – anyway, what I want to know is, when the one-eyed yiddely-yoo Gri££in, with Reynolds in tow, went visiting the murder scene of Lee Rigby's violent death at Woolwich, where were a few useful fanatical wild-eyed cleaver-wielding muslim coons, when they were desperately needed?Fly On The Wall

  6. Anonymous

    'conspiracy theories' are majorily 'theories' promoted by the nefarious ones to muddy the waters.The real conspiracy is why 'our own side' would collude in the nefarious ones' games.For fuck's sake, the general public already think our ranks are riddled with loony tunes & nutters already, at least give us a chance to dispel that myth a little!Fly on Shit!

  7. Anonymous

    Brother Fly On Shit, agreed – I tend steering well clear of wild conspiracy theories, more so with ones disproved by numerous digital footage taken by numerous independent witnesses – when I hear nationalists claiming no planes flew into the twin towers, and such-like brain-numbing nonsense, I despair and wonder why the fuck I bother.Fly On The Wall

  8. Anonymous

    This was obviously not a false flag, most of the poor man's blood was lost as he was dragged under the wheels of the car as it mounted the pavement, the spot where the car crashed into the road sign, and the spot where the man was pinned up against a wall in front of the car and beheaded.Although there is a real danger that conspiracy theories (quite a few of which I believe are true) are being hijacked by Muslims to further their own agenda and to recruit people for their cause.

  9. Anonymous

    I'm getting really tired of this 'false flag' shit. This attack was carried out by two black African savages, who should never have been allowed in Europe, let alone England. Their religion is irrelevant. There are plenty of liberal gutter dwellers lining up to make excuses for their thirld world pets, without nationalists joining in.If you really want to indulge in this conspiracy theory rubbish, then at least wait until the poor soldier's body is cold before doing it. It's just wrong.BTW. The excellent 'Stuff Black People Don't Like' website has a superb article on the soldier's murder, Emma West and the deliberate destruction of the UK through immigration. It is the best analysis of our situation I have read.

  10. Anonymous

    IMO this was Muslim lone wolf, and the main proof is in the unslick and "bricking it" press conference of traitor Cameron. Boris Johnson also seemed to be struggling with his words. The Jews doing a psyop/false flag of this nature makes no tactical sense .The Pakistan airline incident coming a day after seems a bit convenient and that could be a smokescreen. Hacking soldiers heads off risks a grassroots military and civilian response. I agree with the points above that it doesnt matter what religion these blacks were, it s race that is the main problem. Brit In Norway

  11. Anonymous

    The Jewish power structure could easily have put this little pantomine together. Please try and put understandable emotions aside for one moment and think outside the box-theres just something not right about this strange event.Did the first news items shown on tv show the black man to have no blood on his hands,and yet later on the same footage shown the man to have lots of blood on his hands? (CGI maybe?) This is just one of the questions that are causing people to look at this from an angle that is different from the one that our Jewish media controlling masters want us to see it as.The death of the soldier would mean NOTHING to our Kosher elite,they see him merely as a piece of non-Jewish meat, or as they like to call all non-Jews-GOYIM-meaning cattle.This kind of hate speech can be seen in all its glory in the Jewish holy book THE TALMUD-why do we always here about the "extremism" of the Koran in the media yet NEVER a mention of the hatefilled Talmud? By the way if you or i were to order a copy of the Talmud from a bookseller we would find ourselves with a sanatised,cencorsed,nice little book with ALL the hate and racism against non-Jews taken out.The only way to see an uncut,genuine copy of this Jewish Supremacist Poison would be to read the copy that is in a Synagogue.The Jews dont wont us worthless Goyim to know how they REALLY feel about us,if that were to happen the media image of the friendly, innocent,poor picked on Jew would soon fall apart!

  12. Anonymous

    Anon 2057. IMHO this has all the feel of a non state operation which ended up getting more airtime than our masters would have liked. Anyone who has lived in London and experienced the trash element of blacks know that this is exactly their behaviour after carving someone up, they ll stand around boasting. Yes we know many ops are false flag Jew ones, but I have watched the footage and it looks the real deal. The CGI blood discrepancy you mention could easily have been added by them to make you think THEY are behind everything and completely in control, when in reality they are extremely vulnerable. If this is a Jew op, it is extremely high risk, for whatever their goal would have been with this they are a paper tiger and they are awakening the sleeping tiger of the British people. Brit in Norway.

  13. Anonymous

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, conspiracy innit.It was filmed in the same place they did the moon landings and I saw one of the black guys in Eastenders last week.The soldier, like, had his mortgage paid off by David Beckham and is having a Big Mag with Elvis right now, while Marilyn is giving them a pole dance.

  14. Anonymous

    This is not a false flag.It does however prove that we were not fearful enough of their 'al-qaeda' threat so they had to create the targetting of a 'soft option' to keep us in line.They are using the Woolwich Wogs as a cover to push through further draconian measures against US – Communication Data Bill & ID Cards – promoted by Carlile who will make a killing from legal cases for him and his jew co-horts, and 'academic' shitcunts like 'Lady' Onora O'Neill.The Security Agencies have been handing D-notices to halt the publicising of the White backlash which is umpteen times more than the figures they have released.Twitter: Alfie@Freddie1927

  15. Anonymous

    I dont buy or read the establishment Jewish controlled newspapers so i was gratefull to a relative for showing me this strange little snippet from yesterdays (25th may) Daily Mail,it was on a page called Platells People (there was a picture of a pasty faced non-attractive woman at the top who is this Platell)where she gives her kosher opinion on the news etc. Anyway here it is and i quote- "Theyre known as the Angels of Woolwich-Ingrid Loyau-Kennet, who jumped off a bus to confront Drummer Lee Rigbys killers, and Gemini Donnely-Martin and her mother Amanda,who comforted the dying soldier.At least it must have been a shred of comfort for Lees mother to know that,at the end,her son was lying in the arms of someone who cared for him." – eer hold on just a minute, havent we been told numerous times this week that the victim WAS BEHEADED? So how can you comfort a dying man if he has no head? if you have no head you are ALREADY dead NOT dying? I am not trying to be insensitive here, im just trying to find out the truth of what REALLY happened here on this bizzare,surreal day, a day which produced many unanswered questions and anomalies. Another question that lingers is would a woman confront a big crazed blackman who was waving a knife about? there has been rumours that this woman was an actress as were many of the other "members of the public" and "passers by". I repeat again i am not trying to be insensitive here, its just that somethings wrong with this event,lets hope truthseekers carry on researching this strange event.


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