The B.N.P. IS finished NICK, you saw to that, with the help of your father Edgar, a high ranking mason.

Edgar Griffin, in the middle, one of Britains most high ranking masons and the B.N.P.s actual treasurer. Scum, just like his son.

13 thoughts on “The B.N.P. IS finished NICK, you saw to that, with the help of your father Edgar, a high ranking mason.

  1. Anonymous

    TO THE tune of ABBA-"Money,money,money,its so wasted,when its in Griffins hand"By the way,whats going to happen to Griffin and his special friend fat steroid scatman Martin Reynolds when Griffin is kicked out of the European parliment? are they finally going to marry each other and settle down somewhere in the country? If you are invited to their wedding DONT eat the chocolate cake!David Hayes sore toe

  2. Anonymous

    Looks like they've got their patsy for Boston just like Oswald for JFKWhat sick animals can kill innocents and even worse how can the military just stand by ?Whiteboar

  3. Anonymous

    Green Shitehawk Watch checking in.Still trying to crack on he ever had anything to do with the NF:" I shall ask CC to send me the other images from a day long gone when it seemed that the National Front were going somewhere. Glory days."Where was the NF going in 1983? Nowhere. These weren't "glory days" at all. Which the Human Bollox would know, if he was there.Nothing valuable about the calendar he's wetting himself about either. There's no shortage of pre-1979 or post-1979 NF literature either. I've got quite a bit myself.I suppose he's trying to get hold of this stuff so he can pull it out as "evidence" he was an NF vet.At least I have a better idea of what the bollox looks like without his poovy hat on – just look for the fat Welsh guy with the bad skin and filthy teeth who stinks of fags.Bound to bump into him and his idiot rat lookalike companion sooner or later, and I intend to ask him all about his pretended NF past.

  4. Anonymous

    I've said it before, but I will say it again. Greenarrow was NEVER in the Front….and if he persues his lies I'll sue his ass and see him in court.Greenarrow is an example of the high percentage of liars, degenerates, pissheads & social inadequates amongst us. That is why the day of 'mass movements' are over, if you want anything done….done it YOURSELF!Interesting tweeter is: NSAG@NSAGCasuals if anyone is interested.Fly on Shit!

  5. Anonymous

    If Gri££in wins a second term as an MEP parasite it'll be irrefutable proof the one-eyed bag of joo shit is an Establishment/ State zionist cock-puppet like his sly old man, Edgar – who reminds me of the diseased treacheous old bastard portraying Robert the Bruce's dad, in Braveheart.Fly On The Wall

  6. Anonymous

    Lol Darby is having a pop at UKIP about all the media cover Farage is getting ! Well poppycocks,cummerbunds & roast pheasants MI5on you could be eating baked beans like the rest of us come the next Euro election.Better get out and start robbing more old people's bequests you horrible Man.

  7. Anonymous

    This year surviving members of the Auxiliaries, the stay behind "Home Guard" who were to fight the German invaders in 1940 are to be allowed to march with the British Legion on Remembrance Sunday. Keep an eye out for Edgar. He probably wont appear but he just might. He has claimed to be a Home Guard member before conscription into the RAF in 1943. FACT. Edgar's father had premises in St John's wood in the 1940's, where I presume Edgar lived. In 1943 George Orwell joined the St John's Wood Home Guard, which he complained had "Fascistic Tendencies" HmmmmConnie S


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