Another child stolen by a nefarious establishment.

One Day Old Baby Stolen From His Mother

“Today the UK Column put out a unique and disturbing news story – a video of Staffordshire Social Services stealing a day old baby, wrenched from the arms of his mother by Social Services women with the help of a very large policeman. The video is harrowing and says it all.
Our viewers commented during the live broadcast that it was horrific. Some said that it described exactly how low Britain has sunk in terms of love, care and empathy for our fellow men, women and children. Many commented that this might as well be the work of the nazi party, taking children for the state, to be used and abused by the state.
Some viewers stopped watching. They said they just couldn’t. Some said that other children had already been taken from the couple therefore they must have deserved what was happening.
Well no, they did not deserve to have their other children taken, but in any case no mother, or parents or human beings should have to suffer this trauma and abuse inflicted on them in their home.
After the video the UK Column Live team make a short analysis of the people stealing the child – cold, unfeeling and distant – all low-empathy individuals, with the possible exception of the policeman who looked uncomfortable at certain moments. UK Column live also provided a short overview of the vast industry around the taking of children, the £billions lining pockets of law firms, social services, foster carers, care homes, professional experts, judges and others. £20 billion simply covers fees and costs around the Family Court system.
The low-empathy behaviour demonstrated in this video must be watched. If you do not you are denying the reality of what is happening around us. If we do not understand reality, how can we fight and stop what is happening?
Please watch and distribute as widely as possible. The world needs to really understand the truth about what is happening in Britain in 2013.
If you would like to express polite, measured concern to Staffordshire County Council please contact
Philip Atkins
Leader of Staffordshire Council
Correspondence address:
Cabinet Office
Wedgwood Building
Tipping Street
St16 2DH

Phone: 01889 590922
Fax: 01889 591700

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Thanks O.


14 thoughts on “Another child stolen by a nefarious establishment.

  1. Anonymous

    Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City Since 2000 13 known cases of herpes have been contracted from the religious practice Two deaths and two babies suffering brain damage have resulted Department of health warns there being no safe way to perform the ritual that dates back more than 5,000 yearsRead more:

  2. Anonymous

    Theres something about UK Column and Brian Gerrish i dont really trust.Does he KNOW who is REALLY running this country and most of the Western world? Does he KNOW that these evil people are behind most if not all of the things that are wrong with this country? Does he believe in the official fairy tale of the "Holocaust"? Does he think its right to lock people in prison for denying the "holocaust"? Does he KNOW that NO trace of Zyklon B/Prussian has been found in the alleged gas chamber at Auschwitz? No Zyklon B staining=NO "Holocaust". If he tells himself that Jews and the "Holocaust" have got nothing to do with Britain/Europes present problems then he is very WRONG! The Jews have EVERYTHING to do with them-they use the "Holocaust" to silence any criticism of them and their nation/culture destroying evil ways-if you criticise them they scream "anti-semetic" at you.This is the way they can go about their culture/nation destroying ways unchallenged. Once the "holocaust" can be proven to be a load of rubbish their empire will begin to fall like a house of cards.Is UK Column a "safety valve" movement set up by the establishment to pull in and control concerned people and patriots who otherwise might join a REAL protest/truth/campaign group/? Wake up Brian! or maybe you dont want to?David Hayes sore toe

  3. Anonymous

    David Hayes sore toe,my simple answer to your question is I personally dont know ?I've been to a number of meetings of the main people in the Column and i think their hearts are in the right place but naive.It is quite obvious we are living in a Bolshevik/zionist dictatorship so why not say so ?Stealing children is what THEY do its news to me we have secret Nazis in Social Services.Whiteboar

  4. Anonymous

    'Secret law' storm as police chiefs ban public from knowing who they arrest: Shock new blanket ban in the wake of Leveson report angers civil liberty groups who condemn threat to democracy Under new ACPO guidance forces to be banned from naming suspects The legal risk of incorrect identification will stop the media naming suspects The police plan for 'secret arrests' is opposed by the Law CommissionRead more:

  5. tonydj

    I am reminded of the "Baby Rainer" case in Tameside in the 1980's.An unborn baby was declared "at risk" and would have been taken from its parents when born.Due to the stress the mother miscarried and the child died.The head of Social Services at the time , Cllr Shirlie Stonier, subsequently started a care firm which received Tameside contracts. She changed her name back to Traynor and sold her company for an undisclosed sum

  6. Anonymous

    Rejoice – good news – the shrill corporate old bag, grocer's daughter, Barrenarse Margaret Thatcher has gone tits up (8 – if there were a god the destructive old bat would've been still-born and slung in an offal bucket – the fucking old bat sold-off the English nation's silver to international corporation, and ordered brainwashed SAS operatives to beat-up striking miners – many of the SA's victims were permently crippled and were unable to work again – Mag the Hag always had a wet spot in her knickers for Jonathan Aitkin and Cecil Parkinson until Aitkin fucked the arse of Caroline Thather and Parkinson stuffed a duff bun in Sarah Keyes' oven – though Scargill was absolutely correct on many mining issues he was also wrong on others – one being he didn't know the difference between Common Law and Acts/Statues passed by Parliament – if every Thatcher-hating Englishman shits on the desrtructive old cow's grave, Mount Everest will become the second highest mountain on Earth.Fly On The Wall


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