R.I.P. Drummer Lee Rigby.

Our hearts here at G.W. go out to Lee’s family and friends.

Sean Hadley.

One thought on “R.I.P. Drummer Lee Rigby.

  1. Anonymous

    COMMINATIONS INDEED Nigel 'Spivboy' Farage has done exactly what the soldier foretold, and is as much a part of the chattering class as Cameron, Miliband, Blair, etc etc!!! Brit soldier said:"Now it begins, again, and the political class will spout emollient lies, and tell Whites that "this attack is not typical … isolated incident…blah blah"And UKIP's Nigel Farage cringeingly bleated: “I hope and believe that this is an isolated incident and appeal for calm amongst all our communities.”UKIP's statement also included this typical PC comment from a supposedly 'moderate' muslim, Mr Amjad Bashir, Chairman of the Zouk Group of companies said, “British muslims will be as disgusted by this attack as anybody else in the UK. I condemn it utterly”.http://www.ukip.org/index.php/newsroom/newsFrom: DON H.Subject: A UK soldier sounds off on sellout to mudslimes:"This latest assault must be painful to any UK soldier and I deeply sympathize with all of Britain. Below is an email from G, a former UK soldier and patriot. What has happened is largely beyond your control. You get literally no political choices, with the exception of UKIP (I say that from afar but from what I have seen, UKIP is sincere in wanting to leave the EU)."BTW, I had a little feedback on the last sermon of a few minutes ago. The respondent is a friend but wanted me to know that, while he thinks most Brits agree with my analysis, Brits are tired of being told what to do. I hope none of you thought I was telling you what to do."I hope you took it as an analysis, not a sermon in the true sense of the word. Unlike some (not all) of my fellow Americans, I do not think Europeans or Brits have any more sins to atone for than we do. I suspect it is quite the contrary. I am extremely annoyed by comments to the effect that 'the Europeans made their bed, now they can lie in it.' I note to my satisfaction that such comments have dropped to a trickle since the election of Satan himself in 2008. Don Hank"I've posted this everywhere on the Telegraph, as they will not allow comment on it. So I've posted on other news. I'm incandescent with rage and full of sorrow for the lad and his folks."Damn them all to hell – Blair, Brown and Cameron and Clegg, and all of the political media class who contrived to swamp us with third world savages. Damn all the bein-pensant imbeciles who thought that paying savages to live at our expense in Kensington villas would make them anything other than savages. "A soldier on his way back to barracks attacked and beheaded on a British street, while one of his murderer, in a typical African way brags and celebrates and displayed the blood on his hands."Now it begins, again, and the political class will spout emollient lies, and tell Whites that "this attack is not typical … isolated incident…blah blah, "Whites will be upbraided by the Leftist establishment for "racism" should they dare to think there is a racial and/or religious element to the outrages of the murders and paedophilia these gutter-trash have committed against us. "It doesn't HAVE to be typical, you lying swine, if it's only one in a thousand, that is still 3,000 such lunatics loose on British streets – and we, the law-abiding Britons, will be jailed for carrying a penknife. "British life, civilised and pleasant, as I was fortunate to know it for most of my life, has gone."It will come down to this: do battle or do dhimmitude. "Blair, you bastard, I wanted neither immigrant of native to arrive at such a state, but if another person dies at the hands of these barbarians, I'd rather it was one of yours than one of mine, or of anyone else who spoke out against the lunacy of enforced multi-culturalism."All who contrived to betray Britain should hang.NO SURRENDER.Sent to and posted byFly On the Wall


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