She made her mistakes, granted. However, respect where due. R.I.P. Maggie.

This most probably won’t be a well received post, but in my honest opinion, from research, she came good in the end, methinks.



33 thoughts on “She made her mistakes, granted. However, respect where due. R.I.P. Maggie.

  1. Anonymous

    Thatcher's only been in hell for a couple of hours and already she's closed three furnaces and made a hundred demons redundant.For what its worth your way way off the the mark GW.A lackey of the Elders who did untold damage to this country.Whiteboar

  2. Anonymous

    Gri££in Watch, greetings – Mad Mag sure came good in the end – by kicking the bucket – until she became Prime Minister the Working and Middle classes had been steadily improving their lot since WW2 – jobs were plentiful – all main sevices belonged to all of the English/British people (i.e. we were all shareholders) – nationalised industries may not have been the most efficient and often were over-manned, but at least people were gainfully employed in jobs keeping Britain running – when jew-controlled (yep, jew-controlled) commie Trade Unions weren't holding Britain to ransom, that is – now these vital former-nationalised industries have been flogged-off to private speculaters (many foreign – Rip-off Rothchild and his rip-off jew bangster gang please take centre-stage and bow to your victims), are now run on shoestring budgets, with minimum staff mostly foreign and undertrained, and provide a third-world service if only they were that good) the English people are being financially fucked-over into poverty at a breathtaking pace never before seen in peace time – by the time the Grey Desert Prat (aka John Major-Fuck-Up) took over from the treasonous old hag Bitain was in freefall, and the self-adoring narcissistic sociopathic lying war criminal, covert bumboy Tony Blair finished the destruction job Thatcher started and Major-Balls-Up couldn't fuck-up much worse.Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    Whiteboar, greetings – only closed three furnaces? – when she gets into full swing hell is gonna freeze over and Beelzebub will be off searching for another Hell – so, that's Westminster booked (8Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    Rejoice – good news – the shrill corporate old bag, grocer's daughter, Barrenarse Margaret Thatcher has gone tits up (8 – if there were a god the destructive old bat would've been still-born and slung in an offal bucket – the fucking old bat sold-off the English nation's silver to international corporation, and ordered brainwashed SAS operatives to beat-up striking miners – many of the SA's victims were permently crippled and were unable to work again – Mag the Hag always had a wet spot in her knickers for Jonathan Aitkin and Cecil Parkinson until Aitkin fucked the arse of Caroline Thather and Parkinson stuffed a duff bun in Sarah Keyes' oven – though Scargill was absolutely correct on many mining issues he was also wrong on others – one being he didn't know the difference between Common Law and Acts/Statues passed by Parliament – if every Thatcher-hating Englishman shits on the desrtructive old cow's grave, Mount Everest will become the second highest mountain on Earth.Fly On The Wall

  5. Anonymous

    Thatcher handed us hook line & sinker to the financiers.Come on, even a lump of turd would have won the Election of '79 up against 'old Sonny Jim' & the Labour cabal who handed us into bankruptcy & the arms of the IMF…and just like Labour, she was backed by her jew 'advisors'.Fly on Shit!

  6. Anonymous

    Yes Fly i heard the stories about SAS's involvement in the strike which is why i dont trust the military.The strike was a typical Talmudic OP (Hegalian Dialectic) on one hand a communist and the the other a vile spiteful tory of the worst kind.A strategic industry was finaly shut down which was the point of the exercise.Yeh milk snatchers real vocation in life should have been baking cakes down the WI but the Learned Elders are past masters at spotting non entities who have the potential for selling out their fellow countrymen/women.Whiteboar

  7. Anonymous

    Why would Arthur Scargill be renting a property from the Corporation of London? Being a communist wouldn't he have been totally opposed to what the Corporation of London stood for?

  8. Anonymous

    I liked what she did against the Argies in 1982.I googledgerald kaufman rent boysand got that Twitter story about him at Epsom Downs.Various people in Manchester who know him have been saying that's what he really likes for years.

  9. Anonymous

    GW, what research is that? The only difference between Mrs Thatcher and the loony left who are dancing on her grave is that Thatcher expected the latter to fund their degeneracy themselves; whereas the left expect the state to foot the bill and resent having to pay for anything.

