Will Lizzie betray us again? Secret courts in the U.K.

Secret Courts open in UK within weeks

Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:8AM GMT





“British rights group Amnesty International and legal charity Reprieve have condemned the ratification of the governments’ secret courts plan in the House of Lords as a “terrible day for British justice”.

The Labour party had tabled amendments to the government’s Justice and Security Bill, otherwise known as “secret courts” proposals, that allows sensitive intelligence to be presented to a judge by officials while preventing victims and claimants from knowing the allegations against them in full.

The amendment sought to ensure that the extension of Closed Material Procedures (CMPs) under the secret courts plan to civil cases would only happen if a judge ruled that reaching a fair verdict was impossible “by any other means”.

However, the Lords rejected the amendment with a majority of only 16 (174 to 158) votes paving the way for the hugely-controversial plan to become law within a few weeks.

“This is a terrible day for British justice. After fierce lobbying by the government, peers have failed to restore even minimal amendments previously included to this deeply damaging bill,” said Tim Hancock, Amnesty International’s UK campaigns director.

“The cherished and vitally important principle that justice must be done and seen to be done has been dealt a serious blow this evening,” he added.

His comments were echoed by Reprieve executive director Clare Algar who said the secret courts will “do irreparable damage” to Britain’s reputation.

“It is deeply shameful that the government has been allowed to push these plans through parliament, despite the total lack of evidence that they are needed. Secret courts will … do irreparable damage to our reputation as a country which respects fair play and the rule of law,” she said.

British officials claim the Justice and Security Bill is designed to protect national security by preventing confidential information from being exposed.

However, Amnesty said in an earlier report that the plan simply gives the government the power to “simply play the ‘national security’ card whenever it wants to keep things secret”.

The British government now only needs the Queen’s assent to formally unveil the secret courts as a new law.

As always, only time will tell……………..

4 thoughts on “Will Lizzie betray us again? Secret courts in the U.K.

  1. Anonymous

    The British government now only needs the Queen’s assent to formally unveil the secret courts as a new law."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~While the old bag Lizzie sees and nods her approval, she NEVER signs Parliament Bills into becoming Acts/Statutes of Parliament because when the treacherous old bat was crowned Queen of England she betrayed the indigenous English people she swore a solemn oath to protect, by doing a deal with her fellow jew colleague, the rapacious parasitical Rothschild banking family, for the promise of international bankers advising and assisting her into becoming fabulously rich by her stepping aide from signing Parliament Bills and allowing a Rothchild-controlled Parliament to pass Parliament Bills favourable to the international banking cartels (read: ruthless corporate-raiding international pirates) – so now, when the old bag wants to create Acts/Statutes designed for covertly further increasing her and the Rothchilds' fabulous wealth and boosting stock share values of their multi-billion-pounds investment portfolios, with the guiding hands of the Rothchilds and the main jew banking families she cobbles-up their self-enriching Bill WHICH SHE NEVER SIGNS, gives the unsigned Bill to the little-known, little-publicised Ecclesiastical Privy Council (not the Parliament (temporal) Privy Council), the Ecclesiastical Privy Council then lays the unsigned Lizzie/Rothchild Bill on the table in the House (of Commons) a day or two before the summer recess because all the MP arseholes are solely focused on and daydreaming of their coming long summer-to-early-winter break with their English-worker tax-funded rent boys, dikes, bi-sexos, trannies. mistresses and swopped wives (under-paid, over-worked English tax-paying slaves funding the Westminster parasites, can go fuck ‘emselves with piss-poor short holidays in Costa del Mucho Cheapo or Merde Suite-Le-Mer), so the lazy bastards can’t be bothered picking-up and studying Bills left on the table – and Abracadabra – Hey Presto – any Bill left on the table of the House that’s not challenged within forty days AUTOMATICALLY BECOMES A PARLIAMENT ACT/STATUTE – that the parasitical Westminster arseholes’ summer recess is about 90 days long, Lizzie/Rothchild-proposed Bills go sailing onto the Statute books with nary a second of parliamentary scrutiny nor a faint fart of protest – and the indigenous English people are surreptitiously fucked further into poverty and jew slavery. Unless it’s a private member’s Bill, All other Bills are laid before parliament by the Lord Chancellor – however HE NEVER NOR ANY ONE ELSE SIGNS ANY BILLS HE LAYS ON THE TABLE, MEANING NO ONE TAKESRESPONSIBILITY FOR THE BILL BECAUSE THE LORD CHANCELLOR AND THE PARLIAMENT VERMIN KNOW THEY’RE COMMITTING HIGH TREASON.Finshed writing this comment at 01:00 hrs. 29/3/2013, but my ISP disconnected me from the net before I could fire it off to Gri££in Watch) Fly On the Wall – Political Commentator (8

  2. Anonymous

    Golden Dawn questions Holocaust commemoration day in Greecehttp://www.jta.org/news/article/2013/02/18/3119831/golden-dawn-questions-holocaust-commemorations-in-greece


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