Why are we paying rich nonces who do fu*k all. By Chris Spivey.


Greville Janner, a married father of three children was the MP for Leicester West from 1970 until his retirement in 1997 (Blair Govt). He was subsequently made a life peer and is now formally known as Baron Janner of Braunstone.

He was also very pro-active in a number of Jewish, aherm,aherm, ‘none government organisations’, including the Board of Deputies of British Jews, of which he was Chairman from 1978 to 1984… Yes, he’s Jewish.

His old man, Sir Barnett Janner who held the same parliamentary seat as his son was actually the Chairman of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain… Yes, he was Jewish too.

Before he became a politician, Greville Janner had been a Barrister and a member of the magic circle… Yes, he was a wig wearing Jewish Magician – A bit like Paul Daniels really (although Daniels may or may not be Jewish).
Janner, like a great number of those in Tony Blair’s government was also a paedophile.

In 1991, Janner was named in a court case as being the abuser of a 13 year old boy. The court case in question was that of Leicestershire Care home boss Peter Beck.
Beck was found guilty on a number of counts of child rape and torture and subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment.
He died less than two years later under suspicious circumstances.

Despite being named in court, Janner was never charged with any offence. The Leicestershire Police later said there was no case to answer. Then again, just like things are today, you wouldn’t expect them to be any different back then.

Course, the Freemason dominated Leicestershire police are also alleged to be covering up details of the disappearance of Madeline McCann. Having said that, every police force in the country is dominated by Freemasons and are covering up something or other.
More about the McCann cover up  HERE and HERE

The following is what the Daily Express had to say at the time and after the trial had ended:

Boy Traded Sex For MP’s Gifts Jury Told

DAILY EXPRESS. Saturday, November 9, 1991

A FORMER children’s home boy told a jury yesterday how Labour MP Greville Janner sexually abused him and then plied him with expensive presents.
Paul Winston, said he put up with the two-year homosexual affair because he had “grown accustomed” to the toys, cash and visits to plush restaurants, Leicester Crown Court heard.
Mr Winston, 30, who had been in care since his birth, said he was only 13 when he was first sexually assaulted by the MP for Leicester West following a tour of the House of Commons. (Hmmm. Isn’t that what Cyril Smith used to do? – Spivey) 
More serious sexual assaults followed when they regularly shared a double bed during week-ends at Leicester’s Holiday Inn hotel and during a two-week lecture tour of Scotland by Mr Janner.
Mr Winston, who wrote down his address for the jury, was giving evidence in defence of children’s home boss Frank Beck, who faces 27 charges of physical and sexual abuse against children and staff.
Mr Winston said he first met the MP while living at Station Road children’s home in Wigston, Leicestershire.
Mr Janner arranged a school trip to the House of Commons and later invited the boy to come back on his own.
The MP then began asking the boy to join him on official engagements in the constituency and to sit in on his local surgeries.
On one occasion, the lad accompanied Mr Janner in his red Jaguar XJ6 to open an adventure play-ground.
It was alleged that the boy received regular letters signed “Love, Greville” and phone calls.
Then Barbara Fitt, the officer in charge at the home, agreed to let Paul go to London once more.
The boy met the MP at the Commons before allegedly returned to the deserted Janner home.
John Black, defending Beck, asked Mr Winston if he was well treated.
He replied: “Initially very well but later in the evening there was something I didn’t like.
“I was in one of the bed-rooms. I was frightened.
“He tried to reassure me. He said if I was that upset, I could sleep with him; we lay beside each other and cuddled and fondled. I didn’t like it and told him to stop it.”
Within a week of his return, another meeting was set up.
Mr Winston claimed he usually saw the MP at the Holiday Inn.
The pair allegedly took regular swims in the hotel pool: “We; usually had a shower and washed each other down.”
Asked by Mr Justice Jowitt where he slept, Mr Winston replied: “In the double bed with him.”
Quizzed on what happened, Mr Winston claimed: “Petting and fondling.”
Mr Black asked: “Did it ever go further at the Holiday Inn?”
Mr Winston replied: “Only on one occasion. I started to cry and tried to push him away from me and eventually I did.”
Mr Black asked why he continued the relationship with, Mr Janner.
Mr-Winston said: “By now I had become accustomed to the gifts I was receiving and the expensive restaurants so I went along with it.”
But the boy stole cash from the MP’s wallet on several occasions. ‘
“It was my own way of getting back at him for what he was doing to me,” Mr Winston said.
Frank Beck, former officer in charge at three Leicestershire children’s homes, denies a 13-year “reign of terror”.
Two other former social workers also deny sex charges.
Mr Winston was moved to the Radcliffe Road home run by Beck on his 15th birthday.
Now married with three children, he said he was never abused by Beck.
He added: “He’s the guy who helped me on the right road to where I am now.
Frank Beck put a stop to the relationship.


