Coalition for Marriage. Man+Woman=Children, anything else, quite frankly, is unnatural.


6 thoughts on “Coalition for Marriage. Man+Woman=Children, anything else, quite frankly, is unnatural.

  1. Anonymous

    Nothing makes me laugh more than seeing closet marmite-miner William "i am not gay" Hague acting all tough and macho against Iran! This farttapper is kidding no one! Open that closet door willy! all together now-Y.M.C.A, Its fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A!David Hayes sore toe

  2. Anonymous

    "GOOD LORD"A North African Muslim, an illegal immigrant living in Spain, killed a horse by anally raping him with a wooden handle.The Guardia Civil has arrested a 53-year-old North African resident of El Ejido accused of abusing to death a horse that was with others on a farm in the municipality. The man arrested, identified as M.A., had been arrested in May 2011 for a similar episode and sentenced by a judge for abusing a female horse.This latter arrest followed a complaint by the horse farm's owner, who reported that unknown persons had got into his farm by jumping the fence in the early hours of the 13th, although nothing seemed to be missing. The complainant reported that one of the horses had been immobilised with ropes tied to a storage room and that a wooden handle 70 cm long and 5 cm wide had been introduced into his anus.According to the account of the owner, the horse had bruises on various parts of his body, and anal bleeding and internal injuries that had caused his death. The Guardia Civil began an investigation which discovered that the detainee had a previous record for a similar act committed in the same farm. Once the police interviewed M.A., who showed obvious signs of nervousness and gave contradictory answers, they arrested him on suspicion of a crime of animal abuse. The proceedings will take place in the capital's second court.The previous similar crime committed by the same man in the same farm mentioned was perpetrated when he tried to rape a mare, who kicked him back, smashing his face bones and causing multiple hematomas.And that was not the first time either. The farmer had caught the same individual twice before sneaking into the farm to have sex with the animals but hadn't filed charges against him. After he was admitted to hospital and underwent an operation, the Muslim was identified by the police as an illegal immigrant and was expected to be deported to his country for an offense against the Immigration Law. Obviously – surprise, surprise – that didn't happen and now a horse is dead because of that negligence.

  3. Anonymous

    Anon @ 20:58, congratulation – your post fits in perfectly with muslim history – in 595 mohammed the prophet invented the first condom when he used the lower small intestine gut of a goat to shoot his load in – in 1873 the English perfected the idea by removing the lower intestinal gut from the goat first (8Fly On The Wall


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