A time to remember zionist war crimes, by Martin Webster.

A time to remember Zionist war crimes
A time to remember the massacre at
Deir Yassin – 9th April 1948
You are invited to a Commemoration of that event

by Martin Webster

One of the many reasons why we are subjected continuously to “Holocaust” presentations from the largely Jewish-controlled mass media is because this material is designed to distract us from, or feel guilty about, recollecting the atrocities perpetrated in 1946/1948 by the Zionists in Palestine against its indigenous people and also, let us not forget, against British servicemen acting on a League of Nations/United Nations mandate to try and preserve order in the area.

Indeed, atrocities against the Palestinians continue until the present day, and in recent years have intensified, which explains the concomitant intensification of the media’s “Holocaust” output.

Zionist media propagandists have long strived to have us believe that the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 was:

1) “made necessary” as an act of compensation to the Jews of Europe for the “Holocaust”; and,
2) “made possible” because Jews from Europe were “….a people without land who found a land without people….”.

Let us unpack these two assertions:

Firstly, on the basis of what kind of ‘justice’ are the Palestinian people liable to compensate European Jewry for their experiences during the Second World War? Palestine was not involved in the war and there were certainly no Palestinian SS regiments guarding German concentration camps. So this Jewish assertion is as malignant as it is preposterous.

Secondly, Jews who entered Israel did not “find an empty land”. Their avowed policy was to empty it of its indigenous population by any means necessary. They created lebensraum by a ruthless process of ethnic cleansing conducted initially by terrorist groups and later by the Israel ‘Defence’ Force.

Palestinian villages were attacked and their inhabitants slaughtered so that the populations of neighbouring villages would flee in terror from their homes and ancestral land. Many villages were erased from the map. Forests were planted over them to hide the fact that they had ever existed.

This was how the Zionists “found a land without people” and, by means of continuous deployment of media “Holocaust” features issued by their brethren in the Diaspora, licensed themselves to settle in land stolen by armed conquest, contrary to all the precepts of International Law.

Perhaps the worst of these massacres perpetrated at the time of the creation of Israel took place at village of Deir Yassin on 9th April 1948 by the two most notorious Zionist terrorist groups, the Irgun Zvai Leumi, led by Menachem Begin, and the Lehi (a.k.a. “The Stern Gang”), led by Yitzhak Shamir.

The village was surrounded and attacked without warning. The terrorists went in with sten-guns, grenades and knives against defenceless farming folk. Men, women and children were butchered. A baker was fed into his own oven. A few surviving Palestinian girls were abducted and then displayed naked on lorries before jeering onlookers at a “victory parade”.

The Jewish population of Israel thought so highly of this and other similar atrocities that they elected Begin and Shamir, in turn, as their Prime Minister. So much for the ‘Holocaust Day’ slogan “It must never happen again!”

In 1948 the British government issued an arrest warrant for Begin, offering a £10,000 for his capture. That would be the equivalent of £308,000 today, an indication of the seriousness of his crimes. That warrant was never rescinded.

In 1977 Bristol Magistrates’ Court, and then the High Court, frustrated an application by former Palestine Police sergeant, the late James Sawyer, assisted by myself, to have Begin arrested during his visit to Britain as Israel’s Prime Minister.

Our main evidence, apart from Jim’s own sworn Affidavit detailing his personal experiences which I still have, was a copy of Begin’s published account of his career as a terrorist entitled The Revolt (5th English-language edition, Steimatsky’s Agency Ltd., Tel Aviv, 1972) in which he boasted about all his horrific crimes and brayed: “….Yes!….I would do it all again”.

On 5th December 1977 Bristol magistrates rejected Mr. Sawyer’s application, refusinmg to give any reason (which was unlawful). We resorted immediately to the High Court in London, but we were given the run-around by court administrators for two days until Begin was safely out of the country. He never returned.

Today 800,000 Palestinians still live in refugee camps outside their homeland. Israel’s murderous ethnic cleansing treatment of the Palestinians on the occupied West Bank and within the Gaza strip (the world’s biggest concentration camp) continues to this day.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Israel — with the help of the Jewish Diaspora and corrupt bought-and-paid-for politicians of ‘The West’ such as US President Obama, his predecessors and a succession of British prime ministers  — is continuing to perpetrate genocide against the Palestinian people. There is no other word for it.

There will never be a chance of peace in the wider Middle East while this genocide continues. It is a major cause of instability in the region. It is a running sore of flagrant brazen criminality which could engender a world war. Remember, Israel has a nuclear arsenal for 20 years (not to mention US military, financial and political backing) which is why nearby states such as Iran have been accused of seeking similar nuclear “weapons of mass destruction”.

It is with all this in mind that we should make a point of commemorating the massacre of Deir Yassin so as to use that iconic event to draw attention to the threat to peace which Israel arrogantly presents to the entire world.

I was therefore grateful to receive from Paul Eisen, a co-founder of the group Deir Yassin Remembered, an invitation to attend a commemoration being staged in central London on Tuesday 9th April, ‘Deir Yassin Day’. I run out the text of his invitation below. Please feel free to forward all this material to any of your friends who would be a credit to such an occasion.

The event is in the hall of St. John’s Church at Lord’s Roundabout, which is at the south-east corner of Lord’s cricket ground. It is near:

St. John’s Wood Tube Station (to the north) on the Jubilee line.
Baker Street Tube Station (to the south) on several lines.
Marylebone Rail Station (one stop from Baker Street).
A Bus stop serving Nos. 113, 13, 82, N113 and N13 is a few yards from the Church.

I will be at this commemoration myself and very much hope that you and some of your friends will also be there.

Martin Webster.


Deir Yassin Remembered
& the Palestinian Mission UK

invite you to join members of the Palestinian community and others for the

Deir Yassin Day 2013 commemoration
On Tuesday April 9th (Deir Yassin Day)
Reception: 7-8 p.m. Commemoration: 8-9 p.m.

Directed by Justin Butcher and Ahmed Masoud
(Go to Gaza, Drink the Sea – London & Edinburgh, 2009
& Escape from Gaza – BBC Radio 4, 2011)

and in the presence of Mr Abdallah Eid
Deir Yassin resident, April 9th, 1948

At St John’s Wood Church,
Lord’s Roundabout

deiryassinremembered@hotmail.co.uk <deiryassinremembered@hotmail.co.uk>
www.deiryassinremembered.org <


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