Well done to the A.F.O. who shot the two suspects.

I would have gone for headshots, myself, however, In your situation, good Lady, you were bound by political correctness. It’s best that the suspects live anyway, you have denied them martydom. Good job, overall. Well done.


6 thoughts on “Well done to the A.F.O. who shot the two suspects.

  1. Anonymous

    – and they were so keen in looking forward to sticking their needle dicks into the arseholes of the 47 vestal virgins no doubt with clitorises and labia minors hacked off and their labia majors sewn up like smelly smoked kipperss, making them piss like a super-pressure industrial metal-cutting water jet (8 – that'll teach 'em.Fly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    The AFO should've told them she was going to shoot them both dead and their riddled corpses were going to be sewn inside butchered hogs then secretly buried, arse-up in an unmarked grave in Golders Green kosher joo cemetary – goodbye, sayonara, via con diablo, adious arseholes – no Bg Mo, no 47 smelly rancid eastern bloaters for you fellas (8Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    All security and armed forces personnel are trained to go for body shot,unless there is strong reason to believe that heavy body armour is being used.A person using a handgun against a moving target over a distance of 10 yards or more would always aim for the center of the body mass as not only have you an excellent chance of a clean kill shot but at the very least you MUST hit something vital and the target WILL go down and stay down!The public execution of John Charles Demenez on the London Underground involved 2 or more police officers blowing his head apart at point blank range as they pumped well over 1 full magazine into his skull without warning.This was supposedly because he might be carrying a bomb but for some reason best known to the police every single CCTV unit in the station and on the train failed to record any images of what took place!

  4. GriffinWatch

    I was always taught headshots, tap tap, job done. You should never point a deadly weapon at someone unless you intend to kill them. That is what I have been taught.


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