  10. Anonymous

    Are you all proud of yourselves taking the piss out of a very ill old ladys death? Yes maggie did make mistakes and bad decisions, but she did some good things such as standing up to communism,defending Britains interests in the EU,Letting people buy their own homes,standing up to paedophile perverts and passing clause 28 which stopped turdpushers from teaching small children about homosexuality.As Sean said she came good in the end,she realised the folly of joining the EU,she recognised that Palestinians should have their own homeland,and do you remember in 1991 when British Airways had the crazy idea to take the British flag off their planes and put ethnic/tribal designs on them? Maggie was so annoyed at this that she put a napkin over a model of a plane with an ethnic design when she was at a function. You people who are rejoicing at her death are no better than those unwashed lefty scum they have been showing on t.v celebrating her death. One of the most sickening scenes was an ugly black "woman" celebrating, i mean if this black boiler diesnt like it in this country and doesnt like our past primeministers she could always go back to her roots in Africa, or maybe she doesnt want to live in a third world toilet run by a tinpot dictator? As a last thought remember this, as soon as you are born you begin to die, you cant escape it, it happens to everyone, for some its going to come sooner,eh fly? So stop your evil gloating,because the Grim Reaper is waiting for YOU! its just a matter of where or when. RIP Maggie

  11. BlueEyesWhiteCelt

    With respect Sean I have to strongly disagree with you. I would urge nationalists to get to London on the 17th. Give the Witch the send-off she deserves. Posing as a patriot Thatcher set about selling off public utility assets to city financiers. She privatised shipbuilding, steelmaking and closed coal mines. Thousands of hard working men and women were thrown out of work and communities destroyed. Its not just the left that hate Thatcher and the Tories. Nationalists also hate them with a vengeance. Don’t allow the wrecker to have any peace. Rot in hell Witch!

  12. BlueEyesWhiteCelt

    Anonymous 20.23But my friend I am ‘proud of myself’. I have nothing to be ashamed of. Unlike a dead former prime minister and her tory cronies who think that nothing public or social is of value. These people do not believe in the nation state. Their allegiance is to the corporate one world globalisers. Tories are the problem not the solution. ‘Taking the piss’ ‘evil gloating’ are strong words but not true. My criticism of Thatcher is based on her economic policies and financial decisions which benefited no one other than banks and financial institutions. Not everyone who hated Thatcher is ‘lefty scum’. People who were directly affected by her pernicious policies and people who looked on in dismay and alarm come from a wide range of political viewpoints.

  13. Rob

    Look no-one is perfect and we all have to work with what we have but she re-took the Falklands against military advice, she crushed the IRA, she rightly identified the ANC as murdering terrorists. Asl yourself where would we be now if we had not taken the difficult decision that needed taking back then. Looking to the future yes she closed the pits tht were losing loads of money, but that means when all the worlds oil and gas is used up we will be sitting on a veritable goldmine of coal when the other resources have been consumed.She renaged on immigration, remember the Vietnamese boat people, where are they now ? But which government hasnt lied to us on that topic ?

  14. NickGrifford

    Before 1979 there was a chance that this country could have been saved, however, Maggie Thatcher duped the electorate into believing that under her stewardship the Conservative party would not allow the British to become "swamped" by immigration. This was, of course, a lie and destroyed a resurgent National Front. Since that time, immigration has changed our nation forever and whereas before, small enclaves of nonwhite immigrants could have been convinced to return to their homeland with some incentives, now our very genetic inheritance is under threat and we will likely become extinct (at least the British as we know them today will). Fatalistically, this could be be deemed an evolutionary process, but it will inevitably result in the loss of a large section of our gene pool, for good or for bad. I remember Maggie Thatcher with nothing but contempt; just another in a long list of traitors to our race and nation.Regards,N.G.

  15. Anonymous

    There was no need for any 'Falkland's War' as papers which have been release reveal that the British Government (Thatcher) were in talks with Argentina regarding the joint ownership of the Islands.However, Galtieri jumped the gun, perhaps on behalf of the Generals who fell for the trap created to give Maggie the 'war' she sought to cement her victory in the '83 Election.With regards IRA/Irish Republicanism in general, her animosity was not because of any endearing love for the Northern Irish Unionists per se, but because her hackles were raised when the INLA blew her close friend Airey Nieve to kingdom come.Apartheid? Her support of this was based purely on monetary gain, it was her who 'persuaded' Botha to actively rid SA of White rule. The Barclay brothers who bankrolled her stay at the Ritz were just ever so slightly active in the pre-rainbow nation economy!Her success in creating Mr Whippy soft ice-cream by taking out anything of substance in persuit of monetary gain sums up perfectly what 'Thatcher economics' really meant!Fly on Shit!

  16. Anonymous

    It is also a valid point whether the Establishment manipulated her victory in '83 & '87 Elections by offering up to the electorate as opposition leaders: Michael Foot and Neil Kinnock, it is a belief held by 99% of the population that even a lump of turd ought to have beaten Thatcher!Fly on Shit!

