U.K. Preppers Radio Network.


Some great info. on the program, have a listen, see what you think.


16 thoughts on “U.K. Preppers Radio Network.

  1. Anonymous

    City conman called Beano who duped clients out of £316million in Ponzi fraud to fund a jet set lifestyle must pay back just £1… and he gets seven days to find the cashNicholas Levene must pay the nominal sum because he is bankruptHe used the money for private jets, super yachts, a £150,000-a-year box at Ascot and to host £10,000-a-day pheasant shootsThe city trader spent £588,000 on his son's Bar Mitzvah hiring girl band The Saturday's Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2298787/Nicholas-Levene-Duped-clients-316million-Ponzi-fraud-pay-just-1.html#ixzz2OZN51SDr

  2. Anonymous

    Saplings from Anne Frank's tree take root in USNO END IN SIGHT FOR THIS FAIRY TALEhttp://www.boston.com/news/nation/2013/03/23/saplings-from-anne-frank-tree-take-root/bmU4CcV4PHJcspoGIXFQCJ/story.html

  3. Anonymous

    The "chosen ones" arseholes are beggining to twitch a bit now eh? like fat scatman Martin Reynolds arse after hes blasted out one of his famous turd pies!David Hayes sore toe

  4. Anonymous

    OK, which of you Gri££in Watch arseholes sent me a set of kettle drums, dustbin-lid cymbles and a trombone for Yom Kipper?Anna FrankTela Biga LieItsahellCo/ The Attic Penthouse Above the Opekta officesPrinsengrachtAmsterdam(8


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