The Art of Resistance. For our newbies. Welcome aboard.

The Art of Resistance

“This is my eighth year as a full-time Internet activist. The longer I’m fighting this “War on Evil”, the more I’m getting concerned with the effectiveness of resistance. No matter what our cause, liberty, false-flag terrorism, free Palestine, debt-free currency, New World Order, Illuminati, chemtrails, vaccination, cancer cures, drug prohibition, or historic revisionism, we must first and foremost make a conscious decision about what’s more important to us, being right or resisting effectively.
In most countries, the ‘ruling elite’ is more than happy for us to say, write and publish whatever we want, as long as nobody that matters listens to us. In fact, it’s a tell-tale sign of their power and confidence to let us – figuratively speaking – stand on a box in Hyde Park and scream our head off, while everybody around shakes his head and thinks to himself, ‘What a fool!’.
We must learn from great dissident leaders such as Malcolm X. The biggest mistake we can make as activists, he warned us, is trying to rally people behind a specific agenda before they are fully awake. Doing so only makes it easier for moles to paralyse us with infighting and lead us astray pursuing nonsensical goals. A good example is the Free Palestine movement which has been infiltrated by closet Zionists and is now wasting its time with useless grandstanding such as lobbying church investment groups. If the ‘pro-Palestinian’ activists really wanted to make a difference for the Palestinians, they would lobby politicians in Washington DC, where the decisions are made whether or not to support the ‘Jewish state’ with billions of dollars, state-of-the-art weaponry and consistent vetos in the United Nations Security Council.
Instead of openly pursuing a specific agenda, we need to put our sole focus on waking up as many people as possible. We are the avant-garde. Our job it is to convince the early adopters and recruit fellow evangelists. Our sole focus must be on presenting provable facts and leave it to people to come to their own conclusions and solutions. When writing, we must make it easy for people to do their own research, by properly referencing or at least pointing them in the right direction.
terrorist quiz
Even when focusing on provable facts, we need to be very clear who we are communicating with. Are we talking to family, friends, colleagues or casual acquaintances? To what extent are they already awake? Most people are so brainwashed by society, that if you do or say anything that contradicts the virtual reality created by the ‘Matrix’, they automatically think you are ‘weird’ or worse. So if you don’t want to lose your job, be crossed off your friends’ Christmas card list or have your children be ostracised by their friends and classmates, you better be careful what topic of conversation you choose, when trying to wake up someone who is still fast asleep.
One of the few topics of conversation that can still be used in awakening conversations, without becoming a social leper, is health. Everybody is concerned about health, especially when it comes to their children. But be gentle. Don’t jump right into conversations on chemtrails, H.A.A.R.P., Monsanto, and Illuminati depopulation agendas, or you will get yourself into trouble. Talking about GMO is okay, as long as you stick to provable facts, and steer away from their interpretation. Don’t point them to highly political health websites such as Natural News or you will scare them. Ease them in with more health focused sites such as Natural Society. Once they realise the scale of the conspiracy, they’ll probably start doing their own research, and you can – if they ask for help – point them in the right direction.
Always remember, the sole goal – at this early stage of our struggle – is to wake up a critical mass of people to make the hundredth monkey effect kick in. It is not to tell them what to think or do.”


15 thoughts on “The Art of Resistance. For our newbies. Welcome aboard.

  1. Anonymous

    Its the economy that will do it.When the people realise who are behind the money power then everything will fall into place.The economic calamity in Germany paved the way in the 1920's/30's.Our time is coming,i'm hearing more and more people are declaring bankruptcy,walking away from debts etc.These jokers in power havn't got a clue just like the Wiemar Republic.Whiteboar

  2. Anonymous

    Forgot to add his choice of Malcolm X is interesting,in one of his many colourful speeches he declares himself to be a nationalist.This coupled with the fact he was in talks with George Rockwell led to his murder by Talmudic agents.They dont want any peoples coming to understandings they need us killing each other to achieve their goals.Getting back to the economy see Gerald Celente for interesting reading.Lastly, two recent stories i heard, one guy has not paid his council tax for two years he simply has no money and another just walked away from over £30,000 debts this must be happening all over the country.Let these numbskul politicians have their heads buried in the sand this coming armageddon will overwhelm them.Their Fabian/Frankfurt agenda will count for nothing,ordinary Joes wont give a flying fu** about racism/equality/homos when they've no food in their bellies.Whiteboar

  3. Anonymous

    Proof that you can't trust Labour on immigrationED MILIBAND wishes us to believe that the Labour Party has finally got the message about uncontrolled immigration.He has made speeches admitting that the massive influx of recent years had damaging consequences for millions of families and that it is understandable that they should be concerned about future influxes.The reason for this is pretty obvious – the polls say that Labour's "open door" stance is totally at odds with public opinion and that people care sufficiently about the issue for it to change the way they vote.But how profound is Labour's conversion to the cause of rigorous immigration controls? Suspicions that it is only skin deep were heightened by an incident during last week's BBC Question Time.A sour-faced young woman in the audience poured out bile towards Ukip's Diane James over her party's focus on immigration during its campaign in the Eastleigh by-election. The woman went so far as to tell Mrs James that she was "disgusting".Hers was surely the authentic voice of Labour on immigration – still ready to hurl abuse at anybody questioning the massive influxes to which Britain has been subjected. The Labour panellist, Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg, referred to this aggressive questioner as "the young woman in the audience" as if he had no idea who she was and appeared to at least in part share her distaste for Ukip's tough immigration message.It later turned out that the audience member was Labour activist Amy Rutland, the party's 23-year-old southern regional policy co-ordinator. She had spent part of the afternoon with Twigg.Hers was surely the authentic voice of Labour on immigration – still ready to hurl abuse at anybody questioning the massive influxes to which Britain has been subjected.When a shadow minister is ready to directly take on such opinion then people might just start listening to Labour on immigration again. In the meantime it is back to the drawing board for Mr Miliband.


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