"Skint" Channel 4 tonight at 21:00hrs. Scunthorpe.


As a Scunthorpe resident, it will be interesting to see how C.4. portrays Scunny.


8 thoughts on “"Skint" Channel 4 tonight at 21:00hrs. Scunthorpe.

  1. Anonymous

    Shortly after Labour won the 1997 general election, the three self-serving, self-enriching treacherous corporate cunts, public bog stalker Tony Blair, jooboy Jack Straw and shithead Andrew Nethers held a secret meeting for the specific purpose of deliberately flooding Britain with immigrants from crime-ridden countries, even though all three said treacherous criminal cunts knew their plan would be an indictable de facto act of treason against the English people, and that such an influx would dramatically increase the serious-crime rate in Britain, putting ever indigenous English man, woman and child in mortal danger – every British politician who supported and encouraged that immigration influx, is personally responsible for every theft, every mugging, every violent attack, every rape and every murder perpetrated by an immigrant, against an indigenous English person – as for the pro-EU cast-iron cunt Camoron and his fellow tory traitor travellers' proposed in-or-out referendum Act/Statute, they all know is a complete load of bollocks they're hoping the public's going to swallow without a seconds's thought – Camoron knows that one administration can't pass any Act that a following different administration can't immediately repeal the moment it takes office – the cast-iron cunt is secretly conniving with pro-EU Labour and Lib-dim traitors to delay an in-or-out referendum because he knows UKIPS growing popularity will hit the tories hardest at the next general election, making the likelihood that the next United Kingdom/Crown corporation government being a Labour party administration, know vehemently pro-EU wankers, thus conveniently letting off the hook tough-talking Cambo.Fly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    Scunny Steelworks – I bet you never worked there – I bet you never worked any fucking where.Dole scrounger – print that if you dare – you sad welfare case.Your kids must be so ashamed to be part of a scrounging family.GET A JOB and stand on your own two feet. Do not expect me top feed you and your brood.

  3. GriffinWatch

    Actually I've done probably 15yrs work on the steelworks, my last contract earned me £850 per week, take home pay. A question for you? Are you black, Jewish or a mentally ill white liberal?Just wondering. :-)Sean.

  4. Anonymous

    Ive told you before Sean stop giving knobbheads and pimps air time like the mutton hawker who would not last 2,seconds on the square never mind a steel mill. Danny La Roo.


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