It makes no sense, so why is it being done? Israels nuke capable submarines.

Israel gets 5th German submarine

Vessel is expected to reach Israel only in 2013; Germany approved sale of sixth submarine, expected to arrive in Israel by 2017

Elior Levy
Published:  04.29.13, 20:42 / Israel News

“An official ceremony was held in the German city of Kiel Monday to mark the handover of a fifth submarine to Israel’s Navy. The ceremony was attended by Defense Ministry Director Udi Shani, Navy Commander Gen. Ram Rotenberg and other Israeli officials, along with their German counterparts.

In May 2011, a special ministerial committee decided to accept the recommendations of Defense Minister Ehud Barak , who promoted its purchase. Israel already operates four Dolphine-class submarines. 
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The vessel is due a process of further development overseen by the Defense Ministry in collaboration with the Navy. It is expected to reach Israel within several months and dock at the Haifa Port.
“Rahav” is considered one of the most advanced submarines in the world and is the most expensive war vessel Ministry of Defense has procured for the IDF . The diesel-powered submarines are widely regarded as an Israeli vanguard against foes like Iran.  
Last year the German government approved the sale of a sixth submarine, which is expected to arrive in Israel by 2017.”,7340,L-4373908,00.html

Giving Israel more nuke capable submarines is the metaphorical equivalent of “Flipping your wedding tackle into a sleeping Lions mouth and then flicking its lovepuds with a wet towel”, the question being, who is overarming Israel and why?


10 thoughts on “It makes no sense, so why is it being done? Israels nuke capable submarines.

  1. Anonymous

    and of course,the american taxpayers can pay for the operational running costs and maintenance throughout its projected life span.It's like being a spoilt only child with a wealthy family and extended wealthy relativesbestowing endless gifts to placate another tantrum.Old Miner.

  2. Anonymous

    The "jews" are descended from Canaanites,they were never Israelites they were a tribe who were defeated by the original Israelites and then "converted".But they played their usual deception card and carried on secretly worshipping Baal (Lucifer)They did exactly the same in Spain (conversos)The Talmudic Jew is not to be trusted.These subs will be armed with cruise missiles and targetted on us when the time is ripe.The shabas goy are dismantling our armed forces why ?When they have destroyed us economically and militarilly (fighting their wars against progressive muslims)we will receive the Coup de Grace.We have to remove the Jew completely from the West (and their shabas goy)We have to destroy Usury and pornography their principle weapons,just as Hoffman says.These should be the main planks of any future nationalist campaign.Whiteboar


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