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Chuka Caught Telling Porkies

On Monday the blog was closed down as a mark of respect following the death of Margaret Thatcher. You can watch Dave and Ed’s tributes to Britain’s most popular post-war PM here, while Conor Burns’ anecdotes from his close friendship with Lady T are a must-see. Many Maggie myths have been peddled over the last few days, not least by the BBC, the truth is everyone including the poor got richer on Maggie’s farm. A fact recognised in a Guardian poll finding the public supported Thatcher’s rule 50%-34%. Her funeral is on Wednesday. 

In other news, trash-talking Chuka Umunna is under pressure again after his Wikipedia editing denial fell apart. Rather awkwardly, the computer that added comparisons between Chuka and Barack Obama in 2008 was tracked back to the offices of the law firm in which Chuka used to work. Get your Handy-cock latest, find out about Ed Balls and the dodgy bookie and watch a compilation of classic politician sport fails.

Finally, here is the best Boris animated online GIF you will ever see



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I am aware of things that aren’t public knowledge about Maggie and that is why I pay her respect. 



16 thoughts on “Maggie.

  1. GriffinWatch

    I am a white nationalist, I love my people and my Country, it's not about left and right or about tory or labour, it's about right and wrong, you clearly don't realise this fact. That is your problem, not mine. :-).

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah, you were part of maggies inner circle – my arse.You are just a tory boy wanna be.No doubt you are part of the Countryside Alliance who are waiting in the wings to stage a para military coup when the balloon goes up.As she once said, No No No.Bill Neary

  3. Leona

    How you can give respect to a vile evil witch like thatcher is beyond me, perhaps Sean you should be giving repsect to the many who lost their livelyhood , the destroyed communities and the slow death of this Country by her deeds, respect i think NOT, may she rot in hell where she and her likes belong. I agree its about right and wrong ..its time we put right the wrong she did, in this case Sean i would say shove it.

  4. Anonymous

    Lest We ForgetHow Thatcher Gave Pol Pot a Hand

  5. BlueEyesWhiteCelt

    Thatcher pursued a free market agenda. She implemented Professor Milton Friedman’s Monetarist economic theory. It was these policies that Ronald Regan also followed which devastated manufacturing centres such as Detroit. Monetarists don’t believe in state intervention believing that the financial markets and private capital should have free reign in all areas of the economy. Monetarism was a disaster for UK. Manufacturing output fell by 10%, manufacturing investment fell by 30% and unemployment doubled. Thatcher was not the patriot she tried to portray herself. She caused misery and long lasting social and economic hardship for thousands of British people. The only winners were stockbrokers, banks and financial speculators.

  6. Anonymous

    You lot gloating over Maggies death sound like evil filthy Communists,shouldnt you be over on some lefty site? How many of you gobturds bought your council houses in the 1980s? or a brand new video recorder,new car,or went abroad every year for your holidays? all thanks to Maggie, so stop moaning you bunch of hypocrites! Sean is right there is "other" knowledge about Maggie, but you banshees cant think outside the box can you? RIP Maggie

  7. BlueEyesWhiteCelt

    @anonymous 21.09Gobturds’ please try and respect other points of view and steer clear of abuse. ‘Buying a council house’ nationalists do not support individualism but collective and community. Under Thatcher the mass privatisation of public utilities created a loadsamoney yuppie culture, everyone for themselves. Steel, coal and engineering industries were decimated. Men and women who did the demanding physical work were the casualties of unregulated and unrestrained capitalist ideology. Constructive criticism is not ‘gloating’.

  8. Anonymous

    Thankfully nationalists understand what milk snatcher was about.I believe Fly has said it for most of us (in his unique style).Personally i haven't clue what all this b******s is about on this site ?I shall get the 12 year old malt out when she makes her final journey to the underworld and good riddance.My wife and I have worked our guts out for what we've got and certainly dont owe some Talmudic whore anything.Whiteboar

  9. Anonymous

    Anon 21:09"…evil filthy communists…" On the contrary, it is precisely because we are NOT Red nor Capitalists that we despise both these credos, both credos which incidentally if you had an ounce of nouce about you, you would need no explanation as to why both Communism & Capitalism NEED and are of each other!Fly on Shit!PS Churchill was a no good piece of shit too, mull that one over while you're at it!


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