Rolf Harris arrested twice? in Operation "EXPOSE SAVILLE AND THE ESTABLISHMENT PAEDOPHILES" (that’s what it should be called). No mention of Janner/Mandelson/George Robertson/Gordon Brown et al.

Rolf Harris Questioned in Connection to Savile Case

“Last updated: 21:01 GMTThis story is breaking and is being updated as we receive more information 
Another BBC star has allegedly been interviewed under caution by police.
Twitter is buzzing with news that 82 year old BBC children’s TV presenter, Rolf Harris, is the latest to be interviewed by police in an ongoing investigation into a high level pedophile network at the very top of the British establishment.
According to Mark Williams Thomas, a driving force behind an investigation into allegations that TV icon Jimmy Savile had sexually abused vulnerable teenage girls, is now reporting that Rolf Harris has been interviewed under caution at police station as part of  the ‘Savile other’ case.

If the tweet by Mr Thomas is accurate, it is unclear why Harris has been questioned, however Sky News have reported that it is on suspicion of sexual offences after officers searched an address in Berkshire on Saturday.
It is possible that Harris was interviewed as a witness to a criminal act, to help police with their enquiry – he was released without charge.
So far, four people have been arrested so far in relation to alleged sexual offences by Savile and others.
Singer Gary Glitter, comedian Freddie Starr, DJ Dave Lee Travis and another unidentified man in his 70s have been bailed as part of the inquiry.
The news, if true, that Rolf Harris has been questioned by police, has sent shockwaves through social media networks.
Harris is a well respected and much loved celebrity with strong ties to the British Monarchy. He was commissioned to paint a portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II for her 80th birthday, which was unveiled on 19 December 2005.
During the Diamond Jubilee Concert this year, Rolf Harris described Queen as a ‘living testimony to the power of kindness, dedication, tolerance and loyalty’ and stated “I had the privilege of meeting Her Majesty several times.”

Harris received a CBE from the Princess Royal in 2006, and was also appointed an MBE in 1968 and an OBE in 1977.
The Metropolitan police have over 400 lines of enquiry after two weeks of gathering information from both the public and a number of organisations, with over 450 potential victims having been identified.
Operation Yewtree, the enquiry into alleged child sexual exploitation by the late Jimmy Savile and others, has moved from an assessment to a formal criminal investigation.
UPDATE: A report by The BBC does not name Harris, but states:

A man in his 80s has been released after being interviewed by detectives investigating allegations which arose following revelations about TV presenter Jimmy Savile.
The man, from Berkshire, attended a London police station by appointment and was interviewed under caution.
Officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Yewtree searched an address in Berkshire on Saturday.
The police said it was part of the inquiry not directly related to Savile.
The man arrived at 12:00 GMT, said the Met, and has now “left police premises”. He has not been charged.

2012-11-29 16:40:52″ 

My advice to Lizzie and I’m not anti-royal by any stretch of the imagination, would be to dissolve Parliament, call for an emergency election and abdicate and also apologise for your provably treasonous acts. 

If you have any love for your people your Majesty, you will regain their respect by doing so.


C.W.O. Sean Hadley.


6 thoughts on “Rolf Harris arrested twice? in Operation "EXPOSE SAVILLE AND THE ESTABLISHMENT PAEDOPHILES" (that’s what it should be called). No mention of Janner/Mandelson/George Robertson/Gordon Brown et al.

  1. Anonymous

    The only emotion that stirs the Establishment is GREED and greed only!Murder, buggery, treachery, betrayal, paedophilia, drug pushing et al, count for nothing to these cunts, but woe betide you if ever you swindle any of them out of their ill-gotten's and they'll call for all the vengeance of their Law they can muster.Fly on Shit!

  2. Anonymous

    Surprising that Paul Winston doesn't make another statement to the police about Lord Greville Janner. There's always compensation paid in these cases.

  3. Anonymous

    Greville Janner is on the Advisory Board of the Community Security Trust (CST). They are a private police force for Jews in Britain. It works closely with the Israeli Embassy in London and some of it's members have been in the Israeli Defence Force.It is registered as a charity but is in effect a private paramilitary force. British police forces work with the CST and also provide them with training. Some question the existence of the CST as the job can be done by the UK police.The CST is an overseas arm of the state of Israel and this is why Greville Janner will never be arrested for abuse.

  4. Anonymous

    Apparently no one twigged at what Rolf REALLY meant when he used to tell people that it was he who had done two little boys back in the 60's, prime example of hiding in broad daylight!Fly on Shit!

  5. Anonymous

    Will Gerald Kaufman stand at the next election? Thanks to Phillip Schofield, he was outed on This Morning and even his stupid voters must have heard about what he really likes. Maybe he will be made a Life Peer like Greville Janner.The two of them have a great deal in common.


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