Taking on the Traitors, welcome to the Antitraitors.

Who we are
Antitraitors are an autonomous group of white European activists, dedicated to driving traitors from the streets of Europe. We exist to confront Zionist Marxist ideas, activities, and organisations wherever and however they occur.
We oppose Marxist groups that among other things organise Immigrant protests against our own native European peoples..
Our activists come from a broad variety of white European Nationalist groups, However, all of our members agree on two things: that we need working class unity against Zionist Marxism and that there should be no platform for traitors.

Indigenous Working Class Unity Against Traitors
The success of marxist politics depends on a divided and demoralised indigenous majority.
Minority Rule-The Rise of Political CorrectnessIt is only through unity that the indigenous working class majority are only able to defend ourselves, and so it is no surprise that the European state promotes division among the majority. In recent years they have implemented an evil once known to the Communists as cultural marxism i.e political correctness. As a consequence of this  minority groups are promoted, and as a result the stronger indigenous groups are discriminated against and weakened.
It is no accident that Marxists promote the same divisions. The most recent Marxist groups were openly formed by European Socialist parties ; the later ones were used by them. Marxism is often used as a synonym for Zionism, but although Zionism is a tool Marxists will employ, this is not the case. It is a weapon, waiting to be picked up and used to divide the indigenous workers.
The History of  Political CorrectnessAntitraitors hold that the only way to resist Marxism, and indeed the Communist exploitation of indigenous workers for profit, is for the indigenous working class to unite. Cultural Marxism i.e Political Correctness in all forms needs to be opposed, if we are not to be manipulated by our common enemy Zionist Communism.
No Platform For Traitors
“No platform” does not mean censorship or state bans.
Marxists relish being able to play the victim, and Marxists ideas should be confronted head-on rather than blotted from sight. Moreover, history teaches us that the Marxist state will use any mandate to censorship and proscription against the right and the indigenous working class far more readily than against the far-left.
Antitraitors reject the suspect argument that we must appeal to authority in order to make the bad men go away. Marxism is an attack on the indigenous working class, and it must be defeated through indigenous working class self-defence. We must confront and dismantle their hateful and divisive ideas. We must build a movement to outnumber them and drown them out on the street. We must physically resist them when they try to organise and put their policies into action, or to invade our communities.
This is militant antimarxism. “No platform” is not the form of pandering to the state that some suspect so called nationalists advocate. It is real nationalist and indigenous working class self-defence against the ideas and the force of the far-left.
Security & Recruitment
For tactical and security reasons, Antitraitors is not an open group. That said, we are always on the lookout for potential new members who are committed and security-conscious. If you are interested in getting involved with Antitraitors, or if you would like to support us in our work, please get in touch.


Do it on your own, 4 person Teams, no need for internet contact.


28 thoughts on “Taking on the Traitors, welcome to the Antitraitors.

  1. Anonymous

    32% Of Ministers Linked To Corrupt ‘Finance-Energy Complex’http://rinf.com/alt-news/politics/one-third-of-ministers-linked-to-the-corrupt-finance-energy-complex/29927/

  2. Anonymous

    Speaking at a Board of Deputies event the Labour leader Ed Milliband was asked whether he would work to ensure religious slaughter and circumcision practices could continue in Britain, Mr Miliband said: “Yes, these are important traditions. The kosher issue has recently been brought to my attention. Ways of life must be preserved.”

  3. Anonymous

    The Standards Committee's remit does not include investigating individual allegations of misconduct. And the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards is supposed to investigates allegations against individual MPs but only seems interested in expenses-fiddling,So, nothing much has changed. Members of Parliament are still at liberty to act in the interest of a foreign military power at the expense of our own national interests, and to let foreign influence cloud their judgement, even though such conduct is clearly at odds with the second Principle, namely Integrity.The various Friends of Israel organizations still flourish at the heart of government, waving the flag of the Zionist regime and going to great lengths to influence those in power at Westminster, even flying them to Israel to have their heads filled with Zionist propaganda. A good many, it seems, reach positions of power with help from the Friends of Israel, and it is said that membership is an essential stepping stone to promotion. Eighty per cent of the Conservative members of Parliament are believed to be signed-up members, and the Conservative Friends of Israel has become the largest affiliated group in the party.Senior Conservatives try to justify this un-British state of affairs by insisting that Israel is "a force for good in the world" and "in the battle for the values that we stand for – for democracy against theocracy, for democratic liberal values against repression – Israel's enemies are our enemies and this is a battle in which we all stand together".Of course, the British people should not have to tolerate dual allegiance in their Parliament and government, since it obviously puts national security at risk.Mitt Romney and many others in Congress would have their work cut out trying to comply with these simple and obvious rules.Over here we are asking the same questions as Philip Giraldi. Who owns Prime Minister David Cameron, a self-proclaimed Zionist who has pledged undying support – in our name – for the toxic state of Israel?Who owns Foreign Secretary William Hague, who rattles his sabre at Iran at every opportunity and loves ratcheting up sanctions designed to cripple Iran’ economy and impoverish its people, and who has been a loyal Friend of Israel since his schooldays?

  4. Anonymous

    Cyrus Scofield, a convicted criminal and described by one American newspaper as ‘a shyster’, was commissioned to re-write the King James bible by inserting Zionist-friendly notes. The idea was to change the Christian view of Zionism by creating and promoting a pro-Zionist sub-culture within Christianity.”

