Unidentified Flying Objects over Scunthorpe.

I’m not a major fan of U.F.O. research (my mind remains open tho.) The video below shows a silent object above Scunthorpe last night. I know about aircraft (I’ve soloed)  and they make noise whilst flying, this one didn’t. Somewhat strange. Methinks.

copyright@Sean Hadley.

I have more video of this silent object. 138mb, too large to upload on blogger.


8 thoughts on “Unidentified Flying Objects over Scunthorpe.

  1. Anonymous

    Shoot it down – methinks it's a joo-funded Jerry Gable Searchlight drone (8 circling and keeping a zionist eye on Gri££in Watch HQ.Fly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    Fly :Its Clive Jefferson's starship called Alfred currently keeping an eye on the spies,the spies i say the spies.It has been doing loop the loops over Birmingham city centre all day as BNP organiser and space cadet Paul Hickman has been on the space cakes and magic mushrooms again.

  3. Anonymous

    space cadet Paul Hickman has been on the space cakes and magic mushrooms again, you say – so it's even odds that it's either that brainless twat or Jerry Gayball's joo-funded drone orbiting over Scunny – anyone else care nominating a likely candidate? – scrub Reynolds and Ian Kitchen as they're no bright cunts on the clearest nights.

  4. Anonymous

    It's gone midnight when Linda Kitchen, with her hair tussled, skirt torn, a ripped blouse with a bra cup hanging out and a shoe missing staggers out of some bushes and blunders straight into Old Bill who asks "ma'am, you OK – what's happened to you?"Linda replies "I've just been raped by a complete moron."Old Bill "How do you know the rapist was a complete moron?"Linda "I had to show the bastard how to do it it" (8Fly On The Wall – your roving crime reporter

  5. Anonymous

    Its gri££in's junk-food bill for the last year. It grew so obig just like his fat gut it took flight to go and find him. He'll be under a rock in Wales shitting himself about getting hammered in the next elections the fat washed-up scumbag.


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