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  1. Anonymous

    After being sworn in as Italy’s minister of integration last week, Cecile Kyenge, one of seven women in the new government, has been racially attacked by politicians and far-right websites. Kyenge, an eye doctor born in the south of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has proposed a change in the country’s current citizenship law which dictates that children born on Italian soil to non-Italian parents become eligible to obtain citizenship on their 18th birthday. Mario Borghezio, a member of the Northern League Party, which is known for its anti-immigration rhetoric in much of Europe, also recently attacked the minister by saying she would seek to “impose her tribal traditions from the Congo” in Italy. The integration minister has dismissed the remarks by saying that she did not think Italy was particularly a racist country, but that hostile attitudes were a direct result of ignorance. “I've seen that there have been some difficulties in describing me, so [I tell you that] I am Italo-Congolese and black,” Kyenge said, emphasizing that she was not “colored” but “black.”

  2. Anonymous

    15 years after WW2 two German explorers and their native guides are canoeing up and surveying the Amazon River when they come across a hidden tributary unmarked on any maps – after paddling about 30 miles upriver, the German-led expedition party come across a long, wide gently sloping riverbank with a large bungalow situated about 60 yards from the river's edge, and standing in the shade of the bunmgalow's veranda is an elder gent sporting a greying tooth-brush mustache and white tropical clothing – picture Gregory Peck standing in fron of his riverside clinic in the 'Boys from Brazil' and you've visualised the scene spot on – ordering the natives to beach the laden canoes, the two Germans step onto riverbank as the white-clad gent becons them with his hand, and events follow thus:As both approached the old gent, one German says to his fellow explorer "Mine Gott, it's our Fuhrer." and when they stood in front of Hitler, the estatic Germans said they thought he was dead. Hitler recounts how he, Eva Braun and Bormann made good their escape from Europe to South America, through the Odessa network, and then reveals that he's been keepinmg up to date with all the immigrant shizen happening to his beloved Germany and tells the two explorers "My people need me again, but when I go back things are going to be different." Puzzled, one of the two Germans asks Hitler "Different, mine Fuhrer? – how?" Hitler replies "this time, no more mister nice guy."Fly On The Wall


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