Police being gagged in Britain, to prevent whistleblowing?

Endemic gagging: Over 300 UK police silenced with taxpayer millions – report

Published time: May 18, 2013 10:41

AFP Photo / Ben Stansall

AFP Photo / Ben Stansall

“Mere months after it emerged some 14.7 million pounds (US$22.4 million) was spent on gagging UK Health Service employees, a report has exposed 13 police forces across the country signed over 300 compromise agreements with staff, spending millions.
The gagging clauses are being widely used across UK police forces, leading to concerns they are being used to ensure the silence of police employees. This would prevent them from speaking out over issues of public interest, according to a Freedom of Information survey, reported in the Telegraph.

Stephen Barclay, a Conservative member of the Public Accounts Committee, told the paper that the practice was “very concerning,” going on to state that “these agreements have a clear effect beyond those who sign them because other officers with ambition will see what has happened to those who have concerns and decide to stay silent.”

The 13 forces which responded to the requests for information were only the ones which agreed to provide details, meaning the actual number enforcing the confidentiality agreements is likely to be significantly higher.

The Freedom of Information requests showed that some 200 officials and civil servants put their name to compromise agreements over the course of two years, costing some 14 million pounds. Additionally, 4,500 local authority workers entered similar arrangements.

Compromise agreements are a legally-binding deal, usually surrounding the termination of employment, during which soon-to-be former employees are provided with a hefty sum, providing they do not pursue any claims against their employer, thereby preventing possible complaints.

Such compromise agreements frequently involve ‘confidentiality clauses’, meaning the terms of the agreement cannot be revealed, and sometimes, alongside some or all aspects of the employment.

Signatories have in the past been specifically instructed not to air any previously-aired concerns with the press.

Lancashire Constabulary had the highest incidence, reporting 34 signings. Surrey Police’s 28 agreements over the course of three years have cost the taxpayer some 614,000 pounds.
Greater Manchester Police confirmed to the paper that 14 agreements had been signed in the past three years, with a further 17 being signed by Nothumbria Police.
London’s Metropolitan Police is also implicated, having gagged 230 of its police officers over a seven year  period, with its former head of human resources, Martin Tiplady, being handed 259,462 pounds after he put his name to one of the agreements. The former commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson received 176,838 pounds in a single payment: more than 1.8 times his annual salary.
James Patrick, a constable in the Metropolitan Police, was investigated for gross misconduct and told not to use Twitter or his blog last December, after he expressed concerns over the impact of the cuts on the force.
“This is someone who has tried to raise his concerns through the legitimate channels, but was not able to do so,” his lawyer Karen Todner told the Guardian at the point of investigation.
“They are gagged in the NHS, arrested in our police forces and blacklisted in many industries,” Cathy James, chief executive of the charity Public Concern at Work told the Guardian earlier this week, prompting calls for a review of legislation.
In the case of the NHS, potential whistleblowers have been gagged, threatened and stopped from raising concerns pertaining to patient safety.
Barclay told the Daily Mail earlier this year that NHS gagging clauses were having “having a chilling effect on whistleblowers,” saying that “hundreds of potential whistleblowers may have been prevented from speaking out for fear of legal action.” The former chief of United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust, Gary Walker, revealed in February that he received a 500,000-pound ‘super gag’ in 2010. The money was offered in exchange for keeping silent regarding his belief that his hospital was a threat to patient safety.”


Plod isn’t our enemy, the establishment is, I.M.H.O., we need the police on our side, for when the shit hits the fan, as it eventually will.

Thanks O.


4 thoughts on “Police being gagged in Britain, to prevent whistleblowing?

  1. Anonymous

    There's a simple way of grtting around the serious proplem of peace officers/constable acting outside their constable's Oath of Office by putting on their Corporation Policy Enforcer's hat on to trick a gullible uniformed public into believing Parliament Acts and Statutes are law when in fact they are not law but contractral corporation rules and regulations that only apply to registered privately-owned for-profit business corporatin trading under the names United Kindom Government and the Crown, when in fact the Crown has as much legitimacy regarding the symbolic crown ensconced on the joo pseudo royal cuckoo bonce as Crown Paints has.All of Britain is a Common Law jurisdiction, under under Common Law each community can lawfully appoint its own constables outside the toxic corporation influence of the United Kindom government/the Crown.Immediately someone is sworn in as a constable/peace officer they then sign a legally-binding contract with the Police Officers Federation, Home-Office-created registered privately-owned for-profit business corporation through which the United Kindom goverment/the Crown financially fleeces the Common Man by tricking him/her into believing they are subject to Statutory duties and infringements of those statutory duties incur enforceable fines.Two weeks ago a high-ranking constable tried bracing a mate of mine for not having a current road tax disc on his car, which just happen to be sporting unregistered personal number plates – when the cop said "those number plates on your car are not legal" my mate, known to Gri££in Watch's webmaster, told the cop "yeah, I know, but they're lawful" then handed the cop a legal caution and told the stunned cop "you're legal;ly served" – the cop tried getting my mate into statutory jurisdiction by saying "your car's not taxed" to which my mate asked "Are you a tax collector?" the cop said "no" and after a few more polite exchanges between both, a crest-fallen cop drove of without cautioning my mate and without sticking a Penalty Notice on his car – that's the power of doing your homework and knowing your Common Law rights and how to protect them without going to court.Fly On The Wall


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