9 thoughts on “Why are we paying rich nonces who do fu*k all. By Chris Spivey.

  1. Anonymous

    Oh! Indeed it would not take too much to guess Janners paedo fingers were involved, he has a history of going for nationalists, Colin Jordan a case in point.Janner knows that we know, he also knows that we let EVERYONE know what a sick, depraved & degenerate piece of shit he is.The best part is that he and his ilk attack us, ha ha, we'd rather scum such as him attacked us as it further vindicates and confirms that we are fighting the just fight!Fly on Shit!

  2. Anonymous

    does anyone have the address (home or workplace) where we griffinwatch truthseekers may send our letters and poohcards to mr.janner-poohcards you ask? well didnt "commediene" Jo Brand say people should send pooh to evil nationalists? and isnt Janner an evil JEWISH nationalist? surely our Jo meant ALL nationalists didnt she? she couldnt have meant just white British nationalists could she???David Hayes sore toe

  3. Anonymous

    Brother Fly On Shit, greetings – ain't heard much of you lately – anyway, well said – scabby-arsed Fraud GreVile Janner of Bumstone is ome of the filthest pieces of zionist shit fouling England's natural and political environs – the sexually depraved bastard's had every opportunity for dragging us into court yet doesn't – the warty old bastard's glaring failure of going after us comprehensively condemns him as the guilty rapist paedopphile his victim Paul Winston accuses him of being.Gri££in Watch said…I'll bet he doesn't sleep well, at night. :-)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~would that be due waiting for Old Bill's knock on his front door – or – not having a vulnerable young boy to rape when his old lady's not around – when Janner was showing his young intended victim around parliament and promised him a ride on a chopper if he went back to Janner's home, the poor lad obviusly thought janner was talking about something with a pair of wheeels, not something with a pair of sweating saggy nuts – everytime Janner's old lady slings his mouldy undertpants into the wahing machine she must keep wondering why there's always shit stains around the front of the fly-hole as well as skid marks inside the crutch – Oh, dear – that's my broadband connection for the chop again (8 – fuck 'em.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    The once great city of Leicester previously known as Ratae Coritanium is now reduced to a multi-culti hell hole.A huge ghetto created by the ruling Bolsheviks and their accomplices the Masons.Perhaps the connections with Simon de Montfort-a major enemy of the Talmudics-were not lost on Satan's chosen ones and why this once great city was chosen as the first British city to be ethnically cleansed of the indigenous peoples.The ruling Marxist "elite" with help from their Pravda organ The Leicester "Mockery" have hidden the activities of a number of these fiends most notably Patricia Hewitt and Vaz.Also a number of questions over the McCanns,are they Common Purpose ?Whiteboar

  5. Anonymous

    Janner's been feeling uneasy since January when the awareness center blog reposted that collection of articles about him.Shortly after it reappeared he had web search results taken down from Google.This is a good article, I've seen a lot of stuff on Twitter about Greville Janner recently so he's been getting plenty of scrutiny all year.


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