  17. Anonymous

    Whiteboar, greetings – the miners/SAS issue – when the investigative journalist John Pilger was tipped-off that, on Thather's personal orders. SAS thugs were dressing as ordinary working blokes, driving around mob-handed in unmarked vans and were targeting and beating the fuck out of strike leaders fingered by Special Branch operatives`working under cover, Pilger tried informing the public through newspaper articles and TV documentaries but Thatrcherb immediately slapped a D-Notice on Pilger and the MSM.Regards,Fly On The Wall~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For Anon @ 20:23 who wrote: "remember this, as soon as you are born you begin to die, you cant escape it, it happens to everyone, for some its going to come sooner, eh fly? So stop your evil gloating, because the Grim Reaper is waiting for YOU! its just a matter of where or when."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wooooooo – I'm shitting my pants – laughing – if I'm still compus mentice when the Grim Reaper comes aknockin for me he's gonna get the English two-fingered salute and he'll know I never died an Establishment arselicker – that fucking mad bitch never showed a spark of humanity for the English working classes – the self-delusional pretentious meglomaniac bitch was so far up her own arse she thought she was more royal than the seudo-royal zionist cuckoo pretenders ensconced on the English throne, going so far as to developing a ridiculous-sounding effectatious plummy accent fooling no one but herself – who will ever forget her cringing proclomation in royal parlance "we have become a grandmother" – FFS, as soon as she said that she should've been straightjacketed and stretchered straight off to the nearest lunatic asylumn and locked in rubber-lined room – Cont…

  18. Anonymous

    conti….it's complete bollocks that Thatcher defeated the IRA – as afore-indicated, Thatcher never gave a rat's arse or a flying fuck for the English working classes – the IRA could blow apart as many as the IRA liked for all the mad old bat cared – she and the zionist-owned mainstream media made great play and display that she would never negotiate with the IRA while they were blowing the fuck out of Engliah civilians and soldiers – but within hours of the IRA hitting Canary Wharf, the real financial centre of world, Thatcher initiated secret meetings with the IRA on the proviso the IRA didn't brag they had successfully bombed the United Kindom government into negotiating with the IRA – regardless to the rights or wrongs of Agentina's invasion of the Falklands, 14 hours before the Belgrano was torpedoed the President of Peru Fernando Belaúnde proposed a comprehensive peace plan and called for regional unity – the peace plan was well thought out, workable and was submitted to the British government – it's inconceivable this peace plan wasn't immediately shoved in front of the Grantham grocer's mad daughter's crazed eyeballs, yet she claimed she never heard of nor clapped her wonky eyes on the proposed peace plan till after the belgrano was`sunk – up to the sinking of the Belgrano no British lives had been lost, but the sinking of that ship with the loss of over 350 Agentinian matelots totally changed a salvagable situation, resulting in the needless deaths of many hundreds of English and Agentinian soldiers who were sacrificed to sate Thatcher's lust for recognition as a Churchillian-type war leader, for poltical gain – to hold Thatcher as some kind of patriotic nationalist or a good force for England is to totally misunderstand the evil bitch who went to pieces when her crooked son, the Desrt Prat, got lost behind a few sand dunes – almost forgot mentioning – the nepotistic old cow broke strict government protocols by setting up her twat son to make millions of pounds in arms deals with the Saudis every time she visited Saudia Arabia in her official capacity as prime Minister of Britain – for all her holier-than-thou attitude, Thatcher was as greedy, corrupt and self-enriching as the rest of the zionist vermin infesting Westminster.Cont….

  19. Anonymous

    Cont….Furthermorer on the Falklands war – if you think Thatcher gave a fuck about true democracy and took on the Argentinians to defend democracy you're a naive political vergin – before the Argentinians invaded the Falklands, the Falkland islanders lived under a nigh-fuedal system run by a business consortium/corporation on behalf of United Kindom government/the Crown corporation – the only reason for Thatcher retaking the Falklands was to retain the area's natural a mineral resources – had the Falkland Islanders democratically voted for full sovereign independence from England, Thatcher would've sent troops to crush the islanders then, after, thought up an excuse for doing so – had the IRA got lucky at Brighton, RIP would've stood for:Resting In Pieces.Fly On The Wall

  20. Anonymous

    Another thing – knowing how the zionist/jews infiltrate all organisations and movements to financially fleece them or destroy them from within should they pose a threat to the marxist cause for world domination, and having seen both the National Front and British Nationalist Party destroyed by the crypto jews, Messrs Gri££in & Brons, I wouldn't be surprised if it's revealed Arthur Scargill has been a long-term jew cock-puppet who was tasked to deliberately destroy English trade unions toether with the english coal industry – when things crash on a large scale as the colminers' unions and the English coal industry did, it's NEVER accidental – it's ALWAYS planned – and the planners are ALWAYS jews – the deadly foreign enemy within.Fly On The Wall


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