Is is any wonder that people don’t trust M.P.s. Nigel Evans arrested on suspicion of male rape.

The Deputy Speaker, Nigel Evans, has been arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual assault of two men, Sky sources reveal.

The 55-year-old Conservative MP was arrested on Saturday morning at his constituency home in the village of Pendleton, near Clitheroe, in Lancashire.

He is being questioned by police over an allegation of raping one man and sexually assaulting another between July 2009 and March 2013.

Prime Minister David Cameron and Speaker John Bercow have been informed of the arrest of the popular MP, who is a prominent gay rights campaigner.

Sky News Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt said: “The allegations are one of rape against one man and sexual assault against another man. Both of those men are now in their early 20s.”

He said: “The offences are said to have been committed at his home in the village of Pendleton near Clitheroe which is in his constituency of Ribble Valley.”

Mr Evans, who comes from Swansea and whose parents ran a newsagent, has been MP for Ribble Valley since 1992.

He has held a number of front bench posts for the Conservative Party and was a Parliamentary Private Secretary in John Major’s government and Mr Major’s spokesman of Welsh Affairs.

In 2010 he was promoted to deputy speaker, earning £102,000-a-year, including his MP’s salary.

In December 2010 he came out as gay in an interview with the Mail on Sunday newspaper in which he said that he was “tired of living a lie”.

Mr Evans, who was vice chairman of the Conservative Party from 1999 to 2001, said he had been threatened with exposure by political opponents.

Sky News Chief Political Correspondent Jon Craig said: “Since then he has become quite a prominent gay rights campaigner.

“He had held, for example, at least one function in the Speaker’s apartments on gay rights. John Bercow let him use the Speaker’s apartment for a function and he has been prominent in that campaign.

“He is a very sociable MP. He is very well known.”

Mr Evans is in custody in Preston police station in Lancashire.

A Lancashire Police statement confirmed that a 55-year-old man from Pendleton had been arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual assault and that he was being interviewed by officers.

The statement said: “We take all allegations of a sexual nature extremely seriously and understand how difficult it can be for victims to have the confidence to come forward.

“As a constabulary, we are committed to investigating sexual offences sensitively but robustly recognising the impact that these types of crimes have on victims.

“We would encourage anyone who has experienced sexual abuse, or who has information about it, to have the confidence to report it to us knowing that we will take it seriously, deal with it sensitively and investigate it thoroughly.”


12 thoughts on “Is is any wonder that people don’t trust M.P.s. Nigel Evans arrested on suspicion of male rape.

  1. Anonymous

    Talk about vicars and tarts the whole country seems to be run by a gaggle of dykes and Sodomites complete with their own toxic agenda, how many of the buggers in total would be interesting.The media, show business and establishment politics seems to be a very queer calling for toilet traders so its no wonder the country is going down the pan. Danny La Roo.

  2. Anonymous

    Another shirtlifting freak.And these c***s want "regime change" in Syria !The Learned Elders are really rubbing our noses in their s**t.Whiteboar

  3. Anonymous

    With the amount of shirtlifter becoming Westminster MPs, I hear tell 'certain' Savile Row taylors are doing a roaring trade making special men's trousers with zip fly-holes on the back – "bend over, sonny, – it ain't gonna hurt too much – here's a soft cushion" —- "gee, Mr. Janner Bumstone, thanks, you're so kind – can I keep the bike?"

  4. Anonymous

    I hear Airlie Birds have 2,gay bods in the team so I advise next time you nip out to the offie with the club scarf round yer neck Sean dont bend down looking for loose change you could end up at the bottom of the league.Oooo'ps./

  5. Anonymous

    HE ATTACKS NATIONALISTS PARTYS WHEN HE IS NOT ATTACKING YOUNG MEN!!!Tory facing rape claims was interviewed over 'inappropriate sexual behaviour' by senior party members four years ago Nigel Evans spoken to over an 'unwanted advance' on a man in 2009 Recent allegations were made by two men in their 20s Read more:

  6. Anonymous

    The boy scout stood on the swaying deck, his arse against the mast,And swore he wouldn't move till Captain Bumspanner Janner passed,Bumspanner Janner a crafty yid threw the scout a bagel fritter,The scount bent down to pick it, now he's nursing an aching sh*ter.- that's my Broadband deliberately pulled or its profile reduced below .9 Kb/s again – unlawful stunts my ISP is pulling on behalf of the State and the JBOD. Fly On The Wall


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