  5. Anonymous

    For the uninitiated: "Jewishness" is first and foremost a race. A Jew can be a member of any religion and still be Jewish.Jews are one of the most racially aware groups. White Europeans (Gentiles) are now one of the least racially aware groups.Jews have a very strong ethnic group solidarity, and network together as a race, just as Whites once did.The purpose of this website is to help Whites become more raciallyand culturally aware.http://jewishfaces.com/china.html

  6. Anonymous

    On ritual slaughter and circumcision Mr Miliband said: “Yes, these are important traditions. The kosher issue has recently been brought to my attention. Ways of life must be preserved.”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What Miliband the joo meant is "Ways of life must be preserved as long as those traditional ways are not of the indigenous English people.Fly On The Wall

  7. Anonymous

    Anon @ 04:22 is waiting for a list of jungle-jiggers (how we doing so far, GW?) inventors and discoveries – well, how's this for starters:When they were eventually starting to get aaund to the faint idea that all this killing and eating each other had to slow down some before someone got seriously hurt, one of these of the half-brain-celled melanistic moronic race that ended up in an evolutionary cul-de-sac 400,000 years ago, accidentally discovered if they come to Britain they would automatically be given:1. Fully kitted-out British-taypayer-fully-funded luxury new homes and flats free of rent and free of Council tax.2. New tellies paid by British taxpayers.3. New cars of their choice paid by British taxpayers.4. Free Road Tax and free car insurance fully funded by British taxpayers.5. A full driving license without passing any driving tests – this fact is covered by the Official Secrets Act, believe me.5, Unlimited benefits fully paid by British taxpayers.6. Free medical care fully paid by British taxpers. 6. The more jiggerlets they shit out the more of British taxpayers' money will be shovelled into their off-shore bank accounts.7. They can commit all the crimes they desire from petty theft, raping and killing of White Race females, mugging and killing White race people, cannibalism, ritual slaughter of their own jiggerlets (no bad thing) and playing the 'Stay-out-of-prison-race-card' guarantees they’ll avoid justice, with the willing approval of the stupid White Race whose relatives they regularly rape and kill.3. Te more jiggerlets they borrow from their melanistic mates and pretend the little picaninny parasites are their own, the more British-taxpayer-funded Social Benefit funding they’ll receive.Now for the inventions:8. Inventing loads of non-extant jiggerlets for hyper-boosting their British-taxpayer-funded Child Support income.9. Inventing loads of non-extant off-shore relatives for hyper-boosting the British-taxpayer-funded Dependents' Support income. – you gotta admit, Anon, thems is some discoveries and inventions.PS. Just in case you forgot, Camoron is one of the traitors encouraging the criminals responsible for all the above inventions and discoveries – cheers, Dave, the electorate ain't gonna forget you any time soon.PPS. For tory cunts perusing this blog: don’t bother replacing Camoron with Teresa May because the token tory teaser (pass a bucket, soonest) won't get you out of the shithole Camoron dragged your sorry arses deep in – David Davis is the best White Hope Tory Dope with the faintest chance of giving England back to the over-worked over-taxed downtrodden indigenous English people – short of that, you tory cunts are terminally fucked along with England, the indigenous English people and all that is Englishness.Fly On The Wall

  8. Anonymous

    Now for something light-hearted, humourous and I assure is 100% true – religious ceremonies often involve bizzare practices – part of the religious coronation ceremony for ensconsing Lizzie's arse on the English throne involved her baring both of her tits and getting them blessed and kissed by the Archbishop of Cuntaberry – I kid you not – she was suppossed todo this in full view of all the congregation but due to the royal farce being televised and broadcast live she insisted she was curtained off from view during tit kissing and blessing by the horny old Cleric of Cuntaberry – if you think that bizzare then get a load of this – the reason why there's about an hour or so between the white smoke indicating a new pope has been chosen and the new pope appearing on the Vatican balcony overlooking the crowds waiting in the Vatican piazza, is due a hilarious ritual created sometime around the 14th to 15th century – or maybe a century or more further each way – when it was discovered on a pope's death, that he in fact was a she – since then all newly elected popes must sit, fully robed but without wearing any clothing under his robe, on a high throne-like chair, and let his bollocks hang free through a hole in the seat – FFS, you gotta stop laughing, this is deadly serious stit and absolutely true, I again kid you not – then, one by one, each of the cardinals in the Sistine Chapel, go behind the chair, looks at and feels the pope elect's bollocks then walks to the front of the chair, kneels in front of him, kisses the gold papal ring (the one on his finger – not the one winking through the hole in the seat), recieves the new pope's blessing, has a few person words with him then goes back to main body of cardinals – and they want to wipe out rampamt homosexuality in the Roman Catholic clergy – no fucking chance of that.Fly On The Wall

  9. Anonymous

    A Fly-On-The-Wallism: No jooz is good jooz – sorry Gri££in Watch – I don't know what suddenly came over me – just couldn't resist that one (8Fly On The Wall

  10. Anonymous

    Pola Uddin, Baroness Uddin, the first Pakistani woman in the Lords decides to try a bit of fancy footwork in re expenses. Uddin makes off with £125,349.10. The police decide to let Uddin get away with it. The Crown Prosecution Service decide to let her get away with it. The Lord's Privileges and Conduct Committee choose to allege that Uddin has wrongly claimed [ i.e. stolen ] £125,349.10 and that they are going to let her get away with it, if she pays it back, or even if she does not. Uddin claims that she has not got the money to pay back. Uddin has the gall to complain. Uddin has the money for the lawyers.You don't have to believe it is corruption in action. You do not have to believe it is Racism, that is anti-English Racism. I do. So do lots of others. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201011/ldselect/ldprivi/39/3903.